90 Cats That Decided To ‘Help’ Humans With Their Puzzles

OK, so you take out your favorite puzzle to pass the time during the coronavirus-induced quarantine. You put it on your favorite coffee table, and immediately after connecting the first pieces, feel relaxed. In fact, you’re having so much fun, you even forget to feed your cat. It’s now been 3 seconds past its lunchtime, and it’s absolutely starving. So your kitty comes over and does the only thing it can to grab your attention: destroys all of your hard work. You should’ve known better.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of pictures that show cats interfering with their owners’ puzzles, and it’s clear they won’t stop easily. From knocking the pieces to the ground to downright confiscating them, believe me, felines have their methods to get their point across — the darn thing has to be ditched.

#1 Cathole

Image credits: goldseo

#2 So I Was Going To Work On My Puzzle

Image credits: cpl1992

#3 We Tried To Kitten Proof The Puzzle, But She’s Tenacious

Image credits: selkietales

#4 Left My Office Door Open For One Minute And I Hear A Crash

Image credits: UGiveMeAHadron

#5 Oh, You Wanted To Start A Puzzle? I Don’t Think So

Image credits: packetful_of_monty

#6 When You Simply Must Get Underneath The Puzzle

Image credits: zipson1

#7 My Cat, Deeply Asleep With The Last Piece Of A Jigsaw Puzzle. We’ve Been Searching For It For 10 Minutes

Image credits: aChristianObama

#8 Spent A Week On This Puzzle

Image credits: augustine01189

#9 Today We Did A Puzzle

Image credits: Goodmorninworld9

#10 Lots Of Puzzles Happening At Our House! Toby Has Discovered He Likes Doing Them Too

Image credits: sherbear022

#11 Sorry?

Image credits: englishtree

#12 Puzzle Blocked

Image credits: bunner24

#13 Say Hi To Betts! And Goodbye To The 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle I Had Almost Completed

Image credits: DvcrUK

#14 Why I Lock Him Out Of The Room When Doing A Puzzle: Exhibit A

Image credits: kibeth-the-walker

#15 How Dare We Try To Do A Puzzle In Her Throne Room

Image credits: NewlyDifferent

#16 I Was 5 Puzzle Pieces Away When Disaster, Or Should I Say Momo, Struck

Image credits: delatypus

#17 That’s My Table Hooman

Image credits: Cheust

#18 My Niece’s Cat Lucy “Helping” Her With Her Puzzle. Almost A Year Old, She Is The Cutest Little Stinker

Image credits: pcangelnow

#19 RIP Puzzle

Image credits: bob1278999

#20 Bad Kitty! He Is Obsessed With Ruining Our Puzzle

Image credits: moniquet29

#21 Cat Versus Puzzle

Image credits: SusieQ6shooter

#22 Resting In Pieces

#23 These 3D Puzzles Are So Lifelike

Image credits: johnnymoto

#24 First Attempt Of At A Puzzle With Two Cats

Image credits: LeiMar89

#25 Thessaly Is Puzzle Now

Image credits: Dewdropthekittensuperhero

#26 “So Try And Finish Your Puzzle Now Peasant”

Image credits: Slothkitty

#27 I Always Want To Be Center Of Attention

Image credits: mosi_the_kitty

#28 Give It To Me, I’ll Put It In The Right Spot

Image credits: pixelrecceshenzi

#29 Do I Give Up Puzzles, Or Cats??? I Left It Uncovered For A Few Minutes To Make Dinner

Image credits: RhondaBetz

#30 I’m Not Good At Puzzles, But I Got Obsessed With This Beautiful Puzzle Over The Break. This Morning, I Woke Up To My Cats’ Destruction

Image credits: RhondaBetz

#31 Cat Solving A Puzzle

#32 Guilty

Image credits: pattygagnon18

#33 He Couldn’t Help Himself

Image credits: savannah_joslin

#34 When The Criminal Returns To The Scene Of The Crime… The Note From My Wife Sums It Up

Image credits: wastedsith

#35 I’m Doing A Puzzle Made Out Of Foam. My Cat Thinks The Pieces Are Delicious

Image credits: beans_seems_and_bees

#36 “I’ll Help You With This Puzzle Noooo Praablem”

Image credits: Mulletsetsfire

#37 Cat vs. Jigsaw

Image credits: LauraMacbeath

#38 Snowy – Destroyer Of Worlds

Image credits: sidewayseleven

#39 My Cat Trying To Help

Image credits: simpqc

#40 He’s Slowly Pushing It All Off The Table, While Pretending To Sleep

Image credits: Benisar

#41 Lately, All My Attention Has Been On This Puzzle And I Came Home To This

Image credits: Adzy3603

#42 Don’t Touch My Puzzle!

Image credits: IntrepidKitten

#43 Puzzle Warlord

Image credits: AcekingBB

#44 Saturday. 6 AM. Perfect Time To Learn How To Make A Puzzle

Image credits: blowthecat

#45 I Broke It. Sorry Mommy

Image credits: zirkus_hollycalli

#46 Sometimes I Really Hate My Cats

Image credits: therealimaginary

#47 You Shall Not Puzzle Peon. Do Not Resist The Floof

Image credits: hobbes_the_cat

#48 The Reason Why It Takes Us Forever To Finish A Puzzle

Image credits: Shark-Farts

#49 Yah, I Ate Them, What’s Your Point

Image credits: mowglikittenboy

#50 No Wonder Some Pieces Are Missing

Image credits: elaine_anna_

#51 “Oh, Is This Table Where You Do Your Puzzles? That’s Funny, This Table Is Where I Do My Sits”

Image credits: catter_the_chatter

#52 Beans Is Zero Help With Puzzles

Image credits: frunknbeans

#53 Puzzles Have Gotten Dangerous. Xena Now Attacks Hands Working On Puzzles And The Pieces Themselves, Resulting In Broken Pieces And Several Injuries

Image credits: xena.warriorkitten

#54 Just Trying To Do A Puzzle But Someone Demands Attention

Image credits: Sappy18

#55 Apparently Even A Finished Puzzle Isn’t Safe From Cats

Image credits: gillianharper25

#56 My Cat Threw Up On The Puzzle I’ve Been Working On

Image credits: activesnoop

#57 I Just Want To Sit Here

#58 My Cat Isn’t Very Helpful With Puzzles I Guess

Image credits: ssj2rich

#59 Puzzle Cat

Image credits: kanne31

#60 Try Finishing The Puzzle Now Hooman

Image credits: UsernameCatsDogsandAnxiety

#61 He Said, “Puzzle Time Is Over”

Image credits: unicatbloodsuckingvoldemort

#62 My Cat Decided I Needed A Break From My Puzzle

Image credits: takijac

#63 She Has ~850 Sq Feet Of Floor Space And Opts To Sit Atop My Puzzle. Finished A Few Hours Later And 3 Pieces Were Missing

Image credits: slightnin

#64 I Help With Puzzle

Image credits: sadeyedpaul

#65 We Have Been Working On This For The Last 3 Nights And We Were Probably About 1 Maybe 2 Sessions Away From Finishing It

Image credits: carlidebuskwhaley

#66 Don’t Worry Mom, I Got This

Image credits: theoriginalhuxley

#67 No, No. You’re Right. That Is The Perfect Place To Take A Nap

Image credits: Weasley9

#68 Me: Might Spend My Lockdown Doing A Puzzle. My Cat: No

Image credits: alialleycat

#69 Puzzle Cat Polly

Image credits: heathurwalmz

#70 First Puzzle Of The Quarantine

Image credits: lilpuzzlez

#71 I Don’t Give A Damn About Your Puzzle Lady

Image credits: doXXymoXXy

#72 Sansa Ended Up Destroying The Puzzles And Stole The Iron Throne

Image credits: CatsAreMyBoyfriend

#73 Mum’s Finished The Cats And Wool Jigsaw! I Was A Massive Help Obviously

Image credits: fluffybasil

#74 That Moment When You Spot The One You’ve Been Looking For

Image credits: Tossahoooo

#75 Kittens And Puzzling – Why Bother?

Image credits: PAXICHEN

#76 Professional Puzzle Assembler Supervisor

Image credits: aelinsarmy

#77 Cat On A Puzzle With Cats On A Puzzle

Image credits: flotiball

#78 So Here Is My Cat Destroying My Puzzle

Image credits: yathatsgood

#79 Link Needed A Belly Rub In The Middle Of Our Puzzle

Image credits: Link_and_theTardis

#80 Helping Grandpa With His Puzzle

Image credits: Masinchgun

#81 Every Time I Work On The Puzzle He Gives Me This Look

Image credits: jessie_ray08

#82 Never Going To Finish The Puzzle

Image credits: jonrusso7521

#83 My Boyfriend Got Me A Puzzle Of My Cat For Valentine’s Day. I Think She Likes It

Image credits: KMH456

#84 Puzzle Interrupted By Cuteness. Please Hold

Image credits: kaybeetay

#85 Wife Working On Puzzle, Gets Up To Get A Drink. She Gets Back And…

Image credits: abyssean

#86 Every Time We Do A Puzzle Or Play A Board Game, Babou Must Sit On It

Image credits: alohasnafu

#87 Not Only Does She Knock Half My Puzzle Off The Table Every Night, But She’s Also Chewed A Couple Pieces, Bit The Box And Tore The Picture

Image credits: yourmomprobably

#88 Puzzle Season

Image credits: luna.ginny.adventures

#89 Aww Mom, It’s So Cute That You Think This Puzzle Will Still Be In Tact When You Get Home

Image credits: zoey_thee_explorer

#90 My Puzzle Helpers Are All Away This Week At Camp. This Big Fatty-Bo-Batty Helped Me With An Orange Cat Puzzle

Image credits: orangecatgarden

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