36 Memes That Hilariously Roast People Traveling During Coronavirus Outbreak

With the coronavirus public health crisis in full swing, The Department of State has restricted travel from and to the US. Chinese and Iranian citizens are no longer allowed to enter the country, and any US national coming back from one of the emergency-stricken countries is required to self-quarantine for 14 days. Should be enough to stay home, you think.

But for some individuals, slashed airline prices are all it takes to pack a bag and get into holiday mode. Hence, people are giving a roasting meme treatment to everyone with a positive coronavirus test who thinks it’s the right time to travel. Let’s take look at some of best pieces so far.



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Even though the Center For Disease Control And Prevention has made it clear that people should avoid non-essential travel, the recent travel deals for international and domestic flights might look tempting. Expedia offers a flight from New York to Paris for only 112 dollars on March 23. Austin Horowitz, an aviation management consultant, explains that “it’s almost a negative price that airlines will have to pay to get people to fly.” But airlines are willing to keep prices so low in order to make people start traveling again.


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Some believe that the risk of air travel comes down to the recycled air all passengers breathe during a flight. All planes have HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters installed to filter out 99.9% percent of dust, mold, and microbes. If they work properly, then there’s no reason to worry about the air too much. The close proximity between passengers and various surfaces on the plane may cause far greater risk. If you do fly, then remember to wash your hands frequently throughout the flight and try not to touch your face.


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