86 Funny Solutions People Came Up With To Try To Protect Themselves From Coronavirus

As we’re well into the crisis now, health experts are warning us to protect ourselves at all costs. But some people have taken the warning a little too literally. It turns out, there’s virtually nothing some of us wouldn’t do (or wear) in order to keep the virus at bay. As a result, DIY-at-home protective gear has now been spotted all around the aisle runways.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the coronapocalyptic look, which is both a fashion statement and a major faux pas. But the people sporting it couldn’t care less. Kitchen sponges, diving masks, and full-length tarpaulin suits—you name it, they wear it. Seemingly immune to strange looks, these shoppers are better safe than sorry. Except the safe part of the statement remains open to question.

#1 You Always Gotta Be Careful When Going To Supermarkets, Especially With COVID-19 Right Now

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#2 Remember, It Has To Be With Wings

Image credits: Maniso

#3 A Stranger Took A Picture Of Me Wearing The Proper PPE For A Trip To Walmart For Just The Essentials

Image credits: Sweetbadger

As bizarre as some of the DIY protection examples may look, the idea itself is not completely irrational. We now know that the world is running out of face masks for the front-line medical workers. And that’s why experts advise against buying them.

The surgeon general Jerome M. Adams has tweeted: “seriously people—stop buying face masks!” Jerome claims that they’re ineffective in preventing the general public from catching the virus. His point is still a subject of debate and experts tend to have opposing views. One is clear—when leaving the medical-grade masks to professionals only, we are no longer contributing to the shortage of supplies.

#4 Covid Drip

Image credits: o0gader0o

#5 Plague Doctor With Garlic Is Here

Image credits: ChillyStrawberry

#6 Corona Virus Becomes Human

Image credits: djcubedmofo

In an interview with Bored Panda, Anna Davies, who’s a research microbiologist at the University of Cambridge, explained that without testing, it’s impossible to say which DIY protection works and which doesn’t. “Without it, we just don’t know.”

However, some home-made protection may be better than others. For example, Anna is worried about a plastic bag because of the risk of suffocation. But the snorkel mask is not such a bad idea after all. “I can imagine a snorkel mask providing good barrier protection, but it can’t be very comfortable.”

#7 How To Date On Quarantine

Image credits: jerm_cohen

#8 Shopping For The Plague

Image credits: DonSimon1976

#9 This Is Going Way Too Far

Image credits: anon7935678

Anna told us that it’s possible to make a mask at home but it wouldn’t be as good as a commercial one. But wearing a mask only isn’t enough to protect yourself. “It certainly wouldn’t be a replacement to social distancing/isolation and hand hygiene.”

The debate over whether protective masks do help to protect wearers from the virus is still on. According to Davies, “Used properly, it may help to lower overall risk of transmission,” but she adds that “there’s very little evidence for that.” Masks are most appropriate for individuals who are symptomatic. “It may lower (but not remove) the risk of transmission.”

#10 Who Needs Face Masks, Or Hand Sanitizer When You Can Have Beskar Armour To Protect Against Corona?

Image credits: Roninswen

#11 I Understand The Fear Of Coronavirus, But What Is That?

#12 Mr. Ghost

But in times of crisis, it’s better to be safe than sorry. For those of us who couldn’t get their hands on protective masks, the internet has a solution—make your own. Of course, they’re not even close to being as effective as surgical masks, this study run on an influenza pandemic showed.

The New York Times has made a step by step guide to sewing a face mask from common household materials. All you need is a needle, scissors, 100% cotton fabric, and 4 strips of the same fabric (or shoelaces). But remember that wearing it correctly is as important as the mask itself. Make sure that air can’t get through the sides. Don’t forget to remove it after it gets moist and clean it (if it’s reusable) or discard it safely.

#13 This Guy Didn’t Have A Mask, So He Came To The Orthopedist As A Polar Bear

Image credits: staceyjg314

#14 What Is Going On Here?

Image credits: stonecold2050

#15 Meanwhile In Georgia

Image credits: 1NFail

#16 Protection In Russia

Image credits: qevoh

#17 This Woman Who Came Into Our Restaurant Said This Is The Only Protective Mask She Could Find

Image credits: FroggyMcTerrison

#18 As Seen In A Supermarket In Quebec

Image credits: jetster735180

#19 Quarantine Fun With Mom! Only Masks Available On-Line

Image credits: royalrequest1969

#20 How They Quarantine In Breaux Bridge, LA

Image credits: Blanco_Nino1

#21 Facemask

#22 Now I Can’t Touch My Face

Image credits: Iron_Bawls

#23 Gotta Stay Stylish

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#24 Italians Dealing With Lack Of Face Masks

#25 Not Getting The Coronavirus. Spotted In The Atlanta Airport

Image credits: hbts2002

#26 Not The Safety We Needed, But The Safety We Deserve

Image credits: Godwithme08

#27 Man’s ‘Genius’ Way Of Protecting Himself During Coronavirus Pandemic

Image credits: h_saltovka

#28 When Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

#29 Improvise, Adapt And Overcome

Image credits: LollipopFromHell

#30 Another Quick Check-In On The CV Mask Situation

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#31 Buy A Pack Of Gum, Get Free Face Masks For Your Family

Image credits: stephanie.hallwood

#32 Ultimate Virus Protection At The Local Grocery Store

Image credits: _timmmmy

#33 How To Protect Your Car From The Coronavirus

#34 Mask Shortage Improvisation

Image credits: purplemonster44

#35 Covid-19 Protection Bucket

Image credits: Tyzorg

#36 This Guy’s Homemade Face Mask

#37 Staying Safe In Crowded Post Office

Image credits: Vlada1911

#38 I Would Rather Have Coronavirus Than Wear A Tupperware On My Head

#39 Brescia Subway (Italy) Response To The London One

Image credits: JLS88

#40 With No Face Masks On The Shelves, The Mighty Emperor Provides During These Troubling Times. In Perth, Western Australia

Image credits: Brelvis85

#41 Coronavirus Protection?

Image credits: hansreddit9

#42 When You Care About Your Health But Also Don’t Care About Your Health

#43 Protected

Image credits: rudy_mustang

#44 May The Force Be With You

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#45 St Jude Hospital Workers’ Makeshift Coronavirus Protection Gear Due To Lack Of Supplies

Image credits: Tes Depano

#46 Full Body Protection

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#47 Just Corona Things

Image credits: reibgerstl

#48 It’s Getting Serious Out Here

Image credits: Moparian

#49 When My Daughter Has No Face Mask To Go Outside But Says “Don’t Worry Dad, I Got This!”

Image credits: closes52

#50 Next

#51 Neighbor Felt It Imperative She Go Out And Collect Opinions On The New Speed Bumps

Image credits: magnanimous14

#52 I Think I’ve Seen It All Now

Image credits: FSUeyedoc

#53 Looks Like That Inflatable Dude From Car Dealers

Image credits: AriQueen_63

#54 Vidas 1, Covid 0

Image credits: humansoftrulai

#55 A Mask With A Fresh Citrus Scent

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#56 NY Commuter Fighting Coronavirus

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#57 Going To Meet The Coronavirus In The Luchador Ring

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#58 Wrong Mask

#59 No Masks, No Problem

Image credits: ntobias1

#60 Saw This During My Target Run Today

Image credits: oh_woah

#61 You Can Go About Your Business

Image credits: ibsanv

#62 Can’t Be Too Safe

Image credits: jamnewton22

#63 I Guess That Works

Image credits: goldenboy5632

#64 This Plane Traveller

#65 What’s Going On In Here

Image credits: expertashvili

#66 The New Icon Of The Web, Because He Won Everything

Image credits: Welcome to Perugia Favelas

#67 The Force Will Protect You From Coronavirus, Luke

Image credits: perfectlypeppered

#68 Who Had The Good Idea To Pull Out The Soviet Asbestos Masks?

Image credits: Knaiff

#69 Meanwhile In Slovakia

Image credits: parim16

#70 This Was The Best Face Protection I Had In The House For A Target Run

Image credits: TK34789

#71 Not Today Satan

Image credits: IRLBearsBeetsBSG

#72 This Master Of Protection

Image credits: Welcome to Perugia Favelas

#73 Interesting Times We Live In, Huh?

Image credits: Welcome to Perugia Favelas

#74 Corona Protection

Image credits: LinkanXD

#75 It’s Corona Time

Image credits: VoXaN24

#76 No Mask No Problem

Image credits: T-Bone_FPV

#77 Spotted In Maine

Image credits: Jessakuhh

#78 Hey Corona, Welcome To NYC

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#79 No Mask? No Problem!

Image credits: ToddPCWV

#80 Bruh

Image credits: iggizaki

#81 Master Of Corona

Image credits: the_utter_specimen

#82 The Casper Eye Cover

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#83 This Are Really Getting Out Of Hand

Image credits: Welcome to Perugia Favelas

#84 Looks Good

Image credits: Welcome to Perugia Favelas

#85 You Messed With The Wrong Country Covid-19

#86 CV Mask Situation

Image credits: subwaycreatures

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