74 Ways People Are Dealing With Their Exes

Healing after a breakup takes time. And it doesn’t matter if you were dumped or the dumpee or that everyone is telling you that you will eventually start feeling better, you can’t help but think that no one could have ever experienced the things you went through. So give yourself the green light to get over it your way.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of ways people are dealing with their exes, and it proves that there is no perfect recipe. From passive-aggressive gestures to constructive conversations, scroll down to check out the entries and upvote your faves.

#1 I Split Up With My Boyfriend Yesterday. I Fell Asleep While He Was Packing And He Stole My Toilet

Image credits: shelblikadoo

#2 My Uncle’s Halloween Costume Is The Scariest Thing He’s Ever Known, His Ex-Wife

Image credits: ketchuppacket

#3 Bitter Man Buys The House Next Door To His Ex-Wife And Installs An Interesting Sculpture

Image credits: lenkatuohy

#4 It’s Valentine’s Day And My Ex-Girlfriend Sent Me This, So I Replied With This

Image credits: BasedCris

#5 Best Ex Ever

Image credits: Nikil_k

#6 When You Get A Divorce

Image credits: SomeJagaloon

#7 Came Across A 10-Year-Old Photo That Had My Brothers Ex-Wife In It And My Ex In It. Instead Of Deleting It I “Fixed” It

Image credits: gknick

#8 Netflix & Zero Chills

Image credits: heyqueenregina

#9 Found The Heart Of My Ex

Image credits: breguet

#10 I Kicked My Loser Ex Out Of My House And Got A New Piece Of Art

Image credits: roodaloo

#11 This Guy Had Pictures Of Him And His New Wife Printed On His Checks So He Could Write His Ex Alimony With Them

Image credits: smashley951

#12 Found My Ex In The Natural History Museum

Image credits: SimonCowellsTrousers

#13 I Went To A Party Where My Ex Girlfriend Was Present With Her New Boyfriend. This Was What I Was Wearing

Image credits: Princekwg

#14 Paid For My Ex’s Glasses And Decided To Spend A Little Extra For An Engraving

Image credits: livingdeadly

#15 Ran Into My Ex At Lowes

Image credits: JazzyAndy

#16 Just Returned My Ex-Girlfriend To The Store

Image credits: rackashak

#17 When Love Is Over

Image credits: recklessbehav

#18 Sure, My Ex Totally Didn’t Mean To Send Me A Selfie With Her Marriage Certificate

Image credits: ebeattie96

#19 One Year Later And I’m Still Happy About My Divorce

Image credits: lRONMlKE

#20 Finally Found The Perfect Gift For My Ex

Image credits: Lt_not_polite

#21 My Ex Sent Me A Postcard

Image credits: ronlechler

#22 My Soon To Be Ex-Wife Brought Me A Cake For My Birthday Today

Image credits: omnicidial

#23 While Preparing For My Garage Sale, I Found A Pendant My Ex Gave Me. I Decided To Be A Little Creative With Selling It

Image credits: PatriarchVespa

#24 My Ex-Husband Said He Found The Perfect Product Line For Me

Image credits: sillysally1986

#25 My Friend Received Some Flowers From Her Ex The Other Day

Image credits: reddit.com

#26 I Am Not A Graphic Designer. I Needed To Remove My Ex-Wife From A Vacation Picture In Mexico. How Did I Do?

Image credits: itsme_timd

#27 Ex-Fiancée And Ex Best Man Are Now Dating. He Left His Wii At My Place. I Made Sure To Get It Back To Him

Image credits: PM_me_your_Jeep

#28 My Ex Finally Opened Her Small Business

Image credits: igotsdaknowledge

#29 My Boyfriend Ordered A Cake For His Ex-Wife

Image credits: Lapetitmorte

#30 My Ex Was Bitter About Our Break Up And Started Comparing Me To Taylor Swift. This Was My Response

Image credits: nmcgloghlin

#31 I Found The Temperature Controls For My Ex’s Heart

Image credits: MageeDisease

#32 Sold The Ring I Used To Propose To My Ex-Fiancée, And Bought Myself Something Nice With All The Cash

Image credits: Upvoteyours

#33 Changed My Ex’s Contact Picture On My Phone To Remind Myself Who I’m Dealing With When She Calls

Image credits: chrizar1971

#34 Pulling The Plug On My Ex-GF

Image credits: deanex2

#35 My Ex Loves Hot Sauce And I Finally Found The Perfect One For Her, While Traveling In Korea

Image credits: corderoroman

#36 My Friend Was Just Cheated On. This Is The Valentine’s Card She’s Sending Her Ex

Image credits: sugarquills

#37 Got This In The Post From An Ex

Image credits: shaunahq

#38 Instead Of Deleting Pictures Of My Ex, I’d Rather Just Do This

Image credits: lardparty

#39 Looks Like My Ex-Wife Started Her Own Bottled Water Company

Image credits: theconservativelib

#40 My Wife Sent Me Our Son’s Music Results With The Comment “I Can Think Of, Like, 7 Ex-Boyfriends Who Needed A Scoresheet Like This”

Image credits: not2dopey

#41 My Favorite Picture Of My Ex-Wife

Image credits: sdricke

#42 My Ex-Wife Just Gave Me This For My Birthday

Image credits: Thereisnocureforbeingacunt

#43 Damn Ex-Wives

Image credits: Jahmay

#44 My Ex’s Heart

Image credits: Meepachuboi

#45 Finally, A Card For My Ex

Image credits: PM_ME_UR_TOENAILS

#46 If My Ex-Wife Could Find A Way To Accomplish This She Would

Image credits: waxiestapple

#47 The Women In My Ex’s Family Were All

Image credits: ianmaude420

#48 A Good Present For An Ex-GF

Image credits: TriRS109

#49 Advice My Ex-Girlfriend Followed

Image credits: MyUserNameMeansNothing

#50 I’m Pretty Sure This Is My Ex-Girlfriend’s Favorite Drink

Image credits: doodoo_train

#51 A Piece I Made Inspired By My Ex-Boyfriend

Image credits: leasha_98

#52 When I Was Still With My Ex GF, I Kept Losing My Phones Around The Apartment. After We Broke Up, I Found A Package On My Doorstep Saying “Here Are Your Phones Back, Jerk”

Image credits: narwal100

#53 Proof That My Ex-Wife Was Wrong And That I Do, In Fact, Have A Spine

Image credits: Synssins

#54 My Ex-Girlfriend Sent This To Me The Other Day

Image credits: eskiimo

#55 Wish You Were Here

Image credits: sratsby

#56 My Ex Dumped Me, So I Quite Rationally Stole A Giant Watermelon From Him. I Then Did What Any Sane, Well-Adjusted Person Would Do

Image credits: walklikeadinosaur

#57 He Hates His Ex

Image credits: TacoTruckTrailer

#58 Spotted My Ex-Girlfriend Meandering Through My Neighborhood

Image credits: kaydoggg

#59 My Ex-GF Sent Me This Pic Of Her New Tattoo On Her Hand. Thanks For Reminding Me To Not Get Back Together

Image credits: mpjby

#60 Made My Ex A Valentine Cookie. Nailed It

Image credits: muncho

#61 Wicked Ex

Image credits: IamKingOfTheLlamas

#62 I Never Knew My Ex Made Oil Products

Image credits: Xplodingpanther

#63 This Guy Keeps Commenting On My Cousin’s Pics, Because His Ex Is Now My Cousin’s Girlfriend

Image credits: Jaydon1

#64 Had To Double Take, While Walking Past This, Thinking It Was My Ex-Girlfriend

Image credits: xoxJustGirlyThingsxox

#65 Man Steals Construction Equipment, Flips Over Ex-Girlfriend’s Car

Image credits: FlipBarry

#66 Came Across Some Of My Ex-Girlfriend’s Stuff At The Thrift Store

Image credits: Gordopolis

#67 So My Roommate’s Ex-Girlfriend Pranked Him A Few Years Ago, But We Didn’t Find Out Until Game Night

Image credits: oldschoolcool

#68 Apparently My Ex Owns A Coffee Company

Image credits: badgersbadgerswedontneednostinkinbadgers

#69 I Saw My Ex Today

Image credits: Mac10691

#70 My Ex-Girlfriend Morphed Into A Parking Sign

Image credits: levidevos

#71 So Your Cheating Ex Sends You A Snapchat With Her New Boyfriend? Send Her This

Image credits: JakeALakeALake

#72 My Ex-Girlfriend Made Me A Birthday Cake

Image credits: denverdrew

#73 GF Broke Up With Me And The Bus Is Lookin Pretty Good Right Bout Now

Image credits: On3Sh0tKIA

#74 Ex Left Me A Note, Made Some Improvements

Image credits: k_so

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