4 Guys Beg Their Neighbor To Let Them Play With Their Dog, Get A Wholesome Letter In Response

There’s nothing like a wholesome and heart-warming doggo story to raise your spirits and make you smile. Meet Stevie Ticks, a wonderful canine who lives in the United Kingdom and recently made some new friends—four engineers living nearby.

The foursome contacted the dog’s owner, asking whether they could spend some time with her because their landlord doesn’t allow them to have any pets.

In response, they got a letter from Stevie Ticks herself! The envelope even had the doggo’s paw print on the front! Folks, it hardly ever gets more blessed than this.

More info: Instagram (Stevie Ticks) | Twitter (Jack McCrossan)

Jack and his housemates wanted to play with their neighbor’s dog Stevie Ticks

Image credits: Jack_McCrossan

They received an unexpectedly wholesome letter…

…from the dog herself!

She said she’d love to play with them!

The lads met up with Stevie Ticks

Image credits: Jack_McCrossan

The fantastic news is that Jack McCrossan and his three housemates met up with Stevie Ticks and they all had a fabulous time together. Jack’s thread on Twitter went viral with over 461,000 people liking the story and over 101,700 internet users retweeting it. Meanwhile, Stevie Ticks, the goodest-girl, has her very own Instagram account with nearly 4,000 followers.

Image credits: stevieticks

This whole friendship never would have happened if Jack and his friends were allowed to keep pets at home. However, this raises the question of why some landlords are so strict when it comes to tenants keeping animals. There are always (at least) two sides to every story and there are some valid reasons why landlords, even ones who love animals, have unbendable rules in place.

The goodest-girl even has her own Instagram account

Image credits: stevieticks

Image credits: stevieticks

First and foremost, there’s the question of cleanliness. As we all know, keeping pets means cleaning after them. Unfortunately, not every owner is capable of doing that. What’s more, some pets damage furniture and their surroundings when not properly looked after.

Image credits: stevieticks

Image credits: stevieticks

The other thing is, some pets like dogs can be very loud and disturb everyone in the neighborhood. We all know that doggos are good-girls and good-boys, but some are a bit too vocal and keep everyone up at night. What’s more, after a tenant moves out, the landlord will have to spend additional money to clean the entire house if a pet had been living there.

Lastly, you have to agree that Stevie Ticks’ handwriting is impeccable. I wonder where she learned penmanship? Is there a special school for refined good-girls and good-boys?

The internet was head-over-heels for this heart-warming story

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