33 Bookshelf Inserts That Book Lovers Will Appreciate

They say that you can’t judge a book by its cover. But what if the cover alone can tell you the whole story? Welcome to the world of book nooks where creativity runs wild!

These hand-made creations will draw you into tiny places of wonder: from the hobbit hole to the Blade Runner-inspired apocalyptic alley or Lord of the Rings-themed door replica equipped with motion sensors. The nook-fans at the r/booknooks subreddit prove that inspiration is endless. Maybe it’s time to give yourshelf a tiny bit of an upgrade?

#1 This Book Nook My Mother Got On Ebay

Image credits: reddit.com

#2 I Absolutely Love This One

Image credits: monde55212068

#3 I Made A Booknook For A Christmas Gift, My Inspiration Was Blade Runner. It’s 11″ X 6″

Image credits: Poullafouca

Not only are book nook inserts a fun way to train your creativity muscle, they can also be a solution to making reading great again. A recent study done by Pew Research Center showed that a staggering quarter of American adults don’t read books in any shape or form. The same study suggested that the likelihood of reading was directly linked to wealth and educational level. Add high levels of modern insomnia and full-time employment that leaves many of us drained at the end of the day, and the idea of opening a book seems unappealing, to say the least.

Now imagine yourself walking past a bookshelf full of these mini worlds—the dioramas of an alley. They catch your attention and you cannot help but see what’s inside. The pioneer of the book nook concept is the Japanese artist Monde. Monde introduced his creations to the Design Festa in 2018 and received overwhelming feedback. 178K likes on twitter later, Monde has become an inspiration to the aspiring arts and crafts lovers who join on r/booknooks to share their spectacular ideas.

#4 Witch Is Watching You

Image credits: Tom Taggart

#5 Made My First Booknook! A Double Wide Endor Inspired Wilderness Piece

Image credits: macksdhart

#6 Diagon Alley Booknook

Image credits: MyNameGifOreilly

Bored Panda spoke to the self-confessed bookworm Lucy Pidgeon about what it’s like to actually enjoy reading. “I have loved books for many years but officially became a book reviewer in 2017. Since then I have met so many other bookworms, authors, and publishers who are very welcoming. Each year I try to best my record. Last year I read 62 books, this year I am aiming for 100. So far I’m on track. As a mother of two, it can be quite busy, but taking part in readathons definitely gives me a boost.”

And here’s the moment of truth—can you or can’t you judge a book by its cover? “I would say that I get drawn to books if the cover particularly stands out but I always read the blurb before buying. A book with an interesting and pretty cover will always draw more attention.”

Are the book nook inserts approved by the bookworm? “I think it’s a really cool idea, I could certainly see a few of those sitting on my bookcase in the future.”

#7 A Magical Bookshop In Your Own Bookshelf

Image credits: BeardedGlass

#8 Warhammer-Style Booknook

Image credits: Coldsnap500

#9 Design, Print And Paint A Small Shelf To Decorate Shelves

Image credits: muad_did

According to John Rampton, reading ambassador and entrepreneur, there are some very simple steps you can follow to make yourself read more. First, “read books that you actually enjoy.” How many times have you tried to finish that book you promised yourself you would read? Put it down. Now. Secondly, “commit to reading when traveling or before bed.” Thirdly, “partake in reading challenges” that make you slightly more competitive than your all-forgiving self. But “don’t make towering reading goals,” because reading is like climbing Everest—always start small and dream big.

#10 Hobbit Hole

Image credits: eygwum

#11 Old Italy Book Nook

Image credits: MiniatureDecorDesign

#12 My First Attempt!

Image credits: BruceSharkbait

#13 Star Wars Themed Hallway Is Complete

Image credits: garethjones2312

#14 Small Alley In Bookshelf

Image credits: wiktorwennasofficial

#15 Diagon Alley Inspired Booknook

Image credits: techargellc

#16 Japanese Alley

Image credits: comradechrome

#17 Finishing Up A Few Booknooks

Image credits: VegaWoodworks

#18 Made A Booknook Based On Opensource Model

Image credits: Rick_Proza

#19 I Was Told This Sub My Like This Christmas Present I’ve Made For My Siblings: Diagon Alley!

Image credits: BGRommel

#20 A Fabulous Booknook

Image credits: lonergirl02

#21 Dare You Enter The Doors Of Durin And Face The Long Dark Of Moria?

Image credits: NDVermin

#22 Early Attempt At An Amsterdam Nook

Image credits: firework101

#23 Fantasy Booknook

Image credits: dyingchildren

#24 An American Werewolf In My Bookshelf

Image credits: tom.taggart.146

#25 My Updated Booknook

Image credits: Alpha-Lyr

#26 First Book Nook – A Fairy Door In The Forest!

Image credits: marlasings

#27 A Booknook Inspired By Les Miserables

Image credits: reddit.com

#28 I Designed And Printed My Own Book Nook

Image credits: ev72aa

#29 “Japanese Style Booknook” By Jods

Image credits: guidebooknook

#30 Another One By Peter Söderlund

Image credits: ea0zz9

#31 Book Nook Design

Image credits: VegaWoodworks

#32 Dr. Lloyd Kranio Bookshelf Monster

Image credits: tom.taggart.146

#33 Creature From The Black Lagoon Bookshelf Monster

Image credits: tom.taggart.146

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