65 Times Celebrities Messed Up Or Got Called Out On Social Media

The freedom and reach that social media gives celebrities also sometimes means their mistakes are immediately broadcasted directly to their millions of fans. Ridiculous typos, faking your skincare routine when trying to promote beauty products, the people have seen it all. By now, it’s a law as universal as gravity: nobody is immune to being dumb online. Continue scrolling to relive celebs’ biggest social media fails or check out the times they got called out online, from Lorde to Oprah and more. Oh, and upvote your favorites!

#1 Oprah Made The Mistake Of Promoting The ‘Microsoft Surface’ While Tweeting From Her ‘Apple’ Device

Image credits: Oprah

#2 When Lorde Posted A Bathtub Photo With Whitney Houston Lyrics

Image credits: lordemusic

#3 When Mary J. Blige Misspelt ‘Intelligence’ As ‘Intelligents.’

Image credits: maryjblige

#4 When Courtney Love Thought She Discovered The Lost Malaysian Flight (It Wound Up Being Boats)

Image credits: Courtney Love

#5 Lindsay Lohan’s Tweet About Taxes

#6 When Julia Roberts Fell For Instagram Hoax

#7 When Kim Zolciak Biermann Got Accused Of Photoshopping Her Kids Photos

Image credits: kimzolciakbiermann

#8 Kim Kardashian Posts A Photo Of Her Daughter Cropped Out, Receives Backlash From People

Image credits: kimkardashian

#9 When Scott Disick Accidentally Copied And Pasted The Email From His Pr Person

#10 When Vicki Gunvalson Didn’t Notice Her Reflection

Image credits: vickigunvalson

#11 When Bow Wow Uploaded A Stock Photo Of A Private Jet And Got Caught

Back in May 2017, BOW WOW announced on Instagram he was going on a luxurious private jet to New York City. The image was a stock photo.

Image credits: Al_Khee

#12 When Kim Kardashian West Got Called Out By Armani For Not Knowing How To Spell “Giorgio”

Image credits: KimKardashian

#13 Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans Posted A Photo Of A Rifle On The Same Day That 17 People Were Killed In The Parkland School Shooting

Image credits: j_evans1219

#14 Kevin Hart’s Homophobic Tweets And Comments

Image credits: adambvary

#15 When Donald Trump Retweeted A Photo Of British Serial Killers

Image credits: realDonaldTrump

#16 Robin Thicke Got Totally Caught Out Via Instagram. He And His Wife Paula Patton Got Divorced Shortly After

Image credits: lanascolaro

#17 Kriss Jenner’s Overdone Instagram Filter. Left Gordon’s Pic, Right Kim’s

Image credits: gordongram

#18 He’s Clearly Trying To Search For Himself

Image credits: edballs

#19 Voice Of The ‘Aflac’ Duck Gilbert Gottfried Made Some Incredibly Distasteful And Insensitive Jokes About 2011 Tsunami In Japan

#20 Gal Gadot Called Out For Being ‘Ableist’ On Twitter

Image credits: GalGadot

#21 When Zac Efron Was Grateful For Martin Luther King Jr. — And Also His Own 10 Million Instagram Followers

#22 Kirstie Alley Tweeted This “Tribute” To Stephen Hawking

Image credits: kirstiealley

#23 When Julianne Moore Fell For That Dumb Instagram Hoax

#24 When Charlie Sheen Accidentally Tweeted His Phone Number

Image credits: charliesheen

#25 When Oprah Tweeted This Incomplete Thought

Image credits: Oprah

#26 When Martha Stewart Tweeted This Incomplete Tweet

Image credits: MarthaStewart

#27 It Only Received 2,000

#28 When Khloe Kardashian Posted A Mirror Selfie Of Her Abs With Her Thighs Altered. People Were Quick To Point Out The Crooked Door Frame Behind Her

She later posted the original photo, explaining that she altered her leg because “everyone comments on how f**ked up my knees look.”

#29 Ashton Kutcher Defends Penn State Coach Joe Paterno Who Was Fired For Turning A Blind Eye To Serial Pedophile Jerry Sandusky

#30 Chris Brown Compares Himself To Jesus On The Cross After Frank Ocean Fight

Image credits: chrisbrownofficial

#31 When Madonna Posted A Photo Of Her Then 13-Year-Old Son Rocco, Posing With Alcohol

Image credits: Madonna

#32 Rapper Bow Wow Once Tweeted About Driving Under The Influence

Image credits: Bowwow614

#33 Kelly Rowland And Beyonce Posted The Same Picture Which They Were Both In With The Deceased Star. Beyonce, However, Cut Kelly Out Of Her Version Of The Photo

#34 ‘breaking Bad’ Actor Dean Norris Twitter Fail

Image credits: deanjnorris

#35 Shakira Fell For This Person, Who Pretended To Be A Doctor

#36 When Katy Perry Fell For This Video Of Quarantined Italians Singing “Roar” From Their Balconies. (The Video Is Edited)

Image credits: katyperry

#37 When Rita Ora Iconically Said Her Twitter Got “Hacked”

#38 When Adam Levine Spoke Too Soon

#39 When Ted Cruz Liked Sex Gifs

Image credits: tedcruz

#40 When Politician, Anthony Weiner Posted A Particularly Revealing Photo Of Himself On Twitter By Accident

Image credits: repweiner

#41 When Jonathan Cheban Asked If He Should Go Live And The Fans Decided That He Indeed Should Not

#42 When Ariana Grande Tweeted A Pic Of Her Tattoo, And People Let Her Know It Actually Said “Japanese BBQ”

Image credits: ArianaGrande

#43 When Mia Farrow Forgot To Crop Out This Search Bar

#44 When Bernadette Peters Forgot To Crop Out This Search Bar Which Has A Spelling Mistake

#45 Celebrity-Social-Media-Fails

#46 When Millie Bobby Brown Faked Her Skincare Routine

Image credits: StarletsRoyalty

#47 When Shawn Mendes Fell For The Fake Video

Image credits: goldenswhy

#48 When Lindsay Lohan Attempted To Enhance Her Booty On Instagram In March 2015

#49 Beyoncé Had A Photoshop Fail While Trying To Make Her Thighs Look Slimmer

#50 Dean Mcdermott Accidentally Shared A Photo Of Wife Tori Spelling’s Breasts On Twitter In November 2011

#51 Asking The Real Questions

Image credits: kourtneykardash

#52 When Little Mix Made A Little Mistake

#53 Susan Boyle’s Twitter Hashtag Fail

#54 Entenmann’s Accidentally Joined The Wave The Same Day That Mother Casey Anthony Was Found Not Guilty Of Murder And Manslaughter

#55 Tay The Ai Isn’t Human, But It Was Briefly A Celebrity. That Is Until We All Discovered She Was A Massive Jerk And The Project Was Locked Down

#56 When Hmv’s Social Media Team Went Rogue

#57 When Coca Cola Gave Twitter Users Free Reign

#58 When The Academy Confused Selma Hayek And Penelope Cruz

#59 When Sainsbury’s Got A Little Confused

Image credits: mynameischrisd

#60 When Dom Lever Had “The Train To Myself”

#61 Rob Kardashian Should Have Learned The Power Of Social Media

#62 Dolce And Gabbana’s Co-Founder Calls Customers Fat

#63 Reformation Dress Their Models In A Clothing Factory

#64 Trustyshoppe Keeps Repeating Images…with Slightly Different Text

#65 Vogue Posted The Top Photo Of Miranda Kerr On Instagram After The 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Later Kerr Posted The Same Photo With Some Slight Changes To Her Waist

Image credits: mirandakerr

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