30 Stunning Winning Photos From The Ocean Art 2019 Contest

Everyone loves a good photography contest, right? A selection of stunning photos picked by a talented jury is just the perfect way to find not only entertainment but also inspiration. Underwater Photography Guide just announced the winners of their 2019 Ocean Art Contest. With 16 different categories, such as Wide-Angle, Portrait, and Nudibranchs, the final count of photographs boiled down to a solid hundred, prize winners and honorable mentions included.

Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition offered over $85,000 in prizes and attracted thousands of entries. Underwater Photography Guide describes this particular contest as one of the most prestigious nature photo contests in the world. This year’s entries came from 78 countries, a pretty impressive number that guaranteed solid representation from all over the world. The 2019 contest winners were picked out by Tony Wu, Martin Edge, Marty Snyderman, and Scott Gietler. You can read the judges’ commentary by clicking here

More info: uwphotographyguide.com


#1 Honorable Mention – Enrico Somogyi – Compact Wide Angle Category – “Coconut Octopus”

Image credits: Enrico Somogyi

#2 5th Place – Tianhong Wang – Blackwater Category – “Bride”

Image credits: Tianhong Wang

#3 3rd Place – Dave Johnson – Macro Category – “The Hyponotist”

Image credits: Dave Johnson

#4 3rd Place – Steven Kovacs – Blackwater Category – “Lionfish”

Image credits: Steven Kovacs

#5 1st Place – Greg Lecoeur – Coldwater Category – “Crab-Eater Seal”

Image credits: Greg Lecoeur

#6 2nd Place – Paolo Bausani – Blackwater Category – “Blanket Octopus”

Image credits: Paolo Bausani

#7 4th Place – Jake Wilton – Novice Wide Angle Category – “Beauty Spots”

Image credits: Jake Wilton

#8 4th Place – Johan Sundelin – Coldwater Category – “Catch”

Image credits: Johan Sundelin

#9 1st – Paula Vianna – Marine Life Behavior Category – “A Friendly Ride”

Image credits: Paula Vianna

#10 1st Place – Fabien Michenet – Blackwater Category – “Snaketooth Swallower”

Image credits: Fabien Michenet

#11 3rd Place – Fabien Martinazzo – Compact Macro Category – “Telle Une Torpille Pelagia Cherche Sa Proie”

Image credits: Fabien Martinazzo

#12 3rd Place – George Kuo-Wei Kao – Novice Macro Category – “Who Is It?”

Image credits: George Kuo-Wei Kao

#13 2nd Place – Andrea Pescarolo – Nudibranchs Category – “The Sheep”

Image credits: Andrea Pescarolo

#14 4th Place – Emry Oxford – Portrait Category – “Cuba Croc”

Image credits: Emry Oxford

#15 4th Place – Greg Lecoeur – Reefscapes Category – “Biodiversity”

Image credits: Greg Lecoeur

#16 2nd Place – Tobias Friedrich – Coldwater Category – “Icerock”

Image credits: Tobias Friedrich

#17 1st Place – Virginia Salzedo – Portrait Category – “Gaspare”

Image credits: Virginia Salzedo

#18 2nd Place – Nicholas More – Reefscapes Category – “Mangrove Soft Coral”

Image credits: Nicholas More

#19 Honorable Mention – Naomi Strong – Novice Macro Category – “What Are You Looking At?”

Image credits: Naomi Strong

#20 Honorable Mention – Aia Mar – Underwater Art Category – “The Air Of Jupiter”

Image credits: Aia Mar

#21 Honorable Mention – Suzan Meldonian – Blackwater Category – “Long Lure Larval Flounder”

Image credits: Suzan Meldonian

#22 Honorable Mention – Celia Kujala – Coldwater Category – “Welcoming Committee”

Image credits: Celia Kujala

#23 Honorable Mention – Jay Clue – Marine Life Behavior Category – “Gigantic Aggregation Of Munk Devil Rays In Baja California Sur”

Image credits: Jay Clue

#24 1st Place – Francisco Sedano – Underwater Art Category – “Psychedelic Seahorse”

Image credits: Francisco Sedano

#25 1st Place – Shane Gross – Conservation Category – “Victim”

Image credits: Shane Gross

#26 Honorable Mention – Jose Antonio Castellano – Wide-Angle Category – “Under The Pier”

Image credits: Jose Antonio Castellano

#27 5th Place – Aldo Costa – Coldwater Category – “Sup On The River”

Image credits: Aldo Costa

#28 Honorable Mention – Mirko Zanni – Coldwater Category – “Reflection”

Image credits: Mirko Zanni

#29 Honorable Mention – Lawrence Wu – Compact Behavior Category – “Fighting For The Female”

Image credits: Lawrence Wu

#30 1st Place – Jules Casey – Novice Macro Category – “Seahorse Bus”

Image credits: Jules Casey

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