18 Shots: Power Draw Driver Tip featuring Mark Blackburn

18 Shots: Power Draw Driver Tip featuring Mark Blackburn
    There's a difference between a hook and a draw. The control you have on the draw means you can strategically position your tee ball to card a lower score in your match, or just impress your playing partners. In this episode of 18 Shots, PGA Professional Mark Blackburn helps you find the balance between target, clubface and swing path so that you can place your Titleist golf ball in "position A" off the tee. Enjoy the round #TeamTitleist

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    1. So, from the path lines in this video, set the clubface aimed at around 33 degrees (approximately 5 minutes after the hour on a clock) to the right of the desired target line, then swing at another 33 degrees right of the clubface's aim. The swing-path is thus at a whopping 66 degrees away from the target line (at approximately 11 minutes after the hour on a clock), but because the ratio of the swing-path to the clubface is two-to-one (66 to 33 is 2:1), the ball will "power draw" from the right to the left. In this video, the advice actually means swing at the trees clearly out of bounds. If we ever tried this Titleist advice, we'd hit a wicked hook, which we don't want, or we might zero out the swing path and clubface at the back of ball producing a block ball to the right-side trees, which we also do not want. That is, if we even managed somehow to hit the ball with the center of the clubface. This is the old 'swing to right field' advice from the last century, just about the worst golf pro advice ever. It's as if we were standing as a batter at home plate and deliberately trying to hit a pitch at the first baseman. The second baseman is standing at 33 degrees (the base is at 12 o'clock, so the second baseman is at 5 minutes after the hour), but the first baseman is standing at 66 degrees. If by some religious miracle in heaven that defies the law of physics on earth the ball flight from this advice puts the ball on the target–as it is supposed to do in a draw–then we should become a holy cleric, because there is no way on earth swinging at right field will reliably and consistently give us a hit at the base sitting there straight up the middle. There are tons of better 'how to hit a draw' advice on YouTube than this Titleist video. Not incidentally, notice that the fake ProTracer of the ball flight in this video never did track a 'draw' of the ball back ON the target.

    2. When he said Birmingham, Alabama my ears did a double take.
      It sounded like Burminham, Awabama.
      Birmingham was spot on (as per southernness).
      But the Alabama sounded hard for him to pronounce.
      Swing was sweet though.