235 Times People Found Such Great Things In Thrift Stores, Flea Markets, And Garage Sales, They Just Had To Share (New Pics)

It would be harder to find a greater temple to human creativity than the thrift store. Places where unneeded items are abandoned are so often a stop for so-called bad ideas, from hardly-useful inventions to rejected art and clothing that was never in style in the first place. But these items haven’t found their final resting place… they’re just waiting to be found by people who they truly speak to.

To quote a saying that the Facebook group Weird Secondhand Finds lives by, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Their hauls, taken variously from thrift stores, yard sales, and relatives’ closets that haven’t been cleaned in decades, prove that among the items that people decided they didn’t need are some seriously fascinating creations. Sometimes you can even find incredibly valuable and educational artifacts that you won’t believe somebody let slip away.

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#1 My BF And I Went To A Thrift Store To Get A Toaster For Our New Apartment, Didn’t Realise The Toaster Made A Duck Until I Went To Toast Some Bread

Image credits: Michayla Hanson

#2 “Babe! I Found Everything!” “I’m Not Buying It.” “But Babe! Just Be My Yukon Cornelius Pleeeeease!” The Things I Talk Him Into At Goodwill. At Least I Got Photographic Evidence!

Image credits: ‎Ellen White‎

#3 It Started With One Dinner Plate In A Oregon Thrift Store In 2003

I thought, oh that’s nice! And bought it. Then I found the tea cups about 6 months later… Piece by piece, every one of them hunted up at a thrift store in the PNW, building up to this marvelous collect you see today. 17 years in the making. I didn’t find anything for years, then recently found a second serving platter and serving bowl

Image credits: Nashyra Tuininga

In summer 2019, somebody found a pencil drawing of a nude girl composed of distinctively warped lines in a Habitat for Humanity thrift store in New York City. Suspecting that it was drawn by Egon Schiele, he contacted a scholar of the artist’s work, who was surprised to find that it was genuine upon analyzing the materials and comparing it with a sequence of Schiele’s drawings.

The newly discovered Schiele piece was determined to be from 1918 and was valued at $100,000 to $200,000. The gallery that the observant thrift store buyer brought it to confirmed that a portion of the proceeds from selling it would be donated to Habitat for Humanity, the charity that the thrift store benefits.

#4 $12. Damn Straight I Bought It!

Image credits: Scott Perry

#5 Got A $1 Trump Mask At A Yard Sale In Australia. My God I Have Never Got Such Comedic Value From A Sale

Image credits: clamshanks

#6 Merry Christmas… Found My Dress For The Christmas Party

Image credits: ‎Keeli Dollar Russell‎

#7 I Bought A Painting Of What I Thought Was A Flower In A Pond At The Goodwill In Glendora, CA And Hung It Up. Only My Husband Fixed It It’s A Cow

Image credits: Michelle Cunningham Sandhu

#8 So I Picked This Up Today At Goodwill. My Daughter And I Love It. My Mom Thinks It’s Gross. I Am A Nurse I Think I Should Take My Lunch In It

Image credits: Gloria Stogsdill

#9 Finally Gave This Gem A Night Out It Deserved. This Was Perfect For Harry Potter Yule Ball Event That Hosted At My Favourite Little Geek Themed Bar

Image credits: Kirbie Humber

#10 Was Looking Through The Ugly Sweater Section At Goodwill, And Found The Sweater, I Was Wearing!

I definitely got a good laugh out of it, and so did the people around me!

Image credits: Jena Wolkens

#11 Found While Going Through My Grandmas Apartment

Can you imagine my shock when I opened up what I thought was a jewelry box and saw a little set of teeth inside?!

Image credits: Kristi Brice

#12 Crocheted Maxi Skirt. Yes It’s Ugly, But I Will Rock It With Leather And Chanel

Image credits: Danyelle Bridgewater

#13 Fridge Magnet Find! It’s Okay, You Can “Call” Me Nostalgic. Push Me – Yep It Does Ring

Image credits: Teresa Shaefer Randall

#14 I Noticed An Old Reader’s Digest On The Counter. Matter-Of-Factly, I Flipped To Page 118 And Showed The Cashier My Picture From 1998

There I was, checking out of a random second hand shop in laurel, MD when I noticed an old reader’s digest on the counter. Matter-of-factly, I flipped to page 118 and showed the cashier my picture from 1998. I was part of a feature because I had found my job on the {gasp} internet! Of course I bought it, and no, the cashier did not believe it was me!

Image credits: Wendy Lee

#15 My Hedgehogs Eating Mealworms From A Tiny Thrift Shop Teacup

Image credits: Shana Couillard

#16 My Daughter Was Driving Down The Road And Found This Gem At The Curb For Trash Pickup. He Is Now Protecting Her Porch

Image credits: Patti Meadows McClain

#17 I Would Like To Raise You These Limited Edition Bmo Doc’s

Found at a salem, or goodwill they definitely came home with me! No one sells them anywhere anymore, they’re super rare!

Image credits: Nicole Beckett

#18 I Found A 2 Dollar Morph Suit At My Local Goodwill!

I’m now either a PNG, a ska band stage backdrop, or maybe I’m the floor of a fifties-styled diner! The possibilities are endless!

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#19 We Just Happened To Go To An Antique Expo In Town Where We Found A Silly Cycle. My Grandfather, Reedy Ellington Mclellan Sr., Invented Them

The most wonderful thing happened today. After recently moving to a different state, we just happened to go to an antique expo in town where we found a silly cycle. My grandfather, Reedy Ellington McLellan Sr., invented them. There are probably only a handful left in existence. I burst into tears when I saw it. I had to bring it home with me, and the guy was nice enough to cut me a deal. I couldn’t be happier

Image credits: Golda McLellan

#20 Tiny Peacock Chair I Picked Up Today

Image credits: Marla Jenkins

#21 Here’s My Dog In The Tiny Chair I Recently Got At A Flea Market In Western MA

Image credits: Carla Lia

#22 I’ve Been Told A Few Times This Lifetime (Ok I Lied: Only Once By My Middle School Art Teacher) That I Resemble Bouguereau’s Broken Pitcher Girl

So I decided to be a full blown weirdling in the middle of a thrift store last week while shopping for Christmas decorations with my husband

Image credits: ‎Lauralee Longname‎

#23 Found For $15 Dollars, Signed By An (Unknown) Artist. I Absolutley Love It, Would Like To Find More Pieces Like This One!

Image credits: John Barrington

#24 Bob Ross Pancakes Anyone?!

Image credits: Ashleigh Taylor-Kugler

#25 Got This Skirt From Local Thrift Store $1.99. Look Closely At The Print

Image credits: Danyelle Bridgewater

#26 Whilst Walking Round Manahattan I Found This American Flag Barber Pole

Image credits: Brad O'Hare

#27 Gold Plated Pringle Found In Easley SC For A Quarter. It Absolutely Came Home With Me

Image credits: Lenna Neill Dacus

#28 He Lives In The Bathroom And Holds Period Products. He’s The Bloodhound

This wasn’t his first job, he previously lived in an all male house. Given to me by a friend moving out of town. Long island, NY

Image credits: Kaitlyn Crosby

#29 Found This Today Half Off At Goodwill Brought Home Made Waffles

Image credits: Jacqueline Morrow

#30 At $29.99, This Was The Most Expensive Thing I’ve Ever Bought At Goodwill. A Mr. Christmas Musical Bell Symphonium

It came with 8 disks, and even had the velvet pouch for the discs, the instructions, order information paper for additional disks, and a survey

Image credits: April Castonguay

#31 Found This Bert Costume In A Thrift Store In Kettering, Ohio. Had To Bring It Home

Image credits: Shaun Doerner

#32 I See Your Tiny Pets With Mini Furniture- I Give You “My Giant Hare On A Victorian Chair!”

I found this Victorian chair at a thrift store and decided quickly I couldn’t live without it! It’s antique velvet with carved wood.

This is my Flemish Giant Rabbit, Leroux, aka Big Bun. He sadly passed away last year at the age of 9. He was about 19 lbs. and such a character! (Picture on the left for size comparison). He lived everywhere with me including downtown Chicago! He was my world.

Big Bun was always a house rabbit. He even had his own room (included in the photos)! He lived a little longer than normal (lifespan is 7 years or so.) I fed him the best of the best food (Oxbow brand) with plenty of Timothy hay, fresh veggies, and digestive tablets. He was litter box trained and never had accidents in the house. He loved to snuggle and would watch tv with me! Flemish Giants are a wonderful breed of rabbit and make fantastic pets!

I included a picture of him with his dog brothers and my favorite photo of him in his Christmas bow tie. He was always a legend.

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#33 I Got This From A Thrift Store In Dallas, Tx For $2.50. Why It’s Weird- Well, Its A Creepy Santa Cat Sweater And The Eyes Light Up

Some may call it weird, I call it cat-tastic. I’m just upset I have to wait a year to wear it

Image credits: Jennifer Marie

#34 My Mom Recently Passed. She Left Me Some Very Interesting Items. For Starters, This Jewelry

Image credits: Teersa Joy

#35 My Mother And Father Were Married In September Of 1954. She Was A Seamstress And Made Her Own Honeymoon Dress (First Picture)

My parents both have since passed away so we kept the dress in storage for all these years. My sister thought it would be neat to have my oldest daughter try the dress on and it fit her beautifully

Image credits: Patti Sanchioni Waterbury

#36 This Is A Box Of Mortuary Lipsticks (Make Up That Was Used On The People Being Prepared For Burial)

They were taken from a funeral home that closed in 1997. These lipsticks were originally in a display case but for ease they now live in this box. They are all in various stages of use

Image credits: Elizabeth Moore

#37 This Is A Portrait Of My Grandmother Seated In A Chair That She Needlepointed. I Am Sitting In A Chair She Helped Me To Needlepoint Wearing The Same Suit. I Inherited All.

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#38 I Saw This Gem And Just Had To Bring It Home With Me! We Hung It Up By My Front Door For Everyone To See. It’s The Cross Stitch I Never Knew I Needed

Image credits: ‎April Alvarado‎

#39 Yes, I Brought Them Home Several Years Ago And Can’t Let Them Go

Sadly there was only 4, but I’m always on the hunt to complete the set. Anyone have these glamclaws?

Image credits: Scott Leak

#40 Here’s My Boy Bax Looking Regal Af In His Tiny Chair That I Found At The Goodwill. Someone Serve This King Some Tea & Crumpets Already

Image credits: Mallory Chase Latham

#41 He Sees You When You’re Sleeping. He Knows When You’re Awake. He Knows. He. Knows

Image credits: ‎Carrie Paulk Williams‎

#42 Neither My Husband Nor My Cat Appreciate The Mcgruff Puppet I Got At A Yard Sale For $1

Image credits: Amanda King Triche

#43 Pardon My Ridiculous “I Just Paid $20 For Full Chainmail” Face

Image credits: Maddox Marcus

#44 Now Who Doesn’t Need A Peacock Headdress Stayed Behind As I Don’t Wear Anything On My Head I Left It At Faes Cabinet

Image credits: Lori Morris

#45 I’m So Happy! I Have Been Collecting Russ Trolls Since I Was Like 4!

Omg weirdlings! I’m literally in tears over these glasses! We recently bought a new house and I’m finally planning to break them out of storage to put them in the dining room, which is planned to be a succulent themed room. My plan was to use some trolls that I knew had hair damage, as succulent planters. Last week I found a framed norfin troll picture and was so excited to add it to the room, but today! Oh, today… My fellow weirdlings, my husband found these and handed them to me where I squeeled so loud! “So, you don’t want these, then?” he said with a wink. And I cried! Tears of joy! I cried! And said “Can we get two sets. In case one of them breaks?” and so these beautiful glasses are now going home!

Image credits: Willow Stevens

#46 Here’s My 89 Year Old Grandmother And Her “Camera” She Is Also A Mini Find As She Is She Is 4ft 5 Inches In Height

Image credits: Orla Mahony

#47 Found These Red Velvet Chairs At A Garage Sale For $1 And Had An Overwhelming Compulsion To Paint Crows On Them

Image credits: Sheri Gillett

#48 First Post Since Joining. Husband Said He’d Buy It For Me If I’d Hang It In The Living Room. It Didn’t Come Home With Me

Image credits: Sharon Flaim Fultz

#49 Did You Know?

Image credits: Piper Lu Ann Mahan

#50 I Don’t Know A Single Person That Doesn’t Need This Candle! Found At Value Village In Woodinville, WA

Image credits: Shauna Ackett Lambert

#51 I Was So Excited To See This Amazing Hostess Gown At A Second Hand Shop

My hubby and boys went back and got it for me for Christmas because I kept talking about it. Now to channel my inner Laura Petrie and host a gathering of artists and musicians for nye. Or maybe just wear it while vacuuming

Image credits: Lindsay Norris Ferguson

#52 2015, I Found This Lovely And Large Portrait In A Local 2nd Hand Story

2015, I found this lovely and large portrait in a local 2nd hand story.

The card on it really caught my attention.

I’m very familiar with Manazanar, the former WW II U.S. interment camp for Japanese American residents and citizens.

My grandfather was a farmer in coastal San Diego county and some of his fellow farmers were Japanese. At the time of the war, only US born Japanese Americans could buy land for farming. My grandfather stored their belongings when his neighbors were sent away. Many others, including churches also stored internees personal possessions.

I had a feeling that this portrait might have been stored for a family and for some reason, they had not recovered it.

A few calls and emails, I was able to get help from the ranger at Manzanar.

Although Itoko was a newlywed when she arrived at Manzanar with her husband, parents and in-laws, the ranger was able to connect me with her nephew Fred who lives in San Diego, not far from me.

He told me that they had never returned to their home in Pacific Palisades and instead relocated to San Diego where they farmed celery. She and her husband never had children and Nephew Fred took care of them in their older years.

Most amazing of all! Itoko was still alive! She was in a nursing home and has memory issues but she recognized her portrait immediately. She told Fred that it was her and that it hung in her bedroom when she was a child.

Image credits: Susan Frazee-Kurner

#53 My Mom Found This And Said, “I Should Bring This To Sample Things, ‘I Just Want A Spoonful.’”

Image credits: Allie Davidson

#54 Found At The Hartville Thrift In Ohio. Only .25 For A Package Of Tea Napkins With An Attitude. They Definitely Came Home With Me

Image credits: Sherri K Mollette-Rose

#55 I Saw This Stunning Piece Of Stained Glass On The Side Of The Road Off Route 9 In Berkeley Springs, WV. I Turned Around Because I Couldn’t Just Leave It There

I paid $20 and struggled to fit it into the back of my car as it is about 30.5″ x 42″, catching the pieces as they fell out along the way. I took this beauty to Fogal glassworks in Chambersburg, PA to be repaired. I spent $320 on the repairs and was informed by the shop that if I wanted this piece made from scratch today it would cost over $1500. I am so glad I could save this beautiful piece of art

Image credits: Jenni Elizabeth

#56 From The Ages Of 3-7, I Modeled For The Nearby Theme Parks, Including Walt Disney World. Fast Forward 30 Years – Someone Was Selling The Print And The Photographers Sketch Of My Very Ad On eBay

I grew up in central Florida and from the ages of 3-7, I modeled for, among others, the nearby theme parks, including Walt Disney World. I did several different ad campaigns for them, but one I did with Snow White was by far my favorite memory, maybe of my entire childhood. During the shoot, she sat me down and interacted with me in character and told me about her dwarves and other Disney friends of hers. I was enamored, never once occurred to me this was not the real snow white sitting with me. This ad was displayed in the parks and ran in several magazines etc

Fast forward 30 years– I often think of these modeling days with great fondness since it was such a bright spot on an otherwise difficult childhood, and one day last month I decided to google the tagline of the ad to see if there was a chance there was an image of it somewhere online

Lo and behold– someone was selling the print and the photographers sketch of my very ad on eBay! I had no idea a concept sketch even existed, and cannot believe I came across it through a quick google search of the ad

A family member purchased it for me as a Christmas gift and along with the dress that I still have in my closet, it is the most treasured possession I own! (photo of the original dress included, which I have owned since the shoot)

Image credits: Demi Dowdy

#57 Found At A Thrift Store On Whidbey Island, WA -This Old Battered Book Caught My Eye Because It Looked Like It Fell Off A Pirate Ship

Upon further inspection, I found it was a Mark Twain, first edition, printed in 1883 which makes it 137 years old. I bought it for $5

It is a delicate old thing. The pages are chipping with age, and like all secondhand finds, I wonder about its history. How did it get from Little Rock, AR (per the handwriting) to a little island in the Pacific Northwest? Who’s hands have touched it over the course of 100+ years? At one point it rolled out of a printing press into a world that still utilized horse-drawn carriages. I’m unsure of its value, but I treasure this battered old book and will continue to keep it safe

Image credits: Kelly Sims

#58 While Thrifting In Madison Georgia Today I Found This Burlap And Screen Double Layered Image Of A Woman Looking Out The Door. It’s The Most Stoic Thing I’ve Encountered So Far.

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#59 Found The Goodest Boy Encased In A Faucet At The Habitat Restore In Brainerd

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#60 It’s Been Hanging On Our Porch For Almost 10 Years. I’ve Never Thought Much Of It… Today While Watching Edward Scissorhands I See This!

My wife picked this up at a thrift store years ago for $2. Is it the same one?! Now I like it more

Image credits: Jason Smith

#61 Found This Fairy Dress In A Second Hand Thift Store Called Twice As Nice In Tucson. Rainbow Antler Headband Is The Best

It’s my favorite outfit, I donned it out for my birthday last February with my best friends. We like to dress up and feel fancy. It seems hand stitched

Image credits: Jackie Kristine

#62 May I See Your Cat Chairs And Raise You A Lizard Lounge?

This is my bearded dragon, Virgil (when he was just a wee baby), with some of the furniture from a dollhouse my dearly departed grandfather passed down to me. We were having a crawfish boil and I decided to have this little impromptu photoshoot

Image credits: Amy Giles

#63 Thought I’d Share A Find From About 15 Years Ago. Found In Chicago At The Now Since Closed. Famous “Hollywood Mirror” On Clark St.

It’s an alien fetus in a contaminant jar lamp! I love him and yes he absolutely did come home with me! One of the many cool things I’ve found

Image credits: Walter Krueger

#64 It Came Home

Image credits: Christian Moquin

#65 Best TV Show

Image credits: ‎Kendra Stetser Rowe‎

#66 I Found This Kids Chemcraft Chemistry Set At A Flea Market In Nashville, Tennessee. People Would Lose Their Minds If Something Like This Was Released Today For Kids To Play With

And yes, that’s real yellowcake and radioactive uranium ore in the two atomic energy vials. She was asking $22 for it but I think I ended up paying $10. She put a sticker on it saying it’s from the 60’s but the booklets that came with it state that this is kit no. 10 which was produced in 1947. According to research done in oak ridge, Tennessee, in mid to late 1947, porter chemical company produced laboratory kits for children that included an atomic energy component. Initially, they produced two kits. The no. 10 kit and the no. 25 kit. It’s not in the greatest shape and I’m sure there are items missing, but I worked at a uranium enrichment plant for years so I had to have it

Image credits: April Wright

#67 Holiday Party At Work Today, Finally I Get To Wear The Holiday Overalls I Found Months Ago While Thrifting!

Image credits: Tami Skullz

#68 Some People Question My Decision To Use It For Storage In The Bathroom

Image credits: Avondale Williams

#69 Batman Watering Can Bought New With Tags; Water Comes Out Of His Angrily-Clenched Fist

Apparently they sold an entire line of superhero gardening tools. No way the others were as ridiculous or awesome as this one (per my daughter)

Image credits: Allison Amrein

#70 Absolutely Terrible Glass Marbles. Not A Single One Is Round

Image credits: Keith Nallawalla

#71 Yes I Smelt Them. Yes They Smell Like Lemon. No They Did Not Come Home With Me

Image credits: Jordi Mendez

#72 I Present To You… The Gift That Now Resides In My Bathroom – To Scare My Husband Who Couldn’t Attend The Party

I host a party every year that includes a white elephant gift exchange. The only rule is that it must come from a local thrift store. 

Image credits: Jessica Travis

#73 I Raise You One 1890s “Bryce’s English Dictionary”

“The smallest English dictionary in the world comprising, besides the ordinary and newest words in the language short explanations of a large number of scientific, philosophical, literary and technical terms”

Image credits: Ahmad Desai

#74 Oops. Someone Didn’t Listen

Image credits: Justin TrailMixx Davis

#75 Was Looking For A Simple Locket, Ended Up With This Cool Little Find! Only A Dollar

Image credits: Michelle Barrera

#76 Pulled Up In Walgreens Parking Lot And This Is Just Setting In Front Of Me

#1 Do I look in it? (please don’t be a dead body, please don’t be a dead body) no dead body. #2 Take or no? You bet your sweet ass I did!

Image credits: Kelly Brown

#77 My Grandmother Passed This Year And My Aunt Was Kind Enough To Give Me Her School Uniform From The 1940s. It Fits! I Feel Very Proper

Image credits: Johanna Willis

#78 Savers In California. Looks Like It’s A Home Made Shirt, And Where The Tag Information Would Be, They Ironed On A Paragraph Of Nonsense. It Was Only $2

Image credits: Kendra Matthews

#79 My Auntie Gave Me This Dress For Christmas She Said They Found It In A Cute Second Hand Shop. I Love It! It Glows In The Dark

Image credits: Krissy Grainger

#80 While Shopping For Fabrics I Seen This Guy Tucked Into A Bag Of Barbies My Daughters Wanted. He Was Worth Every Penny Of $6.98 I Spent For Him And 3 Barbies

I’m volunteering and sewing items for the rescued animals in Australia. Items like joey pouches, bat wraps small animal pouches.. Stuff like that. I’ve been posting all over fb and doing everything I can to help

Today I started a fundraiser to help cover shipping costs (waiting on facebook’s approval still) and went to the thrift store specifically looking for fabrics to use to make as many of these items for the animals as I can

While shopping for fabrics I seen this guy tucked into a bag of barbies my daughters wanted. He was worth every penny of $6.98 I spent for him and 3 barbies

Image credits: Joani M Gramm

#81 The Envious Cashier As We Laid This Beauty Down On The Checkout: “You… Bastards”

Image credits: Chrissy McCoy

#82 Bought This At Goodwill ( Greenville MI) Years Ago For $3. Just Won Me $50 For First Prize As Most Original , And Runner Up ( Didn’t Know The Category ) Winning A Yeti Coffee Mug, At My Husbands Company Holiday Party!

Some people didn’t know the movie “A Christmas story“, which is sad

Image credits: Jen Kremers

#83 Found At An Antique Shop. The Prototype For Toilet Paper Showing That It Clearly Is Supposed To Be Over

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#84 Talk About Mini. Picked Up This Geod At A Yard Sale. It Has A Miniature Wheel Barrel, A Man And A Shovel

Image credits: Debbie Munson

#85 I Re-Did My Grandmother’s Bathroom And Found This Hidden Under The (Awful) Antique Mirror Tiles!

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#86 I Wanted To Take A Moment To Share My Retro Mushroom Kitchen Collection

My husband and I travel all over on antiquity excursions hunting for vintage Sears and Arnel’s mushroom pieces

Image credits: Stephanie Fisher

#87 Found In North Versailles Goodwill Bin. Not Sure What Kind Of Creature It Is?

Image credits: ‎Amy Klocke‎

#88 I Think I Finally Found Something Share Worthy

Image credits: ‎Kari Elam‎

#89 This Is Pouty Bear. He Apparently Belonged To My Aunt Who Passed Away Very Young. I Remember Loving Him As A Kid. Was Visiting My Grandma Today And We Got Him Out

My son thought he was strange, but grandma could see how much I loved him and said I should have him. It might be the last toy she held on to that belonged to that daughter. He is very special and I often identify with his big mood

Image credits: ‎Maggie Killian‎ to

#90 PJs Turned Into A Look. Thrifted For $5

Image credits: ‎Kwame Simpson‎

#91 Found This Bad Boy Propped Up On A Fence On The Side Of The Road A Couple Years Ago While Walking To Work… You Bet Your Buttons It Came Home With Me!

Image credits: Mikhela Ungerleider

#92 My Boyfriend Is A Kindergarten Teacher And I Thrifted This Amazing Ugly Teacher Sweater Vest For Him At The Salvation Army Thrift Store In Jacksonville, FL

It was $5.29, but it was 50% off day so basically this $2.65 find shall grace our lives forever. Also, huge shout out to all the teachers out there, cause I know how rough the “Teacher life” can be!

Image credits: Cherri Picard

#93 A Potato-Shaped Ceramic Potato-Serving Dish

Image credits: Lauren Darm

#94 Never Have I Ever Seen Porcelain Chicken Wings, Let Alone In Mass Proportions… New Harmony, Indiana

Image credits: Rebekah Thompson

#95 Mini Spy Camera And Case. Made In Occupied Japan. Great Find By My Husband. Now Added To My Camera Collection

Image credits: Lori Bahr Borchert‎

#96 I Mean Everyone Needs A Skull Crown, Right?

Image credits: Wendy Dollins

#97 I See Your Giant Utensils And Raise You A Giant Safety Pin. Found In Winter Park, Fl

Image credits: Nancy Beth

#98 Mini Sarcophagus That Has A Mini Mummy Inside. It Didn’t Come Home With Me Cuz It Creeped Me Out A Tiny Bit. It Was $3

Image credits: Brittany Jensen Guays

#99 I Found This Beautiful Chaise For $6 At A Church Thrift Store. It Was My Cat’s Favorite And When She Passed We Retired It To A Shelf In Our Library In Her Honor

Image credits: Rich Kiska

#100 My Grandmother Would Recycle Old Christmas Cards She Received By Cutting Them Into A Stocking Shape And Crocheting Around The Outside To Make Ornaments. This One Is My Favorite!

She didn’t notice it said “A Christmas hell” until I pointed it out. She tried to take it back and give me a different one but I told her I liked this one the best

Image credits: Anna Costa Rowan

#101 My New Cat Smuggling Handbag

Image credits: Amanda Jess

#102 Skeleton Arm Holding A Flask Of Mercury Necklace. It Contains Real Mercury

Image credits: ‎Edward O'Neill‎

#103 Something That I Think Is Worthy Of This Group. My Coffin Lid Mirror I Bought Roughly 6 Years Ago From An Antique Store On The Gold Coast, Australia

Image credits: ‎Ophelia Christian‎

#104 Found Some Large Scissors And Immediately Tried To Cut A Branch Off My Family Tree (Namely My Baby Sister)!

Image credits: Anna Smith‎

#105 Found This Morning (In Poughkeepsie NY), An All Latin Cat In The Hat. Yes, I Bought It. No, I Don’t Know Latin

Image credits: Pat Tee‎

#106 Hell No! Stayed Right There At The Salvation Army Thrift Store

Image credits: Cheryl Davis

#107 I Finally Ound A Tiny Piece Of Furniture. A Little Metal Chair. Husband For Scale

Image credits: Cat O. Sweets

#108 Found These Bad Boys At Goodwill And I Totally Bought Them For My Parents!

They just bought a motor home and it will be perfect for when they travel! And the plus side it the colors match it perfectly! Paid $4.50 for the pair

Image credits: Lindsay Cahill

#109 Found This Dreamy Portrait Of Tom Selleck In The Women’s Restroom At Totally 80s Pizza In FT Collins, CO

Image credits: Hannah Dossey

#110 This Star Graced My Parents Tree For As Long As I Can Remember. It Was Always My Favorite Decoration

Image credits: Amy Alderman Russell

#111 I’m Afraid My Walk Has Become Rather Silly Now

Image credits: Ryan Gardiner

#112 I’m So Very Happy To Have A Place To Share My Most Beloved Second Hand Collection Of Blue Mushroom Pottery

I bought this all together as a set, 12 years ago when I was 19 at the Saint Vincent de Paul in Arcata, CA. I saw the plate sticking out of a box and was delighted as I kept unwrapping more pieces from a newspaper filled box! I didn’t even have a car or permanent home at the time but I bought the whole set for $30 and strapped it to the back of my bike and rode it back to where I was staying. I moved it around with me until I finally got a place with a kitchen of my own. It’s graced every kitchen I’ve had since, and really makes my house feel like a home

Image credits: Annie Sheppard

#113 Those Knobs!

Image credits: Sabrina Hegenbarth-Jüdes

#114 My Son Took Me To His Favorite Antique Toy Store. While He And His Brothers Got Lost In Nostalgia, I Tried To Keep Myself Entertained. Imagine My Surprise When I Stumbled Across My Doppelgänger

Image credits: Wendy Ladley

#115 Brass Miniatures, All Thrifted. I Think I Have The Whole Collection

Image credits: Danielle Morris

#116 Cactus Shelf Found At Goodwill In Seattle, Wa. Think It Was Originally For Cds. Definitely Came Home With Me!

Image credits: Andrea O'Meara

#117 I Recently Found This At An Estate Sale For $.50 And Thought It Would Be Perfect For My Personal Meathead With A Mustache

Image credits: Amy Tucker

#118 I Think This Might Just Be My Greatest Thrift Store Find Yet

Image credits: Laüren Fiłlmöre

#119 The Beautiful Little Victorian Style Couch I Found At A Thrift Store! Perfect For My Lizards!

Image credits: Tessa Glasgow

#120 I Don’t Just Thrift Planters, I Thrift Plants

One of my favorite weird planter finds is now home to a baby succulent started from a dropped leaf I rescued from the garden center floor at Home Depot

Image credits: Lisa Seger

#121 Who Doesn’t Need A 6 Foot Mermaid Lamp In Their Living Room?!

This belonged to my step mother in law who we sadly lost 5 years ago today. I’ve always loved this mermaid since I came into the family 12 years ago. My father in law needed more space for a TV and I offered to save the mermaid and re-home her. She made the trip from east Texas to south Texas on the coast this weekend! She fits in perfectly with our coastal decor!

Image credits: Tammy Lynn Roberts

#122 An A-Peel-Ing Sequin Nicholas Cage Pillow Cover I Found At A Thrift Store Yesterday

Image credits: Laura McCormick

#123 Here’s My Wall Of Antique, Secondhand Pieces!

Image credits: Elizabeth Prall

#124 Found This At Good Will For $1

Image credits: ‎Anna Calabrese‎

#125 Found This Epic And Terrifying Nicholas Cage T-Shirt At The Red White & Blue In Pittsburgh, Pa. Husband Submitted For Your Modeling Pleasure

Image credits: ‎Maddy Munro‎

#126 I Can’t Believe The Amount Of Love This Sweater (And My Hair) Has Gotten

Image credits: ‎Dani Wood‎

#127 Giving Thanks Today For My Sister Buying This For Thanksgiving Tomorrow!!!!

Image credits: ‎Lisa Harm‎

#128 I Found This Handless/Forearmless Colonel Sanders For Sale At City Liquidators Today In Portland, OR

He did not have a price tag. I invited him home with me, but when I offered my hand to lead the way he didn’t take it. So I left him there. And how does he know if it’s finger lickin good?

Image credits: ‎Doug Allen

#129 Pug Onesie, Complete With Uncomfortable Mask And A Curly Tail! Found For $15 At A Half Of Half

Image credits: ‎Avery McVey‎

#130 I Wanted These But They Were Too Big By At Least 3 Sizes. I Was So Disappointed They Weren’t My Size, I Didn’t Look At The Price Or The Actual Size

Image credits: ‎Doll Garoutte‎

#131 My Fiancé Always Says I Am His Present He Doesn’t Need One , Found This , I Am A Present Found At Goodwill 2.50 Who Can Beat That

Image credits: ‎Sandy Hanson‎

#132 Each Thanksgiving, I Proudly Display My Troll Pilgrim Earrings. Yet, They Are Never Met With The Enthusiasm They Deserve

Found at a thrift store many many years ago, less than a buck and now a holiday tradition. My 6-month-old is going to have lots of fun getting her slimey fingers on them today. Pray for their orange hair to survive the day

Image credits: ‎Bretta A. Edwards‎

#133 Meet My Amazing Find Today. He Totally Came Home With Me. I Was So Excited And Didnt Even Know I Needed A Foot Stool Until I Met This Guy

Image credits: ‎Salina Teare‎

#134 Coolest Desk I’ve Ever Seen- A Cassette Tape That Even Opens!

Image credits: Matt Albertsen

#135 I Have A Vast Christmas Sweater Collection And The Beauty I’m Wearing I Got At Goodwill In Spokane Washington. Along With The Phenomenal Sweater Luna Lovewrinkle Is Wearing

Image credits: Heather Turner

#136 My Fiancé’s Dad Just Brought This Over To Us. He Found It In An Empty House He Was Working On Right Behind Ours – In The Attic!

Have you ever seen anything like this? It’s 4.5 feet, solid wood, hand carved, & insanely awesome!

Image credits: Amanda Bulger

#137 My New Lucky Cricket Tea Cup And If You Don’t Like It… Dishonor On You, Dishonor On Your Cow

Image credits: Shannan Stubbert

#138 Such A Sweet Sentiment

Image credits: Channy Payne

#139 Hold On… I’ve Got One, What About A Rat In A Tiny Ranger Hat?

Image credits: Kelsi Siefert

#140 Found This Clutch Purse At The Flea Market Today… Didn’t Come Home With Me, Don’t Want To Attract Other Freaks Loo

Image credits: Jennifer Blankenship

#141 My Cat In His Adirondack Chair I Got Him

Image credits: Lori Estridge Coy

#142 .i Thrifted Both Of These Fancy Cat Chairs In A Week Time Span And Two Different Thrift Stores (Portland, Oregon Area)

My friend asked me to babysit her rescue two kittens, and I also just happened to have thrifted this American Girl Doll scenery backdrop from the Bins. Magic happened! The two little girls whom the kittens belong to were very stoked for the fancy photo

Image credits: Alyson Clair

#143 This Pillow That Oddly Resembled My Cat Sid

Image credits: Crystal Rose

#144 Goodwill In Wadsworth, Oh Had About 6 Of These Enormous Portraits. I Assume They Were From An Old Salon, But… Why? Toddler For Scale

Image credits: Lindsay Patterson

#145 Been Collecting Buttons Over The Years… This Is By Far One Of The Most Mysterious. Are There Truly No Issues? Why Were Reassurances Offered?

Image credits: Kevin Dennis‎

#146 Check Out These Perfect Metal Mini Coins! 3 For $1 They Came Home With Me! Chapstick For Scale

Image credits: ‎Danielle Bushnell Perry‎ to

#147 Audrey Hepburn Tattooing Marilyn Monroe. These Bad Girls Are Hanging Out At Goodwill In Watauga Texas. (Did Not Come Home With Me)

Image credits: Anne Lunde Freeman

#148 “Paint Tube” Salt & Pepper Shakers $45

Image credits: Ginger Pauley

#149 Found At The Goodwill Dunn Ave. Jacksonville, Fl

Image credits: ‎Kelly Kaler‎

#150 Maybe Its Not “That” Weird But I Still Had To Share. Nanu… Nanu

Image credits: ‎Noel Chrisjohn Benson

#151 A Few Years Ago I Came Across The Rainbow One At A Thrift Store That Was Closing. My Grandmother Went Back And Bought It As A Surprise . A Year Later I Was Surprised By The Other One At A Goodwill

I moved a huge and ugly pot and she stood behind it in all her sparkly beauty. It is holding butterflies which are our forever babys sign I carried her through the store proudly instead of putting her in the cart. It is taller than the rainbow one (like a big sister would be), and our angel had light hair (like the butterfly one) vs. Our rainbows dark hair (like the rainbow one). They are perfect!

Image credits: ‎Heather Stone

#152 I See All Your Tiny Animals And I Raise You Simba On Thrifted Bigger Simba (A Childhood Toy From Years Ago

Image credits: ‎Sally Gaigalas‎

#153 Sister Picked Me Up This Amazing Chair From Her Neighbor Who Didn’t Want It Anymore And Gifted It To Me

My hubby and I do medieval reenactment / combat and I feel like it needs to come with me to the fairgrounds this year

Image credits: ‎Danni Sutton‎

#154 Hand Knitted Dog Snood For 50p Thank You Very Much

Image credits: ‎Fizzie Tocher

#155 For When You Need To Answer The Police Calling To Say Your Husband Has Died Under “Mysterious Circumstances”

Image credits: ‎Jordan Kuykendall‎

#156 Talk Me Out Of It!

Image credits: Sandi Keller

#157 This My Little Friend. He Goes Around Fixing All The Broken Lights On The Tree. He Is Very Helpful And Kind

I can not remember a time when he wasn’t hanging around in the tree. This ornament belonged to my grandparents and is one of my most treasured things

Image credits: Ryan Patrick Larkin

#158 Found This In A Random Charity Shop In Edinburgh Scotland

Image credits: Latoya Reginald

#159 Ladies And Gentlemen I Give You An Egg Of Hair!

Image credits: Andrew Chipps

#160 I Mean, Naturally I Had To Buy This Immediately And Give It To My Wife

Image credits: Rachel Blankenship-Tucker

#161 You Know Thrifters Always Worry About What We’re Touching, So I Will Admit These Bowls And Plates Totally Threw Me Until I Took A Second Look. I Picked Them Up And Was Delighted To Discover They Were Ceramic

Image credits: Alyssa Maneval

#162 I Got This From My Mom Who Found It At An Antique Store

Image credits: Alex Spataro

#163 Ahhh… I Remember These. I Can’t Help But Imagine The Person Who Collected These And Thought Damn. I Am Going To Make So Much Money Someday. I Am Fricken Set For Retirement… It’s Gonna Be Me

*Travels to Vegas gets all cute to go on Pawn Stars* Chumlee looks at the collection and calls in the expert who says oh wow. ‘but to be honest there’s just one thing a part that is missing ‘the full collection is worth approximately $5,000… Too bad you don’t have Joey Fatone… That changes everything… Chumlee… Yeah. I’ll give you 5 bucks

Image credits: Elysia Libbrecht

#164 Things Are Getting Crazy Out Here In The Wild West…

Image credits: Jennifer Zogg

#165 When You Love Anything Mushroon And You Find This Thrifting. Artifact Recycle

Image credits: Michelle Cumming

#166 Found This In A Drawer When I Moved Into My House… Still Sealed With Stuff In It I’m Not Gunna Try It Neither

Image credits: Christine Twitchell

#167 You Better Watch Out. You Better Watch Out. You Better Watch Out

Image credits: Cory Cummings

#168 I Really Regret Not Buying This Sweater I Found 6 Years Ago!

Image credits: Sheri Mcnevin

#169 About 20 Years Ago I Bought A Small House, And In The Attic Was This Bedazzled Banana. It Has Hung On My Christmas Tree Every Year Since!

Image credits: Amy Lamborg

#170 This Is A Vintage Mushroom-Shaped Dish Sponge Holder My Boyfriend Gave Me After Finding It In A Goodwill In Woodbury, MN

I thought it would be the perfect toad-stool for my work toads, they love it

Image credits: Sammie Peterson

#171 I Do Not Know Who’s Memaw And Pap This Is. I Bought Them At A Yard Sale. They Both Seemed So Proud Of Their New Car. They Are Currently Hanging In My Hallway

Image credits: Melissa Miller-Casper

#172 My Fiance Found This Mini Barbecue At A Yard Sale Last Year! My Engagement Ring For Size Comparison

Image credits: Sara Meader

#173 Our Town Just Opened Up A Local Good Will Outlet, Which I’ve Never Been To One Before. It Was A Whole Experience. I Thought I Was Picking Up A Toy Rottweiler When Suddenly It Was Looking Back At Me And Begging To Be Put Out Of Its Misery

Image credits: Callie Van Oordt

#174 My Mom Found This Blue Eyed, Brown Tailed Stray Cat, And In The Same Week I Found This Little Porcelain Blue Eyed, Brown Tailed Kitty Container. I Knew She Had To Keep Them Both

Image credits: Gabby Hier

#175 Been Thrifting Since I Was A Kid And I Know The Time To Buy Something Weird Is When You See It

Image credits: Andrew Solano

#176 I See Your Animals On Tiny Furniture And Raise You A Dragon On A Tiny Flamingo Float

Image credits: Kelli Southard Webb

#177 I Was At The Goodwill In Bellingham, WA Looking For Some Last Minute Christmas Things. This Was Not On My List. It Remained In The Store

Image credits: Kam Shaft

#178 Nail Art, Vintage Store. “I Knew Somebody Would Want It!” Said The Owner. I’m Somebody Now!

Image credits: Michelle Anne Schingler

#179 Wanted To Share My Favorite Tiny Item, A Tiny Bottle Of Perfume Called “Fleeting Moment” Inside A Tiny Box With Needle Point Lid. It Was My Grandmother’s

Image credits: Laura Brooks

#180 It Is Definitely Old, As You Can See From The Second Picture, And Too Small To Fit A Bottle Of Wine. As For The Lurking Kitty, His Name Is Bobby Mcgee And He’s Full Of Shenanigans

Image credits: Christina Rawady

#181 May All Your Troubles Fit In My Cup!

Image credits: Helen Jezierski Ortiz

#182 I Got This Vintage Shadow Box With A Christmas Scene From A Estate Sale My Kids Think It’s Weird That I Would Like It So Much And Put It Amongst My Christmas Decorations. Am I Wrong ?

Image credits: Lori Mac Donald Sunday

#183 Weird Bunny Egg Baby. Found In Box From My Fiance’s Grandma. Ansonia, CT Anyone Have Any Idea What It Is? I Want To Start Collecting Them!

Image credits: Veronica Young

#184 When Anyone Asks Me Where I Live I Tell Them (She’s Now Purple) Just Look For The Blue Cow

Image credits: Brittany Woods

#185 Local Junk-Tique Has This And Few More. Why Is This Even A Thing?

Image credits: Susan Frazee-Kurner

#186 I Said L’chaim To This $15 Find At The Goodwill In Rochester, MN

Image credits: Jana Keller

#187 Bought This At An Auction… No One Bid On It And I Felt Bad For It $1 Well Spent

Image credits: Christian Johnson

#188 I Walked Into A Thrift Store In Sacramento, Ca, And Found A Painting Of Myself That Had Been Donated From A Small Gallery Closing Years Previously

They actually priced it too high for me to take home

Image credits: Nick Fabian

#189 Saw This At The Unclaimed Baggage Store In Scottsboro, AL About 10 Years Ago. Someone Actually Left This In A Suitcase At The Airport. It Is An Original Puppet From The Movie. Had To Share

Image credits: Amber Nicole Gatlin-Vozar

#190 I Run A Barbershop In Edinburgh. One Day, One Of My Elderly Clients Came In With This Beauty! He Found It In A Charity Shop And Immediately Thought Of Me!

It works perfectly, and when the batteries are done, he gladly changes them for me!

Image credits: Pauline Suttie

#191 Great Find Today In Wells, ME. I Love My Tiny Pluto Cup The Most

Image credits: Rebecca Connolly

#192 I Found Wilson In A Ditch While On A Trike Ride Near My Neighborhood. He’s My Secondhand Man Now

Image credits: Scott Leak

#193 Sassy Geometric Cat

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#194 My Mother’s Charm Bracelet Of Tiny Tools. The Pen Knife, Pliers, Nutcracker And Scissors All Operate. She Died In 1969 And I Doubt This Has Been Cleaned Since. I Don’t Even Know How To Clean It Properly

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#195 2 Years Ago, The Turtle I’d Had For Over 13 Years Passed Away. She Only Had Three Legs When I Rescued Her. A Few Weeks After She Died I Saw This Adorable Votive Holder In The Local Goodwill. Picked It Up And It Was Also Missing The Same Back Leg!

Image credits: Mary Beth

#196 Found This Gem In Springfield Goodwill. Definitely Came Home With Me

Image credits: Justice Murchison

#197 So Cool! Found At Good Will In Black Mountain, NC! Absolutely In Love!

Image credits: Kayla Shannon

#198 Found In Atlanta, GA. Did Not Come Home With Me

Image credits: Elizabeth Ann

#199 Our Neighbors Were The Most Wonderful You Can Imagine. They Were Totally Into Our Dogs. As A Going Away Present We Found This Little Painter At An Antique Store And Glued A Picture Of Us With Our Dogs On The “Canvas”, So We’re Always Nearby, Even If Not Next Door

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#200 I Inherited This Ring From My Mom, Before She Passed Away 21 Years Ago… Top Says “Love” Flip Your Hand Over, Annnnnnddd…

Image credits: Denise Nash French

#201 I’m A Tall Girl, 5’9” To Be Exact. Can Anyone Explain Why Boots Would Go This High? Me And My Daughter Are Cracking Up

Image credits: Demree Seymour

#202 I Bought This Little Frame With Intentions To Clean It And Put A Picture In It. I Just Loved The Shape Of It

When I opened the back I saw a little note that translates “edelweiss- Swiss flower from my journey with my aunt and uncle in august 1903 -Germaine”

Image credits: Angela Tentis

#203 I Am A Dixie Cup/Dixie Chick/Tall Glass Of Water! That Is All. $3 At The Big Goodwill In Seattle, So You Know I Bought It!

Image credits: Tara MillerBerry

#204 Thrift Shopping On Vacay With My Daughter In Colorado Springs. It’s Probably A Planter But We’re Going To Wash It Thoroughly And Use It For Chips And Salsa At Parties

Image credits: Christen Sheffield

#205 My Dad Passed Away Suddenly At The Age Of 60 December 6th. And The Id Been Having A Hard Time And Was Feeling Really Down. My Mom Asked Me If I Could Stop At The Thrift Store And Look For Some Rubber Stampers For My 6 Yr Old Niece

So I found a giant bag of them and didn’t really examine them closely. I bought them and tossed them in the trunk and went grocery shopping. Later that night I was rolling the bag around and could not believe what I was seeing! There was a stamper in there with my dads name on it!! I knew at this very moment that it was going to be okay and that I didn’t need to be sad. I have never found anything with my dads name on it really anywhere especially in a thrift store.

Image credits: Lisa Adamski

#206 In The Late 70s I Was Given My Maternal Grandmother’s Cedar Chest, Which Had Been A Gift To Her From My Grandfather. When My Mom Died In Late 2016, I Inherited My Grandmother’s Photo Albums

One day I was looking through one of the albums and pulled out a photo, and found a folded up piece of paper behind it. It was part of a love letter from my grandfather to my grandmother about why he was giving her the cedar chest. My mom never even knew about the letter. I only knew my grandparents as seniors with a complicated and sometimes contentious marriage, so this glimpse into their love story is very special.

In case you can’t read the note, it says (complete with his original inconsistent punctuation, spelling and capitalization): “And now, Dearheart I come to that which has been in my mind for weeks my Christmas gift for you. I wanted it to be something of ineffable beauty with that quality which so like you, will gain in preciousness as the years roll by. I wanted it to be something you would admire and use reminiscently, in after years joyfully, in the Dream days of Now. And whose age-old traditions would serve only to enchance its value in your eyes. And so I have sent you guess what? Something I have felt you would want for your very own. Something wholly in keeping with those dainty possessions which will find sanctuary within. Something whose lasting and protective fragrance I ask you to accept as a token of my own tender devotion…A cedar chest.”

I put it in a document protector and attached it under the lid along with a photo of my grandparents from around the time that letter would have been written. I’ve always loved the cedar chest but having the letter makes it even more special. I wish the letter had been complete with his signature, and in better condition.

Image credits: Leslie Cobb

#207 I Found Serotonin Shoes At Goodwill! And They Are My Size. I Love Everything Science, But The Hubs Classified Them As Weird. You Bet They Came Home With Me

Image credits: Lisa Marie Koontz

#208 My First Post! A Wine Glass Big Enough To Hold A Whole Yorkie Poo! Found At A St. Vinnies In Springfield, Oregon

Image credits: Alexis Singler

#209 Behold The Plastic, See Through, Rainbow Jacket… My Daughter Did Not Want It

Image credits: Deanna Prater

#210 Rock, Paper, Scissors Mugs! $2 Each At West Ryde Sydney Australia, Did Not Come Home With Me As They Are Surprising Cumbersome To Hold, Looking At You Paper!

Image credits: Andrew Collis

#211 I Couldn’t Find Anything Cool To Buy So I Took The Goodwill Local Map Off The Wall And Walked Up To The Register To See If They’d Sell It. $2 Later I Have A Giant Map I Don’t Know What To Do With

Image credits: Ben Shuber

#212 My Son Has Autism And Is Obsessed With Dinosaurs So When I Saw This Lampshade/Light Feature I Knew I Had To Get It At My Local Red Cross For Just £2.50! Absolute Bargain And My Son Loves It!

Image credits: Taome Laura Le Huray

#213 Went Shopping With My Mom And Saw This Amazing Mermaid Weathervane At An Antique Store In Bennettesville, Sc

Store owner wanted too much for her and she needed some repairs, so I regrettably left her behind. But apparently my mom went back and bought it for me because she gave it to me for Christmas (my dad is a machinist and has been teaching my brother and they were able to fix the broken pieces)! She will now reside on the roof of my she-shed!

Image credits: Chelsea Poole Parks

#214 I Present You With This 9’1” Solid Wood Credenza That Was Originally Designed For One Of The Creators Of “The Honeymooners”, For His Home In The Trousdale Estates (A Neighborhood In Beverly Hills)

 I bought it about 10 years ago from his wife’s estate. Our house is a Spanish/Mediterranean and I love its moorish styled cabinet doors and drawers. It’s finished beautifully on its back, so it can be used as a floater/divider in large open spaces. It was for his dining room. The drawers are felt lined and sectioned for silverware (we use them for dvds and gaming accessories). The cabinets are finished inside and have their original linen to provide privacy for stored items. We’ve resisted placing items inside that would cause us to drill out the back (hence, the electronic items on top). I was told by his family that this piece was part of many cool gatherings/parties with the rat pack in attendance. The old owner worked closely with Jackie Gleason, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Frank Sinatra and so many others. I purchased this for $100. We have an unusually long wall in our family room and this piece works perfectly in it. It is cherished by us and hope at some point to see photos with it from those amazing gatherings.

A few extra facts. It is in one, heavy piece that does not come apart. Moving was done by a professional that I happily paid. The cabinet low price is possibly a reflection of that time period, the economy was still very much in recovery and estate sales seem to have a lot to move but few actual buyers, at least from my experience at that time. Just grateful that the stars aligned for us with this piece. We are a board game family and keep a variety stored in the roomy cabinets. I didn’t negotiate on price, it was offered as such. We love the piece and it has been the center of many gatherings here, so I think the vibes are good ones.

Image credits: Lisa Coplen Pearl

#215 When Shopping In The Webb’s Antique Mall In North Central Florida, I Found This Unusual Gift Idea

Image credits: Chuck Field

#216 My Best Rummage Sale Find! I Call Him ‘Bone Daddy’ And He Graces My Living Room Year Round

Image credits: ‎Mary McDowell‎

#217 Last Year I Had Found 5 Of These 7 Dwarves At A Local Antique Mall. Then This Year, I Went Antiquing At A Different Store, Different Town 30 Min Away… And I Saw 2 Dwarves The Exact Two I Was Missing!

Image credits: Bri Haug

#218 I’m Not Sure If These Two Things Belong Together But The People At Goodwill Seem To Think So

Image credits: Kaylenn Blair Montgomery

#219 These Cat Stairs Were A Curbside Find In South Florida. (I Suppose It Could Be Used As A Shelf, But It’s Clearly Meant To Be A Miniature Spiral Staircase For Theatrical Cats)

Image credits: Alicia Stamm

#220 Ugg Slipper Chairs…. Goodwill On Hepburn Rd In PA

Image credits: Elise Glackin

#221 I’m Walking Around Faith In Action In Belfair Wa When I See This Double Baby Potty Seat Bench, Including It’s Own Magazine Rack On The Side

It was tiny, the seat was probably 8 inches off of the ground. My husband Craig informed me that it is actually for putting plants into, but I question his reality

Image credits: Stormy Donelson

#222 Found This In My Husbands Grandfathers Attic While Moving Them Out. Bought Sometime In The 40’s At An Auction In A $2 Box. It’s Now My Favorite Mantle Piece

Image credits: Kaitlyn Dale Addison

#223 My Boyfriend Picked Up This Secret Soviet Suitcase At An Auction For $25!

He busts it out at parties and everyone wants to take it home. I keep saying he should take it into Starbucks open it up on a table and act like hes making some serious transactions

Image credits: Lori Munstermann

#224 Because Butts. Found At Savers In St. Louis, MO. It Didn’t Come Home With Me, But Only Because I Already Have Too Many Thrifted Coffee Mugs

Image credits: April Gonzalez

#225 Found This At Goodwill In Charles Town, WV. Made Me Smile And Didn’t Come Home With Me. They Always Have My Name

Image credits: Ashley M. Batten

#226 Got A Leak In The Ceiling In The Family Room And Had To Replace The Ceiling. This Medicine Bottle Came Falling Down

Posted it in my town group and actually found her granddaughter! She was able to tell me her address which was mine. She came over and told me stories about the house like that my daughters room used to be the dining room and brought a picture of the woman. Pretty cool! Also, the date is my mom and sisters birthday! Different years though!

Image credits: Megan Dovgin-Wooten

#227 Super Warm While Riding To Work, Got A Few Strange Looks Though, Unsure As To Why. Carers Together Chazza Shop, Chandlers Ford, UK For One Whole Full English £1

Image credits: Marlen James

#228 Found And Left At Deseret Industries In Idaho Falls

Make sure to follow your Drems!

If you can Drem it you can do it!

Never let go of your drems!

Image credits: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#229 So In A Storage Bin- Some Cat Lady Left Her Blazer Behind

Image credits: Dawn Cicio

#230 I Have A Love Hate Relationship With This Jacket. Whoever Owned This Jacket Was The Coolest Cat

I found her at the Goodwill in Goose Creek, sc. I needed this jacket because the aesthetic is so horrible but she’s too cool. Do you see the gold unicorns!? She is velvet, suede, and ribbons

Image credits: Jennifer Caywood Williams

#231 Picked Up These Walken Shoes At Goodwill Here In Portland, Or

Image credits: Corey G Lewis

#232 A Uniquely Shaped Clothing Hamper That Toad-Ally Came Home With My Brother. $8.60 At The St. Vinny’s In Sun Prairie, Wi

Image credits: Madeline Erce

#233 I Just Bought Land Where A House From 1830 Burned Last Year. On The First Day Of Cleanup I Uncovered Some Old Jars And Hand-Forged Nails. The Basement Seems Untouched From The Fire, But I Haven’t Been Able To Go All The Way In Yet

Image credits: Colby Smart

#234 This Is Our Adopted Rock Jerry. We Found Him In A Foreclosure We Bought. He Now Spends His Days Staring Out The Window Like This Judging Everyone

Image credits: Sarah Grantham

#235 I Think I Finally Found Something Weird Enough To Share! Found At The Oldsmar Flea Market In Fl. This Beauty Did Not Come Home With Me

Image credits: Michelle Ragsdale-McCue

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