40 Of The Best Immortal Queen Elizabeth Memes

These days, uncertainty has been the only certain thing. But just a few things remain immune to the passage of time. One of them, if not the only one, is the royal throne.

The longest-ruling British monarch in history is the epitome of stability. 93-year-old Queen Elizabeth II has been praised for her remarkable vigor. But the current pandemic has taken that to a whole new level.

After her son Prince Charles and Prime Minister Boris Johnson both tested positive with Covid-19, the Queen became a subject of speculation. Is she immortal? Is she going to outlive all of us? Does she have some magic powers? The hilarious memes started pouring in and the result is Bored Panda’s compilation down below. Make yourself a good ol’ cuppa and start scrolling!

#1 The New Rickroll

Image credits: sirkarlcumsalot

#2 She’s One Tough Cookie

Image credits: Rapping_Tomatoe

#3 Long Live

Image credits: JaceAltair

Know Your Meme reports that the “immortal queen meme” trend began around March 25th. It was right after the after the news broke about Prince Charles testing positive with the novel virus. One redditor posted the first meme to the r/dankmemes subreddit with the title “Old queen lady immortal.” It went viral in an instant with almost 100K upvotes.

#4 Old Queen Lady Immortal Haha

Image credits: busoshoku_brisingr

#5 This Meme Will Never End

Image credits: Naivet

#6 She Will Outlive All Of Us

Image credits: FluuBk

At 93 years old, the Queen Elizabeth II is considered a high-risk patient for contracting a virus just like her husband prince Philip who retired three years ago. Variety reports that the Queen is now relocated from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle. Her support staff has also been reduced while the royal staff are told to work from home.

The Queen last met virus-positive Prime Minister on the 11th of March, and saw Prince of Wales briefly on the 12th in the morning.  Fortunately, the Buckingham Palace reports that she remains in good health. “Her Majesty The Queen remains in good health. She is following all the appropriate advice with regard to her welfare.”

#7 With Great Interest

Image credits: WonderfullWaffle2023

#8 Colonizing Of Paradise

Image credits: reddit.com

#9 She Saw It All Happen

Image credits: owen_stha

The Queen has always had immaculate health despite her hectic royal duties and strict daily schedule. Some believe that a disciplined diet is key to her longevity.

Former royal chef Darren McGrady, who worked for Elizabeth and the royal family for more than a decade, confirms that. “She could have anything she wanted, but it is that discipline that keeps her so well and so healthy.”

In fact, you could still spot the pots from the 19th century in the royal kitchen. “They’re still using pots and pans from the 1800s, with the Queen Victoria stamp on them,” explained the chef. The Queen pays much more attention to horses, dogs, and long walks in nature than food.

#10 It Do Be Like That

Image credits: lynn_sir

#11 The Sun Will Never Set

Image credits: 100DicksInYourBum

#12 Long Live The Queen

Image credits: ChompyMage

#13 She Is Immortal, Unkillable, Unmatched

Image credits: Asil001

#14 Evil Royal Laughter

Image credits: Empirerules

#15 Oh No. Here We Go Again

Image credits: ChrisGarvi

#16 Immortal

Image credits: pstros789

#17 You Can’t Kill Me

Image credits: mijuzz7

#18 She Is Immortal

Image credits: Blip_Blop_Blip

#19 She Needs That Record 4 Years 58 Days To Go

Image credits: AfloatTuba7

#20 Immortal Being

Image credits: Uh_bruj

#21 Is It Possible To Learn This Power?

Image credits: FossilizedIntuition

#22 Immortalitea

Image credits: jacobKleinfelter

#23 She Is So Op, It’s Disgusting

Image credits: mistermuesli

#24 She Never Yields

Image credits: peabut_nutters

#25 It’s Time For You To Go

Image credits: NamePleasee

#26 She Is Immortal

Image credits: asian_boi_3000

#27 Immortal Being

Image credits: One_Sneaky_Snek

#28 Immortality

Image credits: Marcusmemers

#29 This Is Her Third Time Going Out For A Walk

Image credits: CavesDweller

#30 Birthday Confirmed , 95 Ac

Image credits: Disco4uf

#31 I Think She Puts Immortality Juice In Her Tea

Image credits: Vwgames49

#32 She’s Not Gonna Leave Anytime Soon Guys

Image credits: D0ntae

#33 Legends Never Die

Image credits: CapnChiknNugget

#34 The Legend Never Dies

Image credits: BentanX

#35 So Relatable

Image credits: bigger__boot

#36 She Is Immortal

Image credits: MaxRightHere

#37 *confused British Noises

Image credits: worstusername_ever69

#38 The Queen Can Fly

Image credits: PowerfulOperation8

#39 She Looks Good In That Immortal Look

Image credits: Paranxipress

#40 Weak Piece Of Shit

Image credits: DeapoolsConscience

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