30 Funny “Co-Worker” Pics From People Working From Home

In this difficult time that is the quarantine, most of us have to work from home, which means we don’t get to see our colleagues. However, there’s the next best thing: our pets!

They are here for us to make our workday better. So we ask you, the Bored Panda community, to share your current furry, feathery, or scaley companions and tell us what it is that they do during the workday.

Hopefully, these pictures will make your day a little brighter.

Update: thank you all for your lovely submissions! The thread is closed now.

#1 When You Work From Home And Your Manager Wants A Word With You

Not my cat, but this was too good not to add to this list. Link below

Image credits: fredandlunchbox

#2 Oh, Hooman’s Having A Call? I Sings For His Colleagues!

Image credits: rukasthedog

#3 New Home Office Co-Worker With Boundary Issues

#4 Coffee First, Then Meeting

#5 Proving His Belly Rub Is More Important Than My Meeting…

#6 When Your Co-Worker Just Wants The Cupboard Opened So They Can Eat All Your Apocalypse Snacks!

#7 This Is My Co-Worker Shilo Trying To Get My Attention. He Puts His Rings On His Head Like This When He Wants Me To Play With Him

#8 My Coworker Makes Sure I Don’t Forget To Take Regular Breaks

#9 My Coworkers Didn’t Invite Me To The Meeting.

#10 Lola Is Big On Sharing The Office Space

#11 Not Interested In Growing The Economy

#12 What Are Your Job Qualifications?

#13 My Coworker Never Forgets To Heal Me Up

#14 When The It Department Is Less Than Helpful…

#15 Just Finished Biting The Power Cord On The Home Laptop.

#16 The New Girl In The Office Is A Little Weird

#17 When You Coworker Steals Your Coffee

#18 My Coworker Helps Me Draw By Trying To Eat The Tablet Pen

#19 Fine, Take Over My Meeting. They Like You Better, Anyway!! ??

#20 Turned Away From My Desk To See My Coworker Rolling Around On The Floor For Attention

#21 My Co-Worker Has Mastered His Supervisory Stare

#22 What To Do When You Catch Your Co-Worker Sleeping?

#23 My Coworker Does Not Understand Social Distancing

#24 Sheldon The Motivator

#25 You Wanna Go Working Hoomam? Nah, Stay Here

#26 Petunia Is Mad I Stopped Petting Her To Try To Join A Skype Meeting

#27 My Colleague Isn’t Very Eager To Work Today

#28 Sparkie’s Falling Asleep During File Format Conf Call

#29 My Co-Workers Told Me That They Both Worked The Night Shift, So I’ll Have To Run The Office Alone During The Day.

#30 Someone To Watch Over Me

#31 My Husband’s New “Office” Is Complete With A Supervisor That Sleeps On The Job.

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