41 Things That Seemed Normal In School But Were Actually Really Weird

Who doesn’t remember drinking milk with their pizza or burgers in the cafeteria? When you’re in high school, you don’t question a lot of the things that happen around you. It’s only when you leave that you start to realize what a weird place it really was! Some of the things are a bit peculiar, while others are positively bizarre.

Bored Panda has collected some of the best examples of weird school things, so scroll down to see exactly what we mean. For those of you still in high school, maybe this list will open up your eyes to all the weirdness. Remember to upvote your faves and leave a comment about other weird high school things you’ve noticed, dear Pandas!


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It’s not just former students who think that high school is incredibly strange—some teachers are flabbergasted, too. For example, Michael De Main has been teaching in secondary schools for 16 years and he thinks that a lot of teachers accept things that are downright weird.

In Michael’s opinion, it’s bizarre that different high schools can choose to start and end classes at different times. So while one school might open at 8 AM, another might decide to start classes 15 minutes later. The same weirdness extends to periods that can last for 40, 50, or even 75 minutes, depending on school policy. Don’t even get us started on how breaks are not the same length, either.


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Sticking pins through skin.

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Teacher Michael also questions whether we still need roll call—isn’t that time better spent, you know, actually learning things? Not to mention playground duty where a teacher has to stand around, watch the students play, and make sure that they don’t get into any trouble. And who can forget about toilet duty? Sure, teachers need to make sure that students aren’t getting into any trouble, but all of this seems a bit over the top, don’t you think?


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My chemistry teachers solution to people stealing her calculators.

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However, according to Michael, the weirdest thing about high school might just be the students themselves who are hard to figure out even with all the experience in the world. Finally, let’s not forget about the basics: furniture. Some students still have to sit on uncomfortable chairs and use tiny desks, so it’s no wonder that some of them can’t pay attention!

When you look at everything, high school sure is a weird place. But I sure could go for some chocolate milk and a slice of pizza right about now.


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Kids cracking their backs on these chairs.

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Things breaking off for no reason.

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That one kid.


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Kids snorting Cheetos dust.


Sniffing the markers a little too much.


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The kids who bit into Bubble Tape like this.


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