I try an on-course game that former world number one Luke Donald uses to see how well I can score... 
    Thanks to David Holman (https://twitter.com/davidholman15) for the idea.
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    1. Just tried this yesterday, and feel it can really help me improve. My biggest flaw in my game is on the mental side. Knowing I had three opportunities to 'practice' different shots on the course allowed me to be much more relaxed over the ball. This was particularly true for my driver, which I only just put back in my bag a couple of weeks ago after sitting in the locker for the last 3 years…by the time I got to the back 9 I was putting it on the fairway on my 1st or 2nd try at worst. Mostly because I was more relaxed and trusted my body to do it.

      The result yesterday was a 78 (6 over), which for a 23-hcp who struggles to break 100 on my home course (CR: 73.1/SR: 144) it was a bit of an eyeopener. Particularly, as I felt I could do better (was rushing a bit and didn't warm up…was 3 over for the first two holes).

      Going to try and play at least 9 holes of this once a week, and hopefully, knowing I can hit the shots will help me relax a bit more over the ball in a normal game setting.

    2. Will definitely give this a go. I've done a similar thing when on my own on uncrowded course but I just hit an extra shot or two sometimes, then would take the best out of the lot. I think that by applying the rules that you stated does put a little pressure on you so it will help you in the long run. I do like the idea that another commenter made about starting at the front tees and not moving back until you break par. Don't know if I'd have the stones to hit from the ladies' tees, lol, but maybe try the senior tees…I'll be moving up there in a little over a year anyway, lol!

    3. hey Rob, just played this for the first time. had a lesson last week and did some practice but this was the first time on the course since the lesson. finished even par for 9 holes – 2 birdies 2 bogeys. as u said, it taught me that i do have those shots to score well, and i only used the 3rd ball a few times. cheers mate

    4. Loving the videos man. One thing I'd advise is to lose all the backing music when you hit shots. It gets a bit irritating.
      Best of luck with scratch.

    5. Great game for practise especially if it's a busy day in front of you.. gives you a good go at trying different shots on the course aswell 👌

    6. Tried this out today after watching this vid. I play with mates and have an unofficial handicap of 25. Only played 9 holes but ended up +5. Got 2 pars, a birdie and the rest bogeys. Doesn't sound great but this is awesome for me! Given me the confidence to keep playing after a nightmare of winter golf games and gives me a boost to know I can play to an alright standard with 1 out of 3 shots.
      On a side note this game also made it more clear what my weaknesses are and gives me real opportunities to practise at correcting those dodgy shots. I think doing this more often will work wonders. Thanks dude!

    7. I think when you have multiple shots at it, it really changes your approach to the shot. With the first one you can end up being really loose or really going after it knowing that you have more. You see the same thing at tournaments that you are playing best ball. Once someone gets the ball in play in a decent place, then the other three just swing out of their shoes looking for the perfect shot. I always play horrible in those because the concentration level isn't nearly the same knowing that you need to live with the result in the shot. Someone like Luke Donald might be able to really put the same level of concentration on every single shot and then it works for them, I know I can't do it

    8. Hi Rob, I've just found your channel – really enjoying it. I was interested to see how you went doing this exercise as it is an interesting concept. I did notice how your countenance was upbeat to start with and then as you weren't performing to your expectations I could see you getting frustrated and getting worse. I think you are definitely a better golfer than your showing in this clip and I wonder if it is a bit of a false sense of security thing. You know you have 3 shots so mentally you back off a bit. Normally when you only get one chance you approach things a bit differently. Perhaps you could modify the rules slightly so that you could have all 3 shots and take whichever one you wanted? That way you can relax knowing you will have 3 choices and focus more on each shot with less consequence on the result.

    9. Never did this with the rules (not knowing them). I often play 2 balls, and keep stats on the first, but nearly always second ball ends up with 4 – 5 shots less than the first. But with the rules some stress factor comes in. Good idea, will try it out. Thanks

    10. Could be a good test of one's ability to maintain focus on every shot.
      Do you think that because you had two mulligans on every shot stopped you focussing as well as you usually would?
      Edit. as you said later in the vid, focus WAS an issue, but maybe from hurrying.