30 Times People Spotted Total Jerks During The Coronavirus Crisis And Shamed Them Online (New Pics)

Bulk-buying hand sanitizer or hoarding rice may not look like a big deal for some. But it adds to the shortage of supplies depriving those really in need and making the matters worse. Plus, it’s been proven to earn one a badge of dishonor: the title “corona jerk.”

Now that the real threat of the virus is well under way, corona jerks are getting more desperate in making plain bad decisions. From licking a toilet seat for the “coronavirus challenge” to smearing saliva on the handrails in the train, every corona criminal will face a trial by the internet police.

So let’s go through some teeth-clenching cases together, but beware of contraindications—some of that dumb behavior will make your blood boil and you may lose faith in humanity.

#1 Tik Tok Influencer Tries To Start ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ By Licking Toilet Seat

Image credits: avalouiise

#2 Footage Of Man Smearing Saliva On Brussels Metro. Police Intervened And The Whole Train Was Disinfected

Image credits: shadowconjurer

#3 You Aren’t Just Part Of The Problem, You Are The Problem

Yall wanna take all the toilet paper… Well 2 can play this game.. lol

Image credits: reddit.com

Panic buying amid the coronavirus outbreak has been spotted in numerous places around the globe.

Paul Marsden, a consumer psychologist at the University of the Arts London, believes that such behavior is linked to our currently unstable emotional state. “It’s about ‘taking back control’ in a world where you feel out of control, and it plays to our fundamental psychology needs.” Plus, if everyone around is stockpiling, you get the signal that it’s the right thing to do.

Dmitrios Tsivrikos, a lecturer in business psychology at University College London, believes that the toilet paper has become an icon of mass panic. The fact that COVID-19 is such a novel virus we know so little about adds to the fear and fuels irrational behavior.

#4 Jesus Christ

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#5 I Think He Got Enough

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#6 Coronavirus Panic

Image credits: Trebuche

#7 To Prevent The Coronavirus

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#8 Stop Making A Hard Situation Worse

Today I went shopping to pick up some food and toilet paper because we are actually running out and need some. I am in my 30s, have the internet and options to adapt in this situation…

I saw this fb post and it broke my heart. Hoarding is not the solution and we need to be mindful of others. We are all in this together!

Tldr: Toilet paper shortage affects vulnerable people who need it because they don’t have many options.

Image credits: Chadkos

#9 Toilet Paper Roll Selling For $100 On Craigslist As People Capitalize On Covid-19 Fears

Image credits: Craigslist

#10 This Woman, Hoarding All The Wet-Wipes At The Local Costco

Image credits: BradleyFriesen

#11 Busy Beach

Image credits: SarahHollenbeck

#12 Are You Kidding Me?

Image credits: abigaildisney

#13 I Dont Know Why Corona Virus Means Take All The Toilet Paper. Its Not Even In My County Or Any Surrounding Me. I Had To Buy Paper Towels And Cut Them In Half Like A Peasant

Image credits: reddit.com

#14 Jerks All Around!

Image credits: reddit.com

#15 This Person Bought Out Pretty Much The Rest Of Our Stock Of Toilet Paper And Paper Towels Yesterday.

Image credits: reddit.com

#16 This Person

Image credits: reddit.com

#17 Coronavirus Panic-Buying Reaches A New Low: Blind Shopper Says Customers Steal Toilet Paper From Her Trolley As She Walks Around Supermarkets With Her Guide Dog

Image credits: Nine

#18 Brits Hit The Pubs And Clubs As They Defy Boris Johnson’s ‘Social Distancing’ Warnings To Party Through The Night Despite Coronavirus Fears

#19 Someone On My Snapchat Posted This

Image credits: reddit.com

#20 I Want To Punch Him. (Today At Walmart)

Image credits: reddit.com

#21 Jan Is An Asshole, Don’t Be Like Jan

Image credits: reddit.com

#22 Coronavirus In The Us: During Panic Buying, A Man Was Stabbed With A Wine Bottle Over A Pack Of Water At A Sam’s Club In Hiram

Image credits: Bookmaester

#23 Congratulations, You Karen’d Yourself

Image credits: OctopussSevenTwo

#24 It’s Jerks Like This That Makes Matters Worse

Image credits: reddit.com

#25 Just Saw This Looking Through Craigslist

Image credits: reddit.com

#26 This Isn’t Right

Today I went grocery shopping, and saw this elderly man, probably at least 84 years old, with an empty trolley staring at empty shelves of bread. My heart broke. I had gotten the last two hot dog bun packs and gave him one out of my trolley, I said “At least it’s still bread” and he laughed and thanked me (I felt that was the least I could have done for him) If you see an old person, please stop and ask if they need anything. Stop and give them something from your trolley that is no longer on the shelves that you could easily come back and get tomorrow. Who knows where they came from or how long it took them to get to the shops, only to get there and find empty shelves. In a time of complete and utter maddens and chaos, please don’t forget to look out for each other and look out for those who need it most. Check up on your elderly neighbour or friend or elderly stranger on the street. Don’t be consumed by greed. Love thy neighbour. 

Image credits: Helena Ellis

#27 Thank You Manchester

Image credits: JessArmes

#28 Alabama Pastor Invited People Infected With Coronavirus Into Church For ‘Faith Healing’ Treatment

Image credits: rawstory

#29 Found In A Medicine Hat Buy/Sell Group On Fb. Let’s All Do Our Part And Report These Assholes When We See Them.

Image credits: reddit.com

#30 Clearwater Beach Packed Amid ‘Social Distancing’ For Coronavirus

Image credits: WFLA News Channel 8

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