75 People Share Things They Found While Cleaning Their Houses During The Quarantine

It’s just like Mary Poppins has taught us: “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and – snap! – the job’s a game.”

Maybe these words won’t make you jump for joy at scrubbing your toilet, but cleaning your home can be just as exciting as having your home clean. With a little bit of luck, for example, you can discover things you didn’t even remember you had. I mean, just look at the treasures people who have already begun their spring cleaning have found within their four walls. From a Blockbuster membership card to an old Game Boy Advance, these antiques definitely made their chores worthwhile.


Found the newspaper that announced Elizabeth as Queen

Image credits: reddit.com


Today’s #quaranclean find

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Image credits: zeldawilliams


Image credits: GreeneMachine82


Cleaning my attic during quarantine. Found all my past mobile phones starting with beeper oc

Image credits: kupus0


Thin slabs of ivory with days of the week on the top found in my closet

Image credits: mickbruh


My buddy was cleaning out his desk while at home during the quarantine, and found a $50 gift card!

Image credits: imgur.com


Image credits: DJJudd


Was cleaning out a closet and found these Uno cards that are water resistant

Image credits: MumboTheStarlow


This map I found while cleaning up!

Image credits: Down_Loard


Found while cleaning, seems extra relevant these days

Image credits: MollyPandaParty


Found while clearing yard. Weighs about 6 lbs. It looks like a MK 1 shrapnel round. WWI projectile made by the French, and used by allies.

Image credits: sixhundred71


Image credits: AndrewCrow


Image credits: nogammarays


Image credits: GirlNamedMarley


Damn quarantine. Cleaning out the closet my girlfriend found my stash

Image credits: Shy_Anus


Quarantine cleaning the garage and I hit the jackpot!

Image credits: cb1406


Image credits: juniorwaugh349


Just found this beauty while cleaning my room

Image credits: Henschel_und_co


My wife found a small fortune in the basement today. We donated them to our local hospital.

Image credits: splashattack


This Map from 1941 I found cleaning my grandpas room.

Image credits: IAmGenius14


Some old pins I found cleaning up.

Image credits: antiquekid3


I’m in the middle of renovating my partially finished basement. I found a stash of og Fluke multimeters behind a wall. All of them work save 5 and most are brand new. Originally these would’ve been worth between $5-6k.

Image credits: thewhiteknyt


Since we’re all stuck in the house, my family finally had a chance to do some spring cleaning. Cleaned so deep that we unearthed some cans of food leftover from the Y2K scare. Behold, 20 year-old dehydrated broccoli.

Image credits: cuddlebundlez


Found my duct tape prom suit while cleaning

Image credits: Super_Rosie


Image credits: sam_patt1


Image credits: beygalorex


Image credits: teyaahjy


Quarantine Cleaning – found my very first bra (it’s the napkin on the bottom)

Image credits: sdawn123


This old box of straight razors I found cleaning out the basement

Image credits: hanoverfiste23


Image credits: JimmyConrad


Quarantine cleaning helped me find original ‘99 dawg pound stickers

Image credits: Adarum


While cleaning out my attic I found out that Bruce Willis also had an early music career

Image credits: amrasillias


Image credits: Nthapeleng__


Bought this at a flee market a while back because it looked coll and found while cleaning recently. Vendor had many “Pins” like that. Euro for scale

Image credits: Olive_xxl


Childhood memories found while cleaning

Image credits: saad_scorp


Image credits: marlenaboesch


Image credits: JoyDemorra


Image credits: SqPegPinhole


Completely forgot my kids used to collect these.. lol. I wonder where the rest went

Image credits: rb_808


What’s the oldest thing you’ve found during your quarantine pantry cleaning? This bottle of Pimm’s from my mum’s pantry is at least as old as I am. And no, not still good

Image credits: papessaess


Quarantine cleaning find: this gem on VHS

Image credits: Martin Dental


Image credits: just_mark_now


My dad found these tickets while quarantine cleaning

Image credits: bashfulbuildabear


I found this beauty in my grandparents’ attic. I will definitely clean it and make something out of

Image credits: Lumso


Cleaning out my closet and found this relic from before the prequels

Image credits: ryanalexanderk


Look what I found while doing some spring cleaning. Original Star Wars figures from 1980.

Image credits: DaBearsFan85


Cleaning the shed and found old Camel cigarette ad from the 40s in pretty good condition all things considered! Anyone know about it? Worth anything? Tax stamp in lower-left corner dated 5-31-41

Image credits: stealyourfarts


I found this pretty sweet pin while cleaning out my garage.

Image credits: nwv1218


Image credits: bindiyannsmitha


This quarantine isn’t all bad. I thought I lost it but it turned up during deep cleaning!

Image credits: cusoman


I’m quarantine cleaning and I found an old ticket in my room. 7 years ago yesterday we ended Miami’s 27 game winning streak

Image credits: CrispyBipster


Moved back in with my parents and am helping my Dad clean the shed. Forgot these were in there. That’s the quarantine entertainment sorted, smegheads!

Image credits: Meliv23


I’ve been cleaning during quarantine and I found these beauties hiding in my closet. I had them special made from Etsy almost 15 years ago!

Image credits: Mfluder42


FOUND: Not one, but TWO Penn State license plates while cleaning out the garage! Forgotten gems like this can motivate you to reduce clutter and spruce up around the house. What interesting items have you stumbled upon in your cleaning quests?

Image credits: pennstateworldcampus


Found while cleaning

Image credits: chrisosche


ld picture found while cleaning the house

Image credits: mckibblesandbits


Image credits: ChristnNitemare


Image credits: 1000FootGeneral


Found while cleaning my closet

Image credits: lejabbabot


Image credits: __mothman


Image credits: NancyLoo


Image credits: Ash_Barnwell


Found this while cleaning. Hi, Dad. Miss you

Image credits: carebearkarch


Image credits: TBagGamingYT


On the bright side, finding long lost surf legend memorabilia while quarantine purging is cool

Image credits: wedge_inald


Look what I found. That’s an iPod, kids

Image credits: jonnychampagne


I found these items during my quarantine cleaning. Who can name them all and what they’re used for? To make it more challenging what years were each item being used an are any of them still being used in your home. I’ll wait for it, millennials

Image credits: MSDENISHIA's™ FAN PAGE


Quarantine cleaning win: when you find the library book you’ve been missing since the summer. P.S – check out the irony of this title considering the current state of affairs in our world

Image credits: The Mommy Dash


Spring cleaning and found this blast from the past.

Image credits: AlexAinsworth


Found this while cleaning my basement

Image credits: sundaydrips


Spring quarantine cleaning. Found this.

Image credits: akadrbass


Day 34 of social isolation had me cleaning out garage and closets when I found these

Image credits: flaglerite


Cleaning out the garage during the safe at home order and found these old classic t-shirts

Image credits: TedValentine


Found my OG game box while doing some corona-cleaning!

Image credits: Capnlanky

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