85 People Who Witnessed Others Being Total Jerks And Just Had To Share (New Pics)

Welcome to jerk land, the nasty part of humanity where people are everything but nice. Here, the tension is so high it makes your blood boil. It’s all because the devil found a cheap flight deal and is now off on holiday.

Any nasty scenario your mind can make up has been here and done—from washing a dog’s bum on a drinking fountain to stealing from your date. Clenching your teeth already? Tune in and let’s see who graduated with honors from jerk school.

To all our fellow Pandas, please share your reactions in the comments since it’s always easier to go through this together. For those who need some extra jerk-spiration, feel free to feast on our previous compilation here at your own risk.

#1 What The Heck

Image credits: fischeringabi

#2 Got Soiled Diapers? Put Them Underneath Chaise Lounge At Beach Resort

Image credits: Scarboyski

#3 Washing Dog’s Bum On A Drinking Fountain

#4 Daycare Worker Wrote A Note On A Baby’s Stomach To Shame His Mom Into Packing More Diapers

Image credits: heather.chisum.58

#5 Rot In Hell, Brad

Image credits: RiverFly28

#6 Stealing From A Guy Who Asked You Out

Image credits: SydneyShyanneS

#7 Block An Electric Charging Station. Get Towed

Image credits: kevinowdziej

#8 What Could Go Wrong If My Neighbor Put Hot Charcoal From His Grill Into A Trash Can

Image credits: TheCubeZero

#9 Swapping Labels On Food So Vegetarians Unexpectedly Eat Meat

Image credits: MBirchall

#10 This Hidden Camera Disguised As A Clock In My Airbnb

Image credits: yumchasupreme

#11 I Guess This County Road Is As Good A Place As Any To Dump The Leftover Scrap From A Roofing Job

Image credits: McPostyFace

#12 Hamden’s Historic “Door Tree,” A Natural Feature Celebrated For Nearly 150 Years, Has Been Cut Down By Vandals

Image credits: scctrwa

#13 Being A Cinema Worker And Having To Clear Up After These Delightful People. Yes, Sadly, The Boxes Are Still Half Full Of Soggy Cereal And Milk

Image credits: maebyline

#14 Using Your Child’s Educational Growth For Views

Image credits: TaylorLorenz

#15 Wendy Williams Mocks Joaquin Phoenix For Having A ‘Cleft Lip’

Image credits: Wendy

#16 This Guy Is Watching Netflix In The Cinema Without Headphones

We asked the staff to do something about it, they came after 40 minutes and told him to mute it. He doesn’t give a damn.

Image credits: OzTs

#17 This Grouch Thought It Was Ok To Pop A Squat On The Buns. Then She Proceeded To Yell At Me For Stealing Her Spot In Line At The Deli Courter

Image credits: criscotwisterqueen

#18 Drugging Your Whole Workplace Because Why Not

Image credits: DarkStar0129

#19 I Was On A 9 Hour Flight And My Seat Was Broken So The Flight Attendent Told Me To Sit Next To This Woman

2 seats next to her were free. The woman told me that I couldn’t sit there because she had another layover and needed to sleep. This is what I came back to after leaving my seat for the toilet.

Image credits: reddit.com

#20 This Woman, Who Would Not Stop Sunbathing Next To A Funeral Even After Being Asked To Move Several Times

Image credits: Gombi20

#21 Take Your Poo Home

Image credits: jedewin

#22 Ignored My Girlfriend’s Texts After A Tough Shift At Work. She Took Her Frustration Out On My TV, Rip Big Guy

Image credits: zzaman

#23 The Painter, Who Didn’t Get Payed For The Work, Took Revenge On The Greedy Client

Image credits: Lee McLean

#24 An Employee Was Recorded Taking A Bath In A Sink At Wendy’s Restaurant While Other Employees Laugh

Image credits: tiktok

#25 People That Feel Entitled Enough To Disrespect Signs

Image credits: cassandrasoleil

#26 Coworker Brought His Dog To The Office. Dog Did This, Coworker Says “I’m Real Busy So Can Some Else Get It”

Image credits: alwayz4word

#27 These Two Jerks Vandalizing A 425 Million Year Old Natural Structure At Starved Rock State Park

Image credits: Raesheezy

#28 This Guy

Image credits: euanmac369

#29 Using A Pitcher Plant As Trash Bin

Image credits: P-O-T-S

#30 You’ve Got To Be The Worst Kind Of Heartless Twat If You Can Go Around Slashing Homeless People’s Tents

Image credits: JessieKer

#31 “If They Don’t Want People Sitting On Their [breakable] Merchandise They Would Make The Lines Go Faster”

Image credits: reddit.com

#32 That’s Just Being A Dick

Image credits: reddit.com

#33 Going To Be A Long Flight

Image credits: reddit.com

#34 Saw This On My Facebook Feed This Morning. Just When I Thought My Hometown Couldn’t Get Worse

Image credits: reddit.com

#35 “My Cousin Pretended To Be Crippled Because The Cinema Had No More Regular Tickets”

Image credits: The_Mentac

#36 This 60-Year-Old Edgelord

Image credits: i_am_human_beepboop

#37 Girl Is Repulsed By Man Having An Old Phone

Image credits: reddit.com

#38 Bad Parenting

Image credits: reddit.com

#39 I Arrived To My Late Grandmothers Grave Site Today To Find Her Grave Defaced And Disturbed

Image credits: LittRomn3y

#40 Clearly Some People Take Politics A Tad Too Far

Image credits: Zeddsdead021

#41 Seem Like A Lovely Couple

Image credits: reddit.com

#42 Stealing From A Free Condom Vending Machine

Image credits: kcveggies

#43 Celebrities Are People Too

Image credits: reddit.com

#44 “Dont Get Me What I Asked For”

Image credits: reddit.com

#45 Leaving Fake Currency Around To Trick People Into Seeing Your Message

Image credits: davidstickman

#46 Went Kayaking This Morning. I Just Want Bryan To Know He’s A Jerk

Image credits: reddit.com

#47 A Bunch Of Teenagers Just Left A Showing Of Frozen 2 Like This

Image credits: reddit.com

#48 Can We All Agree If You Need A Pony To Fly Maybe You Should Drive?

Image credits: Wiscota

#49 This Guy On My 9hr Flight Just Plugged These Bad Boys In Once They Turned Off The Lights (11:30pm)

Image credits: reddit.com

#50 Just Wow

Image credits: JErikOlvera

#51 Burned Down The “Take A Book, Leave A Book”

Image credits: reddit.com

#52 Our School Put Up A Typewriter For The Students To Interact With, And Someone Stuck Gum In Between The Letters

Image credits: reddit.com

#53 Elderly Lady Behind Me On A Flight. Even After Asking Nicely, She Wouldn’t Move Them And Told Me To Try Meditation To Calm Down

Image credits: reddit.com

#54 I Watched An Artist Spend Days On This, Two Days After He Finished I Walk Past This. What’s Even The Point

Image credits: Hazmainian_devil

#55 Someone Literally Trashed A Beach Just To Spam Their Crappy Youtube

Image credits: reddit.com

#56 Whoever Used This Soap Dispenser Instead Of A Toilet Is A Jerk

Image credits: reddit.com

#57 Ransacking Donations For The City’s Homeless

Image credits: Skankosaurus

#58 My Mom Gave Him 120 Days To Find A New Place To Live, His Is How He Left It, Also Infested With Bedbugs And Dumped Paint By On The Hardwood Floors

Image credits: mojogirl58

#59 Car Got Towed For Parking In My Spot. Wake Up To Find This

Image credits: UniversityIDNumber

#60 Absolute Scumbag Sells Her Friends Dog. Who Would Do That?

Image credits: allthekos

#61 Looks Like I Won’t Be Listening To My New Vinyl Record. Thanks, USPS

Image credits: 404forlife

#62 How Is This Even Possible?

Image credits: reddit.com

#63 This Classy Individual Climbed On Our Porch To Steal Our Flag Today. Then Promptly Threw It Into A Mud Puddle

Image credits: Betterwithhoney

#64 Disrespecting The Man That Provided You Free Food

Image credits: SINdycate

#65 Woman Puts Her Nasty Feet On Airplane Ceiling Where Air Conditioning Is

Image credits: reddit.com

#66 Disgusting Person Picks Off Fake Nails And Leaves In The Treadmill Cup Holder At The Gym

Image credits: stocar

#67 Local Thrift Store

Image credits: harrmic7

#68 Putting Your Ticket On Another Car

Image credits: RaccoonParadise

#69 Please Stop Being A Thot In The Gas Station Ice Machine

Image credits: taltesar

#70 League Of Legends Was On My 75 Y.o. Aunt’s Computer. The Dates Played Corresponds With When She Had Hired 2 Young Men To Take Care Or Her Dying Husband In Hospice While She Went To Work

Image credits: Mainframe110

#71 Bros…. Don’t Be Like This…

Image credits: reddit.com

#72 So Close Yet So Far

Image credits: reddit.com

#73 Teacher Making You Feel Bad For Using The Bathroom

Image credits: reddit.com

#74 As Someone Who Just Started Their Own Little Outdoor Garden, I’d Be So Angry

Image credits: reddit.com

#75 I Work At A Rental Car Company And This Is A Truck That Got Returned Today

Image credits: lundgreenco

#76 People Don’t Exchange Their Human Dignity For £46

Image credits: reddit.com

#77 Tagging Over Someone Else’s Artwork Because You’re A Talentless Little Prick

Image credits: reddit.com

#78 Calling A Hardworking Man Trash

Image credits: reddit.com

#79 This Kid Asks For Pens In Class From Other Students And Does This To Them

Image credits: Unknowngamer42

#80 Please Don’t Do This

Image credits: brianxbang

#81 Jerks That Cut In Line

Image credits: 0ldBookGlue

#82 Some Kids Decided To Trash The Pool At The Apartment Complex I Work At

Image credits: ppucaivilo

#83 This Store Is Going Out Off Business, People Are Behaving Like Animals

Image credits: reddit.com

#84 On My Flight To Germany. She Was Squeezing His Pimples For About 1 Hour. He Even Took His Shirt Off, So That She Could Squeeze The Pimples On His Back

Image credits: theMiezmiez

#85 Please Don’t Tell Me, This Jerk Is Drying His Stinky Shoes With The Overhead Vent During The Flight

Image credits: brombinary

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