2 Ball Challenge | 10th Hole @ The Belfry

2 Ball Challenge | 10th Hole @ The Belfry
    Steve Buzza and James Pickard take on the iconic 10th hole At The Belfry. It's a risk and reward hole so in this challenge the boys have to lay up and go for it with the combined score finding the winner.
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    1. Really enjoyed this video! I have yet to see any videos with this idea. Please keep them coming. I am into my second year of golf and still struggling with course management. Keep up the great work!!! Thanks

    2. Incorrect drop by Pickard with the yellow line. If it is red, he can drop at point of entry – 2 club lengths no closer the hole. With yellow his option was to replay from his original spot or identify the line on which the ball last crosses the water hazard in reference to the hole. Use that line for taking a drop behind the water hazard, which mean the water hazard cannot be taken out of play when the player proceed with his or her next stroke. There is not limit on how far back a player can go and take a drop on the identified line. http://www.usga.org/rulesfaq/rules_answer.asp?FAQidx=106&Rule=26

    3. So having agreed that Buzza's second ball hit the water directly, should he have dropped it on the "tee" side of the water? And the fact he didn't do that, should he be disqualified, handing a double win to James?

    4. Pretty cool video concept, Buzza, too bad it quite didn't work out like you wanted. Great fun anyway!! Similar to the 10th at Riviera. Enticing to "go for it" but long term is it better to iron off the tee instead? Those kinds of course management decisions I just find fascinating.

    5. Hazard has to be between you and the hole when you drop, on yellows its only point of entry in line or stroke & distance, no such thing as a two clublength drop from a yellow hazard, especially not greenside of it

      Remember that drop Tiger got in trouble for at the Masters when he hit the flag on 15 and went in backwards

    6. There's quite clearly a splash at 4.42-4.43 as James zooms in. A bigger one than you'd get from landing on then rolling back in surely? That downhill chip out of thick stuff has to be the hardest short in the book. Have you done a vid on how to do them?