82 Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos Of This Month

We spend huge lumps of money looking for happiness—some sense of fulfillment—hoping it can be bought, achieved, consumed, or traveled to. What if the answer has been staring right at you, wagging its tail, twitching its whiskers, and sniffing the air with that mysteriously moist nose?

There aren’t many decisions in life as rewarding and life-changing as adopting a pet. Just think about it—you save a life and get a best friend for lifeBored Panda has compiled a list of newly adopted animal testimonials of the month, because nothing makes us so happy as these cutie pies settling into their brand new families.

More boosts for your happiness hormones—aka endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin, we miss you guys!—await you at our previous wholesome rescue pet compilations herehere, and here. Also, scroll down to read Bored Panda’s interview with Kelly DiCicco, the manager at the ASPCA Adoption Center, about how animal adoption works in the US and what you need to know before making this decision.

#1 Got A New Puppy And He Doesn’t Like Sleeping Alone. Came Downstairs To This

Image credits: reddit.com

#2 Girlfriend And I Adopted A Puppy, Meet Scarlet Batdog

Image credits: cato11087

#3 This Is Aretha, A Rescue Cow. She Groomed My Legs With Her Tongue Then Fell Asleep. She’s A Good Girl

Image credits: jrvdol

Kelly DiCicco, the manager at the ASPCA Adoption Center, told Bored Panda that “approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter US animal shelters nationwide every year—3.3 million dogs and 3.2 million cats.” Fortunately, DiCicco has seen a tremendous improvement in the adoption rates around the country, but there are still millions of homeless animals at risk who need a safe and loving home.

If you’re about to adopt a four-legged friend, make sure that everyone in your family is on board. DiCicco said that “the first step when considering adoption is to make sure everyone in the household is ready for the responsibility.” Some of us worry that we might not connect with a shelter dog, but the manager at the ASPCA emphasizes that “these animals truly do have so much love to give.”

#4 We Rescued This Little Guy From The Streets. His Face Can Melt Hearts…

Image credits: MisterOrang

#5 We Just Adopted This Little Guy Today! Say Hi To Nugget! (Or As I Like To Call Him: Dr. Robotnug)

Image credits: reddit.com

#6 The Love Of A Rescue Dog

Image credits: HunterSaysWhat

There are countless benefits of adopting a shelter animal, from “freeing up space and resources for another animal in need” to “putting an end to cruel breeding practices.” Most importantly, “Beyond just helping an animal in need, you’re giving your new pet an opportunity to find their voice; to be themselves and get a second chance to become a pet beyond the walls of a shelter.”

#7 I Think My Sister’s Rescue Cat Is Broken…

Image credits: ms_spellbinder

#8 The Day I Adopted Her

Image credits: reddit.com

#9 I’m Adopting A Chonky Boi!

Image credits: reddit.com

Remember that adopting a pet means a commitment for up to 15 years of your life. “Sometimes a match simply doesn’t work out, and that’s okay! Should it not work out, it’s recommended to try rehoming the animal with a friend or family member who may be a better match.” Kelly DiCicco explained that even if you can’t find someone within your network who is better equipped for your pet, you can always reach back out to the shelter and ask for their help. But you’ll never know if you never try!

#10 Everyone Meet My Tripawd Buddy!! All Healed Up And Living His Best Life!!

Image credits: reddit.com

#11 Couldn’t Decide A Name So I Just Kept Calling Her Little. So Meet Little!

Image credits: reddit.com

#12 When Your Foster Kittens Match Your Decor! Exhausted From Their First Day Exploring Their New Foster Home

Image credits: reddit.com

Pet adoption is an important step in fighting the shady puppy mill business. For those who don’t know, puppy mills are factory-type breeding facilities that profit from large quantities of animals. The Humane Society of the United States claims that “animals from puppy mills are housed in shockingly poor conditions with improper medical care, and are often very sick and behaviorally troubled as a result.”

They target unsuspecting consumers who shop for animals on the internet, at pet stores, or through ads. Turning to an animal shelter is the only safe way to get a canine or a feline friend without supporting this flawed practice.

#13 Adopted This Majestic Floof Today

Image credits: ineffectivelyperfect

#14 Meet Lucy. Our 5 Year Old, Recently Adopted Spaz With A Zest For Life And A Need For Constant Belly Rubs. I Hope She Makes Someone Smile

Image credits: u/sammy_sweets

#15 Met My Best Friend Yesterday And Brought Him Home!

Image credits: reddit.com

#16 My Brother’s New Pup, Baker.

Image credits: reddit.com

#17 My Grandma Just Adopted Him

Image credits: randokomando

#18 I’ve Wanted A Dog For About Ten Years But My Work Or Living Situations Were Never Right. Everything’s Lined Up Now And I’ve Got My Puppy. Just Wanted To Share My Little Dude!

Image credits: reddit.com

#19 Adopted Kipling A Day Before My Other Cat. You Might Say He’s Very Social

Image credits: 7sterling

#20 Been Wanting To Rescue A Dog For A While, And We Finally Found Our Good Boy!

Image credits: papershade94

#21 Our Two Rescue Pups, Monty And Tuck

Image credits: reddit.com

#22 My Parent’s New Lab Puppy Likes To Stick Her Tongue Out At You

Image credits: reddit.com

#23 Adopted This Fella. Turns Out He Loves Belly Rubs

Image credits: prschorn

#24 Adopted Her Today! Finally Peeking Out Of The Couch

Image credits: lipglosssed

#25 This Is Amy We Rescued Her On Valentine’s Day. She’s Been Living At The Shelter For Over A Year And No One Wanted Her Because She Has Weight Issues. But I Do As Well So We’re On A Diet Together. I’ll Post Updates Of Her Weight Loss Journey

Image credits: capri-sunnn

#26 This Is My Rescue Baby, Lucy. She’s About 15 And The Absolute Love Of My Life

Image credits: st3phh

#27 Our Rescue Pandora Has A Split Face And Majestic Eyes

Image credits: franklikethehotdog

#28 My Wife And I Were Warned About Adopting A Second Cat. Within A Few Days, The Older One (Brown) Was Snuggling, Grooming, And Spending Every Minute With Her.

Image credits: s_dandylion

#29 Rescued Blue Heeler Pup At Coffee Shop

Image credits: clever_betsy

#30 My Friend Keeps Sending Me Snaps Of Her New Adoption

Image credits: reddit.com

#31 After 14 Years. I Have Accomplished My Goal. He Was Being Neglected, But Now He Will Never Be Neglected Again. Meet Link, The Pit Shepherd Mix. Approx. 4 Months Old.

Image credits: reddit.com

#32 This Is Link! I Adopted Him 3 Days Ago From The Local Shelter. I Was Told He’s A Golden Retriever Mix And I Can’t Wait To See If He Gets Big Or Stays Small!

Image credits: Lady_Larkin

#33 Say Hello To Bubbles. Rescued As A Stray Kitten At One Month Old

Image credits: bondben314

#34 I Just Wanted To Show The World Of Reddit The Most Precious Thing In My World. My Rescue Kitty, Sunshine, Does This Whenever She Wants Belly Rubs. She’s Chosen Me As Her Mommy. Hope She Adds Some Sunshine To Your Day. ?☀️

Image credits: reddit.com

#35 Good Girl Being Momma For Adopted Kittens

Image credits: Thund3rbolt

#36 We’ve Just Adopted These Girls From Our Local Shelter

Image credits: reddit.com

#37 My Ancient Rescue Pupper In His Trailer. He Is 13 And Goes Everywhere With Me, Even Out On The Bike.

Image credits: reddit.com

#38 This Is Our New 8 Week Old Puppy, And I Guess This Is How She Likes To Sleep

Image credits: reddit.com

#39 I Just Adopted This Old Man Hershey… He Has A Weird Lookin Face

Image credits: YeetYeetBabey

#40 Impulse Rescued A Kitten Yesterday From My Local Shelter And I Think She’s Very Appreciative. 11 Week Old Mei

Image credits: DoobieJam

#41 We Caught Apple’s First Blep! She’s Adopted, So Maybe She’s Blepped Before, But This Is The First Time We See It

Image credits: thecremefraiche

#42 This Excellent Boy Comes Home Saturday. Cannot Wait To Welcome Him Into Our Home!

Image credits: reddit.com

#43 A Dog And His Best Friend. They Are Purrfect For Each Other. We Adopted The Dog, Then He Begged And Pleaded Till We Took In A Stray That Hangs Out Around Our Home. They Are Inseparable.

Image credits: rage1978

#44 We Adopted This Little One From The Shelter Recently. I Think She’s Feeling Right At Home

Image credits: theLemNnade

#45 Showing Off His New Collar After Being Adopted!

Image credits: StephPurplePanda

#46 This Is Chet, A Foster Fail (We Adopted Him)

Image credits: reddit.com

#47 This Is Milo The Rescue Kitty. She Is Blind So I Remind Her About 20 Times A Day Of How Beautiful She Is

Image credits: ahegao_uwu_owo

#48 Panda’s First Day Home And He Loves To Play

Image credits: reddit.com

#49 My Cat Had Anxiety Issues, So We Adopted A Little Sister For Him

Image credits: lackingdaisiez

#50 My Wife And Adopted A Sick Puppy A Few Weeks Back, And After A Lot Of Love (And Food) He’s Getting Exponentially Cuter

Image credits: MichaelScottsMom

#51 We Adopted Him As A Pup Without Knowing Exactly What Mix He Was. Little Did We Know He Would Grow Up Into A Purebred Batdog.

Image credits: reddit.com

#52 This Is Miller, My Rescued Polydactyl Kitty Who Likes To Tear Blinds Apart If They Aren’t Open. He Is Quite Photogenic

Image credits: QueenCactus14

#53 Adopted This Little Fella Yesterday. Needless To Say, He’s Very Comfy His First Day In His New Home

Image credits: Miana09

#54 Adopted This Little Guy From A Shelter. He Ate A Ton Of Food And Made Himself Right At Home; I Think He Likes It Here

Image credits: old_avi8or

#55 Rescue Life Is The Best Life. Little Abbott Enjoying His 1st Snow

Image credits: reddit.com

#56 My Newly Adopted Puppy. His Name Is Dr. Pepper, Doc For Short

Image credits: tcostuh

#57 Adopted Them From A Shelter Yesterday. One Of The Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made. Here Are My 2 Boys (Eddie, 8 Months Old, And Fitz, ~2 Years Old) On Their First Night Home.

Image credits: gonavy27

#58 Our Rescue Cat Dori Cuddling On My Girlfriends Lap

Image credits: EffinOwen

#59 Recently Adopted And Feeling Comfortable At Home

Image credits: OJ76

#60 [oc] We Adopted This Derp A Week Ago. He Realllllly Likes Snow

Image credits: Ginnigan

#61 A Pretty Average Evening Hanging Out With My Recently Adopted Kitty. Everybody Meet, Meatloaf

Image credits: mafugginAsher

#62 My New Best Friend In The Whole Wide World I Adopted From The Local Shelter.

Image credits: Chupaps

#63 Just Adopted

Image credits: prin_cess_potato

#64 He Jumped On My Dad’s Shoulder In Some Random Parking And Was Like “You’re My Owner Now” And The Rest Is History.

Image credits: reddit.com

#65 I Think I May Have Just Adopted The Beefiest Version Of Scooby Doo Ever

Image credits: PFDavis

#66 I Adopted A Kitten This Weekend And He’s Already So Cuddly ? Meet Mac!

Image credits: lanegandy

#67 Look At This Little Girl I Rescued At Work Today. She Already Loves My Husband.

Image credits: SwimmingYesPlease

#68 Recently Adopted Moose Mirin His New Mommy

Image credits: lowrainethedurg

#69 We Adopted This Little One Today! Shes So Small And Already So Tame. I’m In Love!

Image credits: bookaddictsahoy

#70 My Dad And The New Rescue Beagle

Image credits: SaltMinesOfMoria

#71 We Rescued Both. The Cat Was Missing A Leg And The Dog’s Back Foot Had Been Crushed In Trap. They Completed Each Other.

Image credits: pwrightde

#72 Just Adopted This Little Guy. Meet Yoshi

Image credits: reddit.com

#73 I Rescued Prince Here Today! He Was Walking Down The Street In Chicago And Looked Scared. I Pulled Over Across The Street And Put On My Hazards And Stopped Traffic To Talk To My New Friend. Prince Was A Good Boy And As He Was Warming Up In My Car I Called The Phone Number On His Dog Tag. He Is Home.

Image credits: reddit.com

#74 Louie My Rescue Frenchie. Turns Out This Little Man Was Born Deaf And Has Anxiety. I Must Say That He Does Give The Bestest Cuddles A Good Boy Could Give Though

Image credits: unknown_poison

#75 Just Adopted This Little Boy! Any Name Sugestions?

Image credits: tiredcollegestudent9

#76 We Just Adopted Ginny. Welcome To The Family

Image credits: reddit.com

#77 Just Adopted Her And Already Curling Her Feetsies On My Arm

Image credits: alex965

#78 Adopt A Personal Stalker… I Mean Greyhound

Image credits: LucidCrimson

#79 Adopted A Dog, Got A Cat. Meet Frankie

Image credits: reddit.com

#80 Just Adopted This Good Boy!

Image credits: GimmeDjibouti

#81 Her Name Is Astrid. My Wife And I Adopted Her On Sunday, And Shes Already Proving To Be A Rambunctious Little Tyke. 10/10 Would Recommend Playing With This Kitten. This Is Her First Time Looking At The Cat TV

Image credits: badassmamojamma

#82 Just Adopted This Shrimp Yesterday!

Image credits: reddit.com

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