88 Seconds with Jim Brickman – National Coffee Day

88 Seconds with Jim Brickman - National Coffee Day
    Did you know that this Thursday is National Coffee Day?   I'm trying to find a really good cup of coffee.  Share with me where you get your cup of coffee whether it's the Keurig, a store or from your coffee pot!

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    1. What I do is I buy the liquid one in a box "international Delight" brand.  Then I mix it with water, milk (2%), instant coffee, some creamer, then chocolate powder.   The best coffee I have ever had…tastes like one of those you order that costs 8 buck per 16 oz., but this one tastes good and not too loaded with bad stuff like fat and sugar.  I use Truvia sweetener.

    2. I'm raising a food critic and coffee lover. She enjoys Sana by Tchibo. A German decaf. All German coffee tastes great. Decaf or regular. The grounds smell better and the coffee tastes bolder then US coffee to me. It does go well with American hazelnut creamer 😉. Give it a try!

    3. my kids'dad loved Starbucks house blend, but would add extra grounds to make it a little stronger..I find I do the same, but with Columbian coffee.. can't handle weak coffee..lol..

    4. A cup of Coffee in the morning, it gets the engines running again.. with toast.. Use to do French Press then switched to Pour Over ..Whole beans..each morning I freshly grind them..its makes a wonderful difference in the freshness and taste….it just seems to taste better. First true taste of Coffee was in Costa Rica…coffee bean plantations..Biological study. For a treat they add a teaspoon of fresh ground chocolate powder which they grew, to their coffee for their after dinner coffee. Which kind.. of Coffee? You will get a lot of answers to that one….Costa Rica if you want a rich taste…Kona is also a pleasing taste… Kind varies a little in what pleases the palate. It seems in the Winter a richer taste coffee seems to be pleasing..lighter taste in the Summer…also have you tried ..Cold Brew in the Summer time..they put fresh water and it drips into the coffee grinds..it's a 10-14 hour process..then they refrigerate it..You must try that at least once in your lifetime..its nice in the Summer time.. Must admit…have to have ..Organic milk..with just a little dash of organic sugar in my coffee.