30 Of The Best Photos From Our #Wild2020 Contest To Brighten Your Day

Take a walk on the #Wild2020 side and discover the winning photos from Agora’s latest photo competition, featuring the world’s best nature photography with more than 9219 photos submitted. Indonesian photographer @cymot won the contest with his photo ‘Need to drink’ that gathered the most votes during the 5 voting rounds on the free-to-use photography app.

The #Wild2020 contest was launched on February 21st on Agora, the mobile app where photographers, whether amateur or professional, can participate to international photo contests and express their own point of view through their best pictures for a chance to win recognition and cash prizes (from $1,000 to $25,000), and where the global audience can vote for the best creations of Humanity.

Octavi Royo, Agora’s CEO and Co-founder said: “Free of rules, free of systems, free of plans. Living the present with full attention. This is what we see in the best images of the year from #Wild2020: life in its purest form.”

@cymot’s photo ‘Need to drink’ gathered the most votes on the Agora app, crowning him with the #Wild2020 ‘Hero’ title and rewarding him with a $1,000 cash prize.

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#1 Faded

Location: Etosha National Park, Namibia

“It was a windy morning, and the dust brought a rather unusual and special atmosphere. Most other people went back to the camp because they wouldn’t see the animals properly. We stayed and had some incredible photographic possibilities.”

@anskar (Germany)

#2 Curious Minds

Location: Thailand

@jordisark (Spain)

#3 Winner: ‘Need To Drink’

Location: Jurug Park, Indonesia

“Orang-utans normally steer clear of water, in order to protect themselves from predators such as crocodiles and snakes. You can tell that even if she climbed down the tree to drink, she’s being very wary of her surroundings. It was an extraordinary and unexpected moment.”

@cymot (Indonesia)

#4 Leon Desterrado De La Manada Tras Una Pelea Por La Supremacía

Location: Kenya

“You can see the scars from previous fights on his face. It was so impressive to be so close to such a majestic animal.”

@wmr.valdez (Spain)

#5 Lion Setting In The Wild

Location: Parc National De Serengeti, Tanzania

@mohamedtazi (Morocco)

#6 A Family Moment

Location: Etosha Park, Namibia

“This was probably one of the most touching African encounters I’ve ever had. We were driving the car in a quiet area in Etosha Park when we saw this pride of about 40 lions walking at the edge of the salt pan. Weirdly enough, we were alone and we spent almost an hour observing them chilling, playing and crossing the road. I took this shot with a 300 mm but the lions eventually crossed the road exactly in from of our car. They were so close that I could take videos from my phone. It was an amazing moment to get some shots, but also to relive my childhood memories about The Lion King. If I win, I want to send part of the money to my country to face Covid19 emergency.”

@freeilli (Italia)

#7 Come Snuggle

Location: Antartica

“Just a Cuddly Weddell seal in a sweet slumber. I laid on the ground in the snow for 30 minutes to get that one shot.”

@polzray (USA)

#8 The Highland Coo

Location: Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK

“I had this shot planned for a while but I was never lucky enough to see any Highland Cows the last time I was in Scotland. After returning to the Isle of Skye a year later I finally met this guy and got the shot that I was waiting for!”

@jamesxtheo (UK)

#9 Sunlight

Location: Rajshahai University campus, Bangladesh

“Both the bird and the sun were trying to overcome their loneliness together. Actually at first my subject was the setting sun, but suddenly the bird came by and became my subject. It was a beautiful coincidence.”

@tamimmohamad (Bangladesh)

#10 The Most Gentle Giant Of The Savanna

Location: Botswana

“This lucky photo was taken in a morning safari in Chobe National Park, Botswana. A few minutes before this photo we saw an elephant and its calf, showing us firmly that we should not get close to her kids by snapping a big tree branch and waving it in my direction. We had the opportunity to see a lot of giraffes eating their breakfast, but this one called our attention because although aware of our presence she continued to eat and making this funny pose for us. I would say giraffes are probably one of the most emphatic wild animals.”

@vitor.esteves (Portugal)

#11 An Elephant Family Is Taking A Walk

“In the wild, joy is an emotion that elephants have no shame in showing. They express their happiness and joy when they are amongst their loved ones-family and friends. I was surprised to see them walking towards me in a nice row of three.”

@marcelvanbalken (Netherlands)

#12 Our Future In The Making

Location: Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland

“I already had taken pictures from lava fountain eruptions in Iceland 2 weeks before that. One day before taking the plane back home, the airspace closed and gave me 7 more days in Iceland to document the erupting volcano. On the night of March 30th, the volcano erupted violently a gave me the opportunity to shoot multiple pictures from distance.”

@oliviervandeginste (Belgium)

#13 Contemplating And Taking Pictures Of Puffins Is One Of The Best Experiences I Ever Had

Location: Faroe Islands

“During the early morning, I had the opportunity to see some puffins waking up and flying from the ocean to the cliffs. An early wake up did the magic after walking some kilometers uphill. I took the picture just before one of them was trying to land. The connection is emotion. Just me and one of my colleagues were there. That isolation made the connection even better.”

@javito80 (Spain)

#14 Motherlove

Location: Germany

@marfle (Germany)

#15 The Prey And Predator

Location: Seoni, India

@mits4772 (India)

#16 Wild Stag

Location: Scotland, UK

“Scotland has some of the most diverse wildlife in the UK. Seeing a wild stag up so close is magical, and capturing it on camera in the battering weathers even more so.”

@joncleave (UK)

#17 Fox

Location: Moscow, Russia

“We were visiting Moscow’s zoo park with my family and we spent the whole day taking photos of wild animals.”

@Secofr (Russia)

#18 Snorkeling On The North Shore Of Kauai

Location: Ke’e Beach, Kauai, USA

“I was swimming along the outer reef at Ke’e Beach just admiring the sea life and beautiful water. At one point, a turtle was drifting through the current over the reefing. It was feeding and swam up to take a breath when I took this shot.”

@brandon.imbriale (USA)

#19 Looking For A Big White Bear

Location: Hudson bay, Churchill, Canada

“I went searching for polar bears during winter 2018, but I didn’t see any because the Hudson bay had frozen and they had already left the coast. When I went back there in 2019, I saw this bear sleeping on the ice lake. I went off to the car carefully, and I stood on the ice with my camera and lens 500mm. The ice and the wind in my face were hard but I didn’t lose that chance to take a photo so close. I took different shots and.. it started to open its eyes, looking at me. I was excited and a little scared, but we just stared at each other for a while. During that moment we were both animals, both nature in the wild. Then he closed his eyes and went back to sleep. It was one of the greatest moments of my trip!”

@mary_bassani (Italy)

#20 Zebra

Location: Etosha NP, Namibia

“My goal was to obtain a portrait composed exclusively of the animal’s fur texture, using its eye as the focal element. I wanted to create a moment of intimacy between the animal and the person who will look at the photograph. To do so, I got really close to the wild animal…”

@marcotagliarino (Italy)

#21 The Python

Location: Local snake handlers, USA

“The snake in my picture is a Python, he was approximately 100 lbs, and 14 feet long. The shot was taken while he was looking for his meal that was going to be handed to him shortly. This snake is of a local owner/snake handler who owns many exotic and interesting animals, amphibians and insects. The snake pictures here had just been taken out of his enclosure to be fed. The handler had several chickens and rats to feed the snake and another snake. While sniffing out his food the snake arched his head upward clearly aware that the food was available and ready for him to eat. I was wanting to picture the curiosity and strength of these incredible snakes. They are smart, curious, and very large! There is an ominous feeling as the snake begins to slither out of his enclosure to grab the animals to eat. The strength and power of his jaw and subsequently him swallowing it whole was quite a sight! Prize money would be used further my education in photography, and also help exotic animals such as this snake that are not living in their natural habitats and need rehabilitation, or need to be moved back into their natural homes around the world.”

@hwilson8 (USA)

#22 A Leopard Chilling In A Tree In The Forests Of Kabini, India

Location: Kabini, India

@joeshelly (UK)

#23 Family Walk

Location: Kamchatka, Russia

“A mother bear was walking with two small cubs. There was a feeling of danger and tension all around, but at the same time, we could feel the force and the majesty coming out of the family moving forward with all the confidence of the cubs under the care of their mother.”

@artur’s (Poland)

#24 The Look In His Eyes Says Everything

Location: China

@michelle.wandering (Netherlands)

#25 Gura

“I was walking through the Katandra Treetops in Loro Park, a big area full of plants and trees where the birds move freely. You must be patient and lucky to get close to the birds. Thanks to my tele-zoom lens and a lot of patience I was able to spot this Gura.”

@santiagolopezfotografia (Spain)

#26 One Of These Special Moments…

Location: Hofen canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland

“I was observing this deer in the early morning, even before the first light sneaks over the field. With my binoculars, I could only spot its ears. I tried to get closer, slowly crept to the edge of the field and focused on its ears. First try… the deer lifted its head. The second try was this shot, after that the deer ran away: a lucky shot after all! With this image I want to sensitize people to care about our nature and its habitat… we live together with them and not against them.”

@rizzolophotography.ch (Switzerland)

#27 Gnaw And Gnaw

Location: Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia

“Here, the endless tundra winter lasts for half a year and the temperature drops below – 50 degrees Celsius. During a work trip to the far north, far from civilization, it is sometimes possible to meet these local inhabitants. This time, I was lucky to meet with a furry polar predator – the Arctic fox. The fluffy handsome man made it possible to take several photographs with his participation in the rays of the rising polar sun and, having obtained a crust of bread, he disappeared into the nearest spill. Wildlife and its inhabitants are beautiful in their nature! Wild animals are in constant motion, even being in one place. If I had not put the camera in the serial shooting mode in advance, I would have simply missed everything.”

@nik_kupchenko (Russia)

#28 White Pegasus

Location: Barzan, Irak

“I wanted to transmit the free spirit and the innocence, with the majestic white pegasus-like horse together with the beautiful nature of the Barzan area of the Iraqi Kurdistan during dawn. This scene captures the spirit of the Kurdish nation, and their homeland waiting for their golden hour of liberation. This horse is the direct descendant of the horse which belonged to General Mustafa Barzani, the legendary leader of the Kurdish liberation movements in the 1960s and 1970s, father of President Masood Barzani and the grandfather of His Excellency Nechirwan Barzani, the current president of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq.”

@arminabdehou (Iran)

#29 Nature Is Wild

Location: Peniche, Portugal

“When I looked at so much natural beauty and so much grandeur I thought how beautiful and wild nature is. We humans don’t interfere in it, nature just renews and transforms itself…”

@olgacristal (Portugal)

#30 Humpback Whale

Location: Vava’u, Tonga

“He was a young humpback whale about 4 months old. He was very active, sometimes frying and hitting the fins of the sea surface. The whale’s mom will support the calf up to about four months of age when the calf can breathe and swim well on its own. At the time, his mom was watching him. 2 years ago, I swam with him: an unforgettable memory.”

@Reiko.takahashi (Japan)

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