27 Pics That “Prove” People Aged Faster In The Past (New Pics)

Old photos are a real pleasure to look at: it’s awesome to see how fashion and style trends changed. But one thing that caught our eye is that a lot of young people in old-timey photos seem to look far older than people of the same age nowadays. Did people use to age faster in the past? It’s worth considering.

Scroll down to check out the photos we’ve collected showing how humans from the past looked way older than they ‘should.’ One of the places we drew inspiration from is the Old School Cool subreddit that’s dedicated to photos of “history’s coolest kids,” so give them a visit and have a peek at the awesome pics they post.

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#1 1940 My Grandad (17 Years Old In Photo) At The Dublin Races With His Mother, My Great Grandmother. Apologies About The Image Defect, It’s The Best Photograph We Have Of Him.

Image credits: reddit.com

#2 My Paternal Grandfather Aged 16 Colourised

Image credits: reddit.com

#3 My 14 Year Old Grandfather Riding His New Bike In 1949 Dayton, Ohio

Image credits: reddit.com

The Old School Cool Reddit community says that it celebrates everyone from the past who’s looking hip: “Everything from beatniks to bikers, mods to rude boys, hippies to ravers. And everything in between.”

The subreddit has a whopping 14.5 million members and it asks its members that they don’t post any pictures of people from 1995 onward. Does that mean that every photo older than 25 is considered ‘old school’ now? We sure hope that this term doesn’t apply to people born before 1995, too!

#4 This Was My Grandad. He Was Australia’s Youngest Radio Announcer At 16 Back In 1934

Image credits: Marty James

#5 My Grandmother At 16 Years Old In 1917

Image credits: reddit.com

#6 My Grandma Around 20 Years Old

Image credits: Suzanna Hultqvist‎

It’s not too much of a stretch to say that people in the past aged faster than we do now. Why? One of the biggest factors related to visible aging is sun exposure: the more time you spend in the sun, the more it damages your skin, the older you’ll look.

Since more people used to work and spend time outdoors in the past (and sunscreen wasn’t as big of a thing as it is now), they visibly aged faster. Compare that to how more and more people in 2020 are spending way more time indoors and will apply sunscreen when they go outside and there you have it—mystery solved! Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone in the 21st century, but there’s a definite trend.

#7 1945, My 18 Year Old Grandmother Concetta. She Was The Woman Who Taught Me How To Be A Sassy, Classy And Bad-Assy Woman.

Image credits: reddit.com

#8 My Grandmother On Her Confirmation Day In 1941. She Is 14 Years Old In This Picture And She Made Her Own Dress.

Image credits: reddit.com

#9 My Handsome Grandfather When He Was My Age (32).

Image credits: reddit.com

Some other things that make you age faster are stress, constantly changing your diet, not drinking enough water, overindulging in soda, and neglecting your friendships. Keep that in mind if you want to keep looking and feeling young, dear Pandas!

#10 My Ukranian Grandmother In 1927 At 16 Years Old. Her Brother My Uncle Nick Opened The First Photography Studio In Drumheller,alberta. She Was His One Of His Best Friends And She Used To Hand Tint The Photographs For Him. I Miss Her Dearly.

Image credits: reddit.com

#11 My Grandma. You May Not Believe But She Was 13 In This Photo.

Image credits: Deja Parker

#12 My Grandfather When He Joined The Navy In 1942. He Was Only 16 Years Old At The Time Of This Picture

Image credits: Michelle Elam

#13 My Mum And Dads Wedding Here In The UK . Mum Was 20 Dad 21

Image credits: Carol Dean‎

#14 My Grandmother, Age 16 (Mexico)

Image credits: reddit.com

#15 My Grandfather’s Ww2 Photograph, He Was 18 Years Old. Still Alive And Sharp As A Tack At 96.

Image credits: reddit.com

#16 My 16 Year Old Grandmother, 1922

Image credits: reddit.com

#17 The Rock At 16 Years Old. (1987)

Image credits: reddit.com

#18 A Photo Of My Great Grandmother, Lottie, With Her Hunting Buddies. She Had To Have Been In Her 20’s

Image credits: Ashley Fajkowski

#19 My Grandmother At 24 In 1934, Dancing With My Grandfather.

Image credits: reddit.com

#20 My Grandma At 16. She Is Turning 80 This Year. She Makes Me Laugh Every Day. I Love This Woman!

Image credits: reddit.com

#21 This Is My Grandmother In 1954 With Her Then Beau. Her First Love. She Was 17 Years Old

Image credits: Laynie Hails

#22 My Grandma (Mimi) Was An Airline Stewardess When She Was In Her Early 20’s (So, Early To Mid 1960’s), This Is A Newspaper Article From A Flight She Was On Where A Bag Full Of Frogs Escaped That She Had To Catch On The Plane

Image credits: Danielle Brandon Teed

#23 She Was About 17 When This Photo Was Taken. She Was Born In May Of 1918. On The Right Is Her Daughter, My Mother, Mary. She Was 19 And It Was The Day She Married My Dad

Image credits: Christina Lee

#24 My Grandparents Getting Married In Iceland In 1976 At 19

Image credits: Arnlaugur1

#25 Jamie Foxx, 18 Years Old

Image credits: reddit.com

#26 My Mama, Rose In High School

Image credits: ‎Morgan Coady‎

#27 My Grandmother In 1955 (She Was Around 13 Or 14) And Her The Week My Grandfather “Found” Her!

Image credits: Briann Durkan

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