80 Funny Examples Of Petty Revenge

Not every hurtful action deserves jail time. Or even a good ass whooping. Sometimes, a bad deed is pretty trivial and could even be forgotten. However, we humans are petty creatures and we’re also vindictive creatures. So we improvise. We come up with detailed plans of vengeance and when everything is done, we even post stories of the sentencing we’ve carried out online. Bored Panda has collected some of the pettiest revenge stories, and they should prove that everyone should think twice before being an asshole to other people.

#1 Some People Just Gotta Learn The Hard Way

Image credits: heyqueenregina

#2 Petty Revenge

Image credits: _Breyonnn

#3 Grandma’s Revenge

Image credits: mrmaster2

#4 Pettiness Level 100,000,00. My Husband Was Angry This Morning So He Decided He Was Only Making His Half Of The Bed

Image credits: bearfoxmousemushroom

#5 Lad At Work Just Eats Everyone’s Treats. Tomorrow Will Be A Surprise For Him

Image credits: lufcdannyboy

#6 When Your Ex Writes You An Apology Letter So You Grade It To Send It Back

Image credits: NickLutz12

#7 Someone Parked Wrong And Shop Clerks Took Revenge

Image credits: Arnold Angelini

#8 This Guy Had Printed Checks Of Him And His New Wife So He Could Write Alimony Checks To His Ex

Image credits: Keercan

#9 Mad Wife

Image credits: DaveApnea

#10 I’ve Carried Chalk In My Car For 10 Months Just So I Could Do This Once. Yesterday Was The Day

Image credits: adunkel2016

#11 Making Fish Tacos For The Guy At Work Who Keeps Eating My Lunch

Image credits: Dooppy

#12 I Applaud This Level Of Petty

Image credits: londonbreedann

#13 The Funniest Thing I’ve Seen In A Long Time, My View From Work

Image credits: aggravatedman

#14 Every Time I Get A Spam Fax At Work I Put The Spammer’s Number On A Free Monkey Flyer And Post It Somewhere Around Town

Image credits: soundslikepuget

#15 Stay Away From The Coffee Creamer At Work

Image credits: Phantom0591

#16 My Neighbours Like To Throw Their Cigarette Butts Over The Wall And Onto The Sidewalk. I’m Tired Of Seeing Dogs Eat Them And Kids Play With Them, So I Picked Them Up For Them

Image credits: rcs2112

#17 Punk’d

Image credits: spokendamsel

#18 I Turn Hotdog Water Into Ice Cubes For Guests That I Don’t Like

Image credits: angelabrisk

#19 The Best Petty Revenge

Image credits: _jessehall_

#20 Our Neighbors Very Precisely Cleaned Only Their Part Of The Wall

Image credits: Obsidian_Mcknight

#21 My Coworker Is A Flat Earther And It’s His Last Day

Image credits: kittythedog

#22 Power Move

Image credits: HollieL

#23 I Mixed Carolina Reaper Powder Into Half A Tub Of Ice Cream As Revenge For Food Thief At My Community Freezer

So I transferred to this new college and been living on a pretty nice dorm. After I got settled in, I bought a small tub of ice cream. After eating my fill, I left the rest in the common freezer in the floor lounge. This dorm is only for sophomore and seniors and is not a frat house so I figured it would be okay. Few days later, the whole tub was gone. I was a bit pissed but passed it off as just bad luck. Next week, I bought another tub, this time making sure to write “do not eat” on the outside and a note on the inner side of the lid where I wrote “don’t be a dick.” Yet, just two days later, the ice cream was gone. I really got pissed this time. I seriously doubt anyone who can afford to go to a private college and live on a dorm for their sophomore/senior year has to steal another person’s ice cream. So I sought out ways for revenge. First thought was to mix in laxatives but read that it could be considered poisoning someone. So my next thought was to mix crushed habanero and tested it out but it was masked out by the ice cream because it wasn’t hot enough. So I looked into the hottest pepper I could find and got Carolina Reaper chili powder and did this.

Image credits: UnusuallyCalm

#24 I Skied Back To The Pole Again… To Take This Photo For All Those Men Who Commented “Make Me A Sandwich” On My Tedx Talk

ready to fly out to Union Glacier tomorrow morning (depending on weather). Then we skied over to the Ceremonial South Pole (probably the Pole that everyone knows as the only South Pole – the barbers Pole with the flags) and the actual Geographic South Pole (which moves around 10m each year), which is marked separately. In the afternoon we were given a tour of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. It is seriously as close to what a Base on another planet would be like than anything else on the planet – a mini-town based around the scientific work of the National Science Foundation. Tonight (it never gets dark this time of year) I skied back to the Pole again… to take this photo for all those men who commented “Make me a sandwich” on my TEDX Talk. I made you a sandwich (ham & cheese), now ski 37 days and 600km to the South Pole and you can eat it.

Image credits: jadehameister

#25 Pothole Birthday Party

Image credits: TBHer_

#26 Tom Beat This Guy’s Score On Mario Bros, So He Took His Revenge With This Nice Little Message

Image credits: DragonGamingDG

#27 As Revenge For My Brother Wrapping My Christmas Present In Duct Tape Last Year, This Year I’ve Wrapped My Brother’s Present In Concrete! Revenge Best Served Stone-Cold

Image credits: MathewRogers

#28 A Man Gets Fed Up With His Roommate’s Mess, So He Creates An Art Gallery With The Mess As Art-Pieces

Image credits: justincousson

#29 Jason Is A Mad Man

Image credits: rudy_mustang

#30 Joe Mode

Image credits: SnazzyQ

#31 Ethan Isn’t Playing Around This Semester

Image credits: jojomarshalll

#32 You Park In 2 Spots, I Zip Tie A Cart To Your Car

Image credits: filipe272003

#33 Someone Stole The Pumpkins Off Of My Porch Last Night. Round Two Punks

Image credits: shart_warrior

#34 Locked My Cat In The Bathroom While I Made A Meal Because He Was Being Annoying. Revenge Was Had

Image credits: GreyGhostPhoto

#35 Who Left This On My Car In Lot 30 I Just Wanna Talk

Image credits: dazed_dez

#36 Joined A Gym, And Was Teased By My Fit Friends Who Workout There. Got My Revenge

Image credits: BradleyFriesen

#37 Google Maps Level Neighbor Feud

Image credits: therealsix

#38 This Girlfriend Who Came With Printed Messages

Image credits: 3liAlra

#39 Evil Genius

Image credits: AlishaRai

#40 My Boyfriend Asked Me What I Wanted To Eat & I Said I Don’t Know & This What He Brings Me

Image credits: chopstckss

#41 Wouldn’t Help With The Housework; Weeks Of Begging For Help (Because He Lives Here Too) And Picking Up After Him, I Had Put His Game In With My Snake Since I Knew He Was Afraid Of Her

Image credits: frederickfox_

#42 My Friend Parked Like A D-Bag. The Neighbor’s Kids Left Him A Message

Image credits: sum33

#43 Sweet Revenge

So, I was bored last night and was making a house of cards at my desk. My brother comes over (obviously seeing my concentration as I am holding my creation) and playfully slams on the desk, knocking down my beautiful kingdom of cards.

I was pissed.

I immediately plotted my revenge, and sought out to dish out some Justice in a fairly reasonable and graceful manner. This was the result.

Image credits: MrKazamaza

#44 Sonic Savagery

Image credits: _NITRISS_

#45 When Your Drawing Teacher Assigns 3 Finals So You Secretly Write “You Got Me F****d Up” In Sign Language On Your Final Piece

Image credits: LemAli23

#46 I’ve Asked My Neighbor To Please, Please Not Let His Dogs Bark All Night. Today I Received Several Packages In The Mail. Early Tomorrow Morning I’ll Have My Revenge

Image credits: eyedontnowutimdoing

#47 My Buddy’s Bank Wouldn’t Reverse Some Petty Fees So He Showed Up On The Last Day Of The Month And Closed His 150k Account To Cash

Image credits: greenicedtea

#48 My Roommate Fed A Few Of Us Dog Food Saying It Was Jerky. He Went Away This Weekend. 1km Of Clinging Revenge

We wrapped everything individually and created a giant ball with his shoes randomly through it (bottom left). The testicles are his basketballs with around 100 meters of wrap on each. Around 4 hours of work with help. Its late, he just got back from his flight and he has to work early in the morning. Here we go…

Image credits: furiousfry

#49 My Neighbor Got His Reindeer Decorations Stolen So They Put Out Grinch Ones Instead

Image credits: PrincessAlterEgo

#50 My Co-Workers Must Enjoy Conflict

Image credits: Win_in_Roam

#51 Savage Artist

Image credits: alicexz

#52 Revenge Is Sweet

Image credits: Angryblue

#53 This Dad

Image credits: LukasThoms

#54 Fun With Passive-Agressivity

The guy who does this is actually really sweet, but leaves his trash and spills everywhere with no regard for others. Multiple people at my office have talked to him, but he doesn’t care, so we just deal with it. I cleaned it up later but wanted to have some fun in the meantime.

Image credits: ctrlaltdelete285

#55 My Neighbour Went On Vacation For A Week And I Decorated His House With Some Inspiring Lyrics From His Least Favourite Band

This was payback from the last time I went on vacation and he decorated my house with penises.

Image credits: dustinmypants

#56 Payback

Image credits: 3ffingawesome

#57 Someone In My Class Did A Presentation On Why Another Student Is A Communist

Image credits: reallyawesomewow

#58 Life Pro Tip: Having A Dirt-Cheap Car Allows You To Be Petty In Parkings

Image credits: TheInfinityDuck

#59 Deserved Petty Revenge

Image credits: simoncholland

#60 Revenge Cookies

Image credits: GroovyTasia

#61 Perfect Roommate

Image credits: LV_Eventing

#62 This Teenager

Image credits: coolgrandma98

#63 Slashed Someone’s Tires Today Because He Parked Like A Jackass.. Was It Justified? I Think So

Image credits: herbehancock

#64 High School Romance

Image credits: JakeNbakeX

#65 My Wife Is Planning Revenge Against The Annoying Neighbors

Image credits: Serraph105

#66 That’s Gotta Hurt

Image credits: gabidunn99

#67 Sweet Revenge

Image credits: Unknown

#68 A Local Business Argument That Resulted In A Spite Fence

Image credits: CircularJerkuler

#69 When The Ebay Customer Gives U Problems Before U Ship

Image credits: drewtoothpaste

#70 Somebody In My Hometown’s Retribution For A Neighbor Leaving Their Dog’s Poop On The Ground

Image credits: RylanTheWalrus

#71 That’s What Happens When You Constantly Park In My Parking Space. Try And Get Out Now… I Don’t Need To Move The Car Until Tomorrow

Image credits: strac114

#72 Petty Revenge

Image credits: maroonmallard

#73 Half On Disabled Parking And A Half On The Passway To A Mall. Someone Got Really Pissed And Emptied A Jar Of Jam On It

Image credits: TadyZ

#74 The Punishment For Petty Theft In My Town Is Making Laps Around The Courthouse With A Sandwich Board Sign That States: “I Am A Thief”

Image credits: jcoffill

#75 Y’all… New Orleans Is Next Level Petty And I Kinda Love It

Image credits: Butterfly504

#76 Had To Take A Selfie And Blur The Driver’s Face Out As Payback For All The Faces Google Blurred Throughout The Years

Image credits: GallowBoob

#77 Though Circumstances Are Sad, Am I The Only One That Finds This Last Dig Rather Humorous?

Also it’s important to mention that the Crowey family was known for its strong personalities and tumultuous relationships.

Image credits: scytheandstone

#78 Throwback To When That One Dude’s Girlfriend Moved Into My House And Started Putting Up Signs To Remind Us To Be Clean

Homegirl made some blended kale smoothie and left this dirty, so I thoroughly cleaned the whole kitchen and left this note.

Image credits: maddublier

#79 A Few Months Ago My Fiancée Scared Me With A Cut Out Of Austin Powers, Time For A Little Payback

Image credits: CaptainPhil

#80 My Daughter Said She Was Too Old For Notes In Her Lunch – My Reply And Win

Image credits: Michellehas2ls

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