36 Coronavirus Heroes That Help Others Amid The Crisis

Coronavirus doesn’t sound like a top-notch business plan. But some corona-jerks are selling their souls to the devil, hoarding supplies, and hoping to make a quick fortune out of them.

Luckily, there are still some unsung heroes in these trying times. People are praising the selfless souls who are here to fight the viral outbreak with simple acts of kindness. Everything counts—from sharing toilet paper, to spending 2,500 dollars on masks and disinfectant only to give them away to the elders. These wholesome cases are living proof that we can and will get through it together and become stronger than ever. So don’t forget to applaud these corona-heroes in the comments!

Scroll down to see what Kristina Tamelytė, journalist and lecturer at Vilnius University, told Bored Panda about the test coronavirus is putting our societies through.

#1 An Italian Hospital Ran Out Of Icu Valves

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#2 After Fighting Corona In China, The Same Medical Team Are Traveling To Fight In Italy. True Heros

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#3 Love Finds A Way…

My assisted living is on lockdown so he comes every day to see his dad and they talk through the phone, sweetest thing ever

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Journalist Kristina Tamelytė told Bored Panda that the current health crisis is a trial of the values we’ve always taken for granted. “We’re used to living in an individualistic and egocentric society where the sense of community and belonging is low.” In fact, “We have never really had the time to think about how we actually live and where our societies are going.”

Now that the virus is in full swing, we have to face some really challenging questions. “Are we able to overcome this crisis and emerge as a better society? Are we able to be more attentive to others and their pain? Are we willing to let go of the urge to have everything?” Every one of us has to realize the point at which we stand, and go from there.

#4 Today On My Buy And Sell Facebook Group A Woman Posted Free Lunch For Any Kids That Need It Since School Was Cancelled (Censored Address And Location)

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#5 Granddaughter Telling Grandfather The News Of Her Engagemen

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#6 This Distillery Is Using Their Equipment To Produce Hand Sanitizer, And Giving It Away For Free

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Kristina Tamelytė believes that we must be aware of the fear which is driving our behavior. “It’s normal that people tend to think of themselves during difficult times. But we can always be aware of our urges, preferences, and instincts.” This is what makes us humans, “And we can choose not to act accordingly,” Kristina explained.

#7 Ms. Chen Hides 65 Pets, Abandoned During Wuhan Outbreak, In Her Small Home. Authorities Only Allow 1 Pet Per Home, And They Kill The Animal If Owner Got Covid19

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#8 Small Shop Gives Away And Delivers Free Essentials Packs

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#9 Real Heroes Deserve More Appreciation

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#10 True Heros. After Fighting Corona In China, The Same Medical Team Are Traveling To Fight In Iran

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#11 My Neighborhood Little Free Library Transformed Overnight

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#12 Fitness Trainer Leads Neighbors In Group Workout During Coronavirus Lockdown In Spain

Image credits: Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales

#13 My Girlfriend Being A Hero And Kicking Corona Viruses Ass

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#14 A Family In PA Giving Away Free Toilet Paper To Anyone In Need; Be More Like These People

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#15 A Table Was Setup By Somebody In My Town To Help People Struggling During This Chaotic Time.. This Is What Should Be Happening!

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#16 Chinese Doctors Celebrate The Closure Of The Last Temporary Hospital In Wuhan. Patients Dropped From 15000 To 15. Absolute Heros

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#17 One Of My Neighbors Left A Bag Of Toilet Paper On My Front Door And With The Way Things Are In The World Right Now, Being A Single Mom And Struggling With My Bipolar Lately, This Small Token Of Generosity Moved Me To Tears

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#18 Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Donated $1M To Help People In Crisis

Image credits: VancityReynolds

#19 Let’s Help Each Other And Be Rebecca’s

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#20 Giving Free To Older People

Image credits: DoctorYasmin

#21 Shipment Of Masks

Image credits: JackMa

#22 A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way

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#23 Image Of One Of The Many True Heroes Of The Fight Against Corona Virus Pandemic In Iran – The Nurses!

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#24 Jenn’s A Human Being A Bro. Thank You Jenn. My County Has The Highest Count Of Covid-19 In Our State

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#25 My Boss’ 11 Year Old Sent Me A Hilarious Coronavirus Survival Kit

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#26 Supermarket Will Open To Just The Elderly

A Cornish supermarket will be opening its store to the elderly only for two hours this week so that they can conduct their shopping.

The store manager of the Penzance branch of Iceland confirmed that the store will be opening on Wednesday between 9-11am. Charlotte Priest said: “It will be manned by a member of management who will only be letting the elderly in.

Image credits: Greg Martin/Cornwall Live

#27 Lady Buys Lots Of Groceries For Old Man Who Only Had Some Canned Goods, Alcohol

Image credits: Lane Blackwater

#28 A Very Kind Neighbor

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#29 Seen In My Neighborhood – “Let’s Get Through This Together”

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#30 Someone Placing Random Hand Sanitizer Station Around In Public Places

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#31 Heroes

Image credits: Shah_Rizvi97

#32 A Woman From Hayle Has Reached Out To Her Elderly And Vulnerable Neighbours Offering Up Support And She Hopes The Community Spirit Will Last Long After The Virus Is Gone

Image credits: Julie MacDonald

#33 Donation

Image credits: AVFCOfficial

#34 If You’ve Got It, Share It. Check On Yr Neighbors. We’ll Get Through This Together

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#35 Perfume Giant Lvmh To Make Hand Sanitiser For French Hospitals

The French luxury goods group LVMH is to start producing hand sanitiser at three of its perfume and cosmetics factories for distribution to French hospitals fighting the country’s coronavirus outbreak.

Twelve tonnes will be produced as soon as this week, instead of the usual Christian Dior, Guerlain and Givenchy scents and make-up usually made at the three French sites

Image credits: theguardian

#36 Amazon Best-Selling Author Ellie Jackson Have Created A Kids’ Ebook To Ease Fears Over Coronavirus

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