27 Inhumane, Greedy Landlords Who Revealed Their True Colors During The Pandemic

Some landlords want their tenants to pay rent come hell or high water. Instead of showing empathy, these jerk landlords are demanding that people use their savings and stimulus checks to pay rent or even move out during the coronavirus pandemic. A few have even resorted to threats despite tenants losing their jobs, their income, or having nowhere else to go. A staggering 22 million Americans have filed for unemployment this past month and the situation might get worse.

To show you just how bad things can get, Bored Panda has collected some of the most horrifying stories about nightmare landlords. Scroll down and let us know in the comments what your landlords are like during the pandemic, dear Pandas.

Bored Panda talked about the dynamic between landlords and tenants during the pandemic with Joshua Browder, the CEO of DoNotPay—the world’s first robot lawyer. Read on for our interview with Josh and for some handy advice on what to do if your landlord is pressuring you.

#1 Sure. Let’s Punish The Kids For Trying To Have Fun During Quarantine. That’ll Show ‘Em

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#2 Apparently Landlords Aren’t Above The Law

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#3 Trashy Landlord

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“Landlords are straining their relationship because they are desperate. Across the world, there are laws in place that prevent evictions and allow tenants to get an extension on their rent. DoNotPay.com helps tenants get these extensions. As a result, landlords are using extraordinary tactics, including even checking a tenant’s tax refund with the IRS, to get a payment,” Josh explained what the current situation is like in the US.

We were interested to know what tenants should do if they feel pressured by their landlords to pay up during quarantine (or else…).

“Ignore the pressure,” Josh advised. “There is nothing the landlord can do and they are best by not responding. If the landlord keeps messaging or visiting the tenant, then they should document these actions and may even have the basis for a harassment claim.”

#4 The Landlord vs. The Tenant

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#5 A Landlord Contemplating To Shut Off The Water To Tenants Who Can’t Pay Their Rent Due To The Quarantine

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#6 I’m Glad We’re Moving, Glad We’re Not Giving A Man Like That Any More Money

Image credits: Jordan_Devlin1

However, is there going to be a new dynamic between landlords and tenants after the pandemic is over and things go back to normal? Josh thinks so.

“Over the past two years, landlords have had the upper hand. They have treated tenants as disposable customers that they could charge incredibly high prices. In the future, not only will landlords be much more reasonable about prices, but also focus on retaining tenants by treating them with much more respect and leniency,” Josh thinks.

“For example, in the past, if a tenant was late, a landlord would almost certainly slap on a late fee. In the future, they might make an allowance, if only to keep the tenant for the longer term,” he added.

#7 I Hate My Landlords. Right Now, In The Middle Of A Pandemic, They Happen To Decide It’s Time To Raise Our Rent. Absolutely Unbelievable



Dear ****** and all others, 

At Bristol, white it is not our policy to automatically raise rates on current residents every year, we unfortunately are forced to examine current income with rising expenses in order to maintain the same exceptional level of service that includes maintenance, adequate staffing and improvements to your community. While, rent increases are truly our least favorite part of this business, various voter and state/city approved measures and bills have increased the cost of housing. Some of those include the following: 

-Clean Energy Sales Tax on consumers

-City of Portland Annual $60 per Apartment Registration Tax on renters

-Additional Administration Burden of City of Portland Screening Criteria Mandate

-Additional Administration Burden of City of Portland Security Deposit Mandate

-SB 608- Statewide Rent Control capping the amount and frequency to adjust income regardless of actual expenses 

Considering these initiatives and examining your current rental rate, we have made the difficult decision to increase your rent and pass on the cost. We urge you to ask our elected officials to put an end to raising the cost of housing during an unprecedented housing crisis.

Image credits: SpookyCat113

#8 My Late Fees Are $100 Late Fee Plus $10 A Day Until Its Paid In Full. And My Landlord Wants To Mafia Style Bully People. Guess We Had A Nice Run Since Both The Husband And I Both Work In The Resturaunt Industry

Image credits: milehighlunacy456

#9 Nope, This Wasn’t An April Fool’s Joke. Landlord’s Still Charging Late Fees, Spelled The County Name And Several Other Words Wrong, And Is Even Asking For People To Pay Rent In Advance To “Save Money”

Image credits: GundamPianist

#10 Greedy Landlords

Image credits: BeatByBenally

#11 Landlords From Hell

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#12 A Landlord Figures They Will Have To Evict Their Tenants “Like Cockroaches” During The Quarantine-Related Eviction Moratorium

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#13 I’ve Been Hearing So Many Inspiring Rent Deferment Stories During This Global Crisis. Found This On My Apartment Door The Other Day

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#14 The Following Letter Has Went Out To Residents Of Hyman Properties

Image credits: Property Manager Nat Hyman

#15 Friggin Vile

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#16 Letter To Tenants

Dear Tenants, 

This property is under tenant access ONLY. If you continue to have guests come onto this property, you will be given a notice to vacate. No guests are permitted to hang out, stay or wonder the property. The only access being permitted will be tenants on file in the office. ALL OTHER GUESTS MUST LEAVE IMMEDIATELY.

Another note: If you think that you don’t have to pay rent, because of the pandemic, you are mistaken. We still must pay the bills to keep your apartment over your head. Anyone receiving disability or social security have no excuse to fail short on paying their rent. However, some of you believe we cannot file eviction for nonpayment of rent. This is not true. President Donald Trump has ONLY delayed housing evictions and foreclosures due to nonpayment for HUD housing and Section 8. As you are aware, we do not operate with HUD or Section 8, so you must pay your rent. 

To the tenants that have been affected by the virus, please keep watch In the laundry room for postings for jobs and or assistance for rent. 

If You would like to discuss with us how any of this, or the spread of the virus is our fault, please come see us in the office. 

Laundry room will be closed if it is not kept clean. You must wear gloves and a mask if you want to be in the laundry facilities. If it is not kept clean, it will also shut down. Please keep track of your times to allow every tenant a vacant slot to do laundry.

If you can not abide by these rules set forth, you may want to vacate the apartment, now. We are here for the safety and well-being of all of our residents on this property and we are slowing the spread of the virus by limiting access and implementing new rules. 

In the case that you need someone to bring you something; they are to bring it, drop it off and leave. 

Property managers

Image credits: imgur.com

#17 Increasing Rent While You Can’t Move Out

Image credits: CharlotteCGill

#18 This Ultra Caring Letter From A Landlord


I want to remind all of the tenants that there is no ban on evictions in Clay County. Rent is due on the 1st of the month and must be in my hands by the 5th of the month or postmarked by the 5th of the month. If postmarked after the 5th of the month, there will be a $100.00 late charge which must be included with that month’s rent. If not received in full by the 8th I will be filing rent and possession papers in the Circuit Court. If you are short on money this month because of working shorter hours, then get or borrow money from your friends or relatives. I am not your family or your banker. Remember, if you take it to the post office in the late afternoon of the 5th, it probably won’t get postmarked until the 6th, thus incurring a $100.00 late fee. 

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#19 We Didn’t Mean To Tell You That You’ll Be Evicted If You Can’t Pay Your Rent Due To Covid-19 Job Losses

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#20 These Guys Suck

Image credits: rainbear00

#21 Can’t Pay Your Rent Because Of An Epidemic You Cannot Control? That’s Your Problem

Image credits: MayonaiseRemover

#22 Texts Like This From My Landlord. What Are You Going To Do? Evict Me For Finding A Way To Entertain Myself Why Stuck At Home During A Pandemic?

Image credits: BlondieBludie

#23 How To Be A Crappy Landlord

Image credits: gargamelll

#24 This Was Left On My Door Without A Knock Or A Phone Call

Image credits: FadedPariah

#25 A Typical Landlord’s Response To The Coronavirus Epidemic

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#26 Remember

Image credits: MichelleHux

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