20 May 2015: Mike Buchanan defends the right of Muirfield golf club members to exclude women members

20 May 2015: Mike Buchanan defends the right of Muirfield golf club members to exclude women members
    This is the first section of a longer audio file (1:14:38) available on our Vimeo channel, here:
    On 19 May, the results of a ballot of the members of Muirfield golf course, a prestigious golf course in Scotland, were made public. Our blog piece on the matter, published the same day:
    The ballot asked if members wished to allow women to become members for the first time, and while 64% voted for the proposition, the vote was slightly short of the 67% required for the required change to the club's constitution. Doubtless, given the shame that will have been piled upon the club members, when the matter comes up again for a ballot, an increased number of votes will mean women can become club members. Men appear hard-wired to give up their freedoms in order to appease men-hating women.
    The liberal media had a predictable field day over the matter, and the BBC in particular. This audio file is the start of a discussion on Stephen Jardine's show on BBC Radio Scotland, and the BBC's view of the matter was evident from the leading question, 'Should Scots be embarrassed about the Muirfield decision?'
    Prior to my contribution, an inspiring Scottish lady, Elspeth, stoutly and eloquently defended the Muirfield decision (2:01 - 7:20). My own contribution was ended by the presenter after just 129 seconds (8:16 - 10:25) and he didn't engage with my comments. All par for the course for the BBC, pun intended. This audio file ends at this point, but click on the Vimeo link for the subsequent phone-in (from 10:25), which is well worth listening to, if you have the time. The Muirfield decision was welcomed by a substantial number of callers.

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    1. its ridiculous , isnt this a free country ? no its not . you cant have the open unless you allow women . why dont the women fuck off and start their own club . same thing at the FA in england with a recent report saying not enough women in there too .

    2. Men can't be men around woman, it's just the way it is. Men need the competitiveness of other men around them, and woman need the friendship of other woman around them. With a gender neutral club it creates sexual tensions.

    3. Disgusting how many people called in bemoaning the right of a private club to set its own membership guidelines. As long as the club is private, meaning privately owned and funded, it should be able to discriminate freely. That first woman who called in had the right of it.

    4. Why stop at gender?
      If there`s a doctors only club shouldn`t we allow road workers to join and vice versa?
      I think there`s a "club" for people 7ft and over, so people that are 5ft tall should also be allowed…?

    5. Lol the biggest embarrassment here is that this is even a topic, women have loads of places that is only for them and men are not allowed, so either accept it or remove female only clubs.

    6. Muirfield are acting on their right to the membership structure they want, fine I suppose. You would also have to respect that the R&A are also free to choose where their tournaments are played. 
      Both organisations are making decisions based on their own criteria. I think the point being missed in all this is that there is major discrimination based on class in a lot of golf clubs. If you are a moderate earner (gender aside) with no connections in the club you have little chance of joining or playing the course through connections. Conversely you can be a wife of a wealthy individual who happens to be a club member and you can play away at will, you might even have your own specialised tee times, without having to incur a cost either! I don't see the clamouring to allow lower middle class and working class men into golf clubs.

    7. Once they start accepting women , they ( the women ) will demand that the men change everything to suit to their wants , if they resist there'll be a shaming campaign against them.

      Everytime women infiltrate a male space said space gets ruined.

    8. Some Women are pathetic, if they want to have a women only golf club then start one. There will not be a man on earth that would begrudge them that.. If men want something they start it, before long some wind bag complains and it's ruined..

    9. I say that men should try to join women's organizations and gyms. Expose feminist as the hypocrites that they are by giving them a taste of their own medicine.

    10. If they had another vote, maybe it would be a different result , but only because these men and their club are being harassed, abused and browbeaten by the politicians, feminists and the media. Leave them alone. It's astonishing to hear a woman come on and defend this while an old guy comes on and takes the feminist line. Grow some balls, man!!

      "they will pay a high price for this decision"

      Exactly. It all comes down to blackmailing businesses and clubs with threats of shutting them down due to boycotts by the establishment and brainwashed drones. This is the same argument used by the Remain in the EU side, that the rest of Europe will cause us harm if we leave. This is BLACKMAIL. The big businesses want women in these clubs because they want more interest in the game from more people as it means bigger profits from sales of products/services and sponsorship/ads. We need to realise that the "greed is good" motto is ruining our civilisation. We're being used by multinational corporations.

      And will the drones please stop saying "you're dinosaurs, this is 2016" as an argument. It's not a logical argument. It's just shouting the date. It's like people back in the 40s saying chemically castrating Alan Turing is okay because it's the 1940s!!!! It's such a childish response.

    11. It's understandable why some men would want male-only spaces. If men let women into places like this, you end up with rape and sexual assault accusations and political correctness. It's perfectly fine to have a private club. Women have private clubs and these complainers don't see an issue with those. It's sheer double standards. All I see is double standards on a daily basis, e.g. FGM being banned and MGM being legal.