68 Funny Times People Did Exactly What Was Asked Of Them

We all fail to communicate things to each other on a daily basis. And you may think it comes down to cultural or personality differences, but it doesn’t. Family members, couples, school friends, and colleagues fail to communicate their intentions as if they met yesterday.

So when you tell your sibling it’s OK to eat half of your grapes, don’t be surprised to find their other halves chilling in the fridge. Sometimes it’s intentional and results in “malicious compliance,” other times it’s purely accidental.

Bored Panda has put up a compilation of the most absurd and hilarious incidents of people taking stuff too literally⁠. Maybe those who gave these instructions will watch their words next time—better clear than sorry!

#1 Best One Today

Image credits: TheImpundulu

#2 This Is Why My Kid Is Going Places

Image credits: imgur.com

#3 Name This Plant

Image credits: _teadog

It’s no secret that some people communicate their thoughts and motives way better than others. But much of the miscommunication happens due to inability to express what we really want to say. So how do we make others understand us better? Well, there are some things we could work on.

First of all, think first and only then speak. According to Psych Central, before starting a conversation, you should ask yourself what its purpose is and make it clear to yourself. Only when you know what you want to say will the other person be able to get you.

#4 My History Prof Wanted Us To Write A Paragraph From Any Historical Figure’s Point Of View And Urged Us To Be As “Realistic As Possible”

Image credits: ElegantMonkeyMan

#5 After A Huge Meal (Schweinshaxe) In Berlin I Asked For Just A Small Beer. This Is What The Waiter Brought Me

Image credits: Krutang

#6 Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn

Image credits: Yonderyeti

Another practical tip is to say less and mean more. Too many phrases, descriptive words, jargon, and clichés tend to take you further away from the point you’re communicating. Psych Central suggests that you “use active verbs and keep sentences short” to get “others to listen to you and actually absorb what you’re saying.”

No good communication has ever happened without listening. If you want to develop better understanding of others, you must be an active listener who focuses on the information you’re being told. Empathetic listening is also key in building closer relationships, making friends, and forming long-lasting connections.

#7 A Friend’s Daughter-In-Law Was Told To “Cover Up” While Feeding Her Baby, So She Did

Image credits: Carol Lockwood

#8 When You Ask For A Golden Retriever For Your Birthday And Your Boyfriend Gets You This

Image credits: maddipotter28

#9 Told My 3 And 4-Year-Olds To Put The Toilet Paper Under The Sink. Must Be More Specific Next Time

Image credits: bert3r

#10 Asked My Husband To Put The Pillowcases On The Pillows

Image credits: BitchCobbler

#11 This Girl Waiting Here

Image credits: reddit.com

#12 Was Worried About Privacy, So I Asked If They Could Put A Door Up To The Men’s Change Room. Problem Solved

Image credits: YonoJ

#13 This Person, Who Took His Girlfriend To All The World-Class Cities Of Ohio

Image credits: capittalism

#14 Picture On The Credit Card

Image credits: roasted_weenie

#15 Asked For A Small Frosty But In A Medium Cup “I Wasn’t Sure, But Hope This Is What You Were Asking For”

Image credits: Musicisevil

#16 Not What I Meant, But Ok

Image credits: ckkohl

#17 Asked For “Nothing” As Dessert On A Disney Cruise. Got This Masterpiece

Image credits: Douee

#18 And You Even Can’t Be Mad At Him

Image credits: Jaaaaaymomma

#19 My Friends’ Kid Asked For A 3DS For His Birthday

Image credits: lundah

#20 I Think My Barista Is Trolling Me

Image credits: SuperCub

#21 Spoons

Image credits: harps_joey

#22 My Wife, A Venezuelan Smart-Mouth

Image credits: gaudiocomplex

#23 Oh Susan

Image credits: mirandaasantos

#24 Asked My Daughter To Lean Against The Pole For A Picture

Image credits: xtionna1

#25 I Told My Students To “Include The Word Count In Your Essays”

Image credits: hellomurrwan

#26 My Cousin’s Friend Ordered A Chicken Burger And Asked For Mayo On The Top And Bottom, This Is What She Got

Image credits: xcilx

#27 I Asked My Brother To Take A Picture Of Me In Spain And This Was The Actual Picture He Thought Was Fine (P.S. I’m Not Wearing A Hat)

Image credits: amaltedmilkshake

#28 I Asked My Wife To Send Me Some Underwear Pictures, This Is What I Got In Return

Image credits: MWolverine

#29 Coffee Shop Compliance

Image credits: windrage2738381

#30 Anarchist Here. My Uncle And I Are Cut From Different Cloth

Image credits: nitsky

#31 Probably

Image credits: sandipsych

#32 My Wife’s Grandma Likes To Buy Us Snacks Whenever She Goes To The Store, So We Asked Her For Some Sour Cream And Onion Chips. We Were Amused By What She Came Back With

Image credits: spcmnspff335

#33 I Asked My Husband To Make Sure The Kitchen Counter Was Clean

Image credits: HardPass10

#34 Taking Advantage Of A Poorly Worded Question On A Music History Test

Image credits: HanzoShotFirst

#35 Boss Said I Wasn’t Using Enough Wet Floor Signs While Mopping

Image credits: SadGravel

#36 I Asked My Wife To Pick Up Some Frozen Fruit At The Grocery Store

Image credits: jtstonge

#37 We Asked Our Waitress For A Glass Of Ice And Some Guacamole. This Is What We Got

Image credits: carlee.boynton

#38 Asked My Insurance To Send Me A List Of Approved Psychologists, Ones Primarily Within A 20 Mile Radius Of My Location. This Is What I Got In The Mail Today

Image credits: VibrantVertex

#39 I Asked For A High Fade, And To Even Out The Top. This Is What I Got

Image credits: eddiecasillas

#40 My Note On The Cheese Fries Said: Extra Cheese On The Side

Image credits: s0kri5py

#41 Egg And Cheese Bagel

Image credits: ErinChack

#42 Wife Asked Me To Put All The Toilet Paper We Bought In The Basket

Image credits: cosmicgeoffry

#43 I Asked The Lady To Cut My Sandwich Into Three Pieces

Image credits: nglister

#44 This Must Technically Count. My Aunt Just Took A Screenshot

Image credits: soju_b

#45 While Teaching Her To Bake, I Asked My Daughter To Weigh The Ingredients

Image credits: jkillen89

#46 I’m Currently A Culinary Student And Last Night I Asked A Lady Friend To Help Me With Dinner. All I Asked Her To Do Was Peel Half The Potatoes In The Bag

Image credits: Ibelieveitsbutter

#47 My Husband Asked Hardees To Put Extra Frosting On His Cinnamon Biscuit

Image credits: denimOwl

#48 So I Asked My 3-Year-Old Daughter To Replace The Toilet Paper Roll. Job Well Done

Image credits: Stijnie

#49 Boss Wanted To See All The User Permissions

Image credits: BigAssPuppies

#50 Don’t Hesitate When Telling David Your Name

Image credits: Isaacxxi

#51 These Guys Always Have The Best Signs

Image credits: Rizzpooch

#52 I’m Done

Image credits: spicerldn

#53 I Asked For Peppers On The Side. Literally, I Guess

Image credits: VictorWardJohnson

#54 Friend Gets Migraines. Her Meds Come In Blister Packs, And Are Very Hard To Open In Midst Of Migraine. She Asked Pharmacist To Put Pills In Bottle

Image credits: Hyperf0cused

#55 Friend’s Camera Stopped Working Due To Moisture. I Told Him To Put It In A Sealed Bag With Some Rice. He Asked If This Is What I Meant

Image credits: JoshClarke1994

#56 My Cousin Was Asked To Bring A Potato Dish To The Family Party

Image credits: EditorsNotes

#57 I Went To McDonald’s And Asked For “An Egg McMuffin With Sausage And Cheese Only”

Image credits: flavitz

#58 Malicious Compliance At The Gym

Image credits: danimalod

#59 Someone Put Expiration Date On The Dessert

Image credits: Saaaammmm05

#60 Refilled The Paper Tray

Image credits: cnostaw

#61 Went Through The Taco Bell Drive-Thru With A Friend. When Asked If We Wanted Sauce, I Said: “As Much As You’re Allowed To Give Me”. I May Have Made A Mistake

Image credits: ThreadedPommel

#62 Ordered The Side Salad And Requested Egg And Cheese Only. They Took It Literally

Image credits: ECU_BSN

#63 When They Said “Chocolate Chip Muffin”, I Didn’t Take Them Literally… But Should Have

Image credits: u/62302154065198762349

#64 Ok

Image credits: reddit.com

#65 Friend Of Mine Had A Kidney Transplant 5 Years Ago And Asked For The Bakery To Write “5 Years” Anywhere On The Cake

Image credits: scoobdrew

#66 Told The Cake Guy To Put “A Big 50” On The Cake For My Co-Worker’s Birthday

Image credits: addicakes

#67 Corporate Said We Should Put In A New Fire Alarm, Not Remove Old Ones

Image credits: Lev_Astov

#68 The Truest Eggroll

Image credits: TamaJamFlux

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