50 Redditors Come Up With Hilarious ‘Examples’ Of What Games Caused After Someone Claims GTA Causes Violence

Every once in a while someone asks a question that forces the brilliant minds of Reddit to come together and write a thread worthy of the front page. With 51,6K upvotes, just 2 days ago, Reddit user SilentWalrus92 came up with a concept that had people flooding the replies. “If games like Grand Theft Auto cause violence and the board game Monopoly causes Capitalist exploitation, what problems do other popular games cause?” the person asked and, boy, did people in the answers deliver.

From popular video games to board entertainment, answers piled one after another, gathering likes and replies until the top ones reached tens of thousands of likes. And we’ve gathered all of them here for you to enjoy. So scroll down below and check out the best of best and don’t forget to comment and vote for your favorites.

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Cards against humanity causes Florida to exist


Sorry! causes Canadianism


Mario kart causes road rage


Jenga caused 9/11


Assassins creed causes fatal parkour


Plague Inc. caused Covid 19


Mario bros. encourages drug use


Guess Who causes Racial Profiling


Sim City causes poor town planning


Red Dead Redemption caused me to hunt down my former friends for the US Government


Minesweeper caused terrorism

Checkers caused cannibalism

Hungry Hungry Hippos caused obesity

Scrabble caused swearing

Minecraft caused dystopian societies


The amount of public executions I’ve taken part in, I can only blame my childhood love of hangman


Minecraft causes bleeding hands from punching trees


Operation causes malpractice suits


Clue causes party murders


Skyrim caused me to lollygag and steal a lot of cheese


Animal Crossing encourages people to be friendly and to create paradise islands, how disgusting


Pacman causes obesity


Twister causes people to go on a sex offender list


EA games cause gambling


Rubik’s cube causes segregation


Settlers of Catan causes colonial expansion


Pokémon teaches slavery


Sonic causes Furries


Cards Against Humanity causes you to go straight to hell.

…or at least feel like that’s where you’re headed


Stardew Vally makes everyone farmers


Counter strike cause terrorist attacks


Candy crush causes diabetes


Chess caused WW2


Leisure Suit Larry destroys marriages


Frustration causes frustration


Tetris causes OCD


Surgeon simulator causes medical accidents


Factorio causes hardware engineers


Animal Crossing leads to bestiality


Spin the bottle causes teenage pregnancy


Clash of clans causes gang wars and raids.

Eve Online causes space wars


Batman: Arkham Asylum causes me to kill and or beat the shit out of mentally [messed] up people


Rust caused me to throw my computer out the window


Red dead redemption 2 causes extreme depression


Snakes and ladders creates the fear of snakes


FIFA causes our backline to be exposed


Rimworld causes war crimes


ck2 causes spontaneous crusading


League of Legends causes sodium overdoses. Oh wait this is fake world oops


Risk causes Nazism.

Yahtzee causes gambling addiction.


Fallout causes a hatred of communism


Fallout New Vegas causes gambling


Pubg caused the school shootings


Dungeons & Dragons causes virginity

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