156 Photos Of People Having A Worse Day Than You (New Pics)

That lovely German word ‘schadenfreude’ describes the pleasure that one gets in witnessing another person’s misfortune. While we don’t necessarily condone this slightly evil feeling, it can be useful in putting one’s own struggles and unfortunate events into perspective.

For example, you’re not having a good time of things. You didn’t get much sleep, the car won’t start, and you’re late for work. Seems like you’re having the worst day ever! It’s easy to feel grumpy and full of self-pity; you might even bring the people around you down as well, with your crappy mood.

However, one look at this list, compiled by Bored Panda, will immediately make you realize how much worse things can be. These people are having a really bad day, and it’s sure to be worse than yours. Does that make things better? Yes. Should it really? Probably not. But somehow it does, so who are we to argue?

Scroll down below for your daily dose of schadenfreude, whether you need it or not, and feel free to tell us about your own funny accidents in the comments!

#1 A Statue Of Jesus In India Mysteriously Began Dripping Water From Its Toes. Worshippers Started Collecting It And Drinking It Believing It Was Holy. The Source Of The Water Was Later Found To Be Clogged Pipes

Image credits: vbivanov

#2 When You Ignore The Foul Taste Of Morning Tea

Image credits: Abhivp

#3 This Girl Was Bleaching Her Hair And Put A Plastic Bag From Walmart Over It To Help The Heat Stay In And It Printed The Ink Onto Her Hair

Image credits: kttyfrncs

#4 Chinese Man Chops Off His Own Finger After A Snake Bite ‘To Save My Own Life’, But Doctors Say It Was Totally Unnecessary

Image credits: Weibo

#5 Well, I Guess I’m The Chandelier Now

Image credits: TheSoulOfTheRose

#6 I Give Up

Image credits: ItsCadenYoung

#7 Well That Sucks

Image credits: EatsRSL

#8 Probably The Greatest Picture Of Myself That’s Ever Been Taken

Image credits: Bait_Za_Dusto

#9 Today I Learned That I Sleepwalk

Image credits: 4ensicFiles

#10 Sucks To Be You, Tom

Image credits: oconnj17

#11 I Work At A Small Coffee Shop. My Boss Just Absent-Mindedly Poured Unroasted Beans Into A Batch Of Roasted Ones. Here’s Us Separating 10,000 Beans. By Hand

Image credits: CensoryDeprivation

#12 Just Married Couple In Front Of Their Burning Car

Image credits: melzhas

#13 Lol

Image credits: Meatygraffiti2000

#14 Spent $11.75 Growing Tomatoes This Year. Here’s My Whole Harvest

Image credits: TheGorgo

#15 Fighting An Ant Infestation In My Kitchen The Last Couple Days. Didn’t Think To Check My Cereal Box. Realized The Small Brown Things Are Ants 6-8 Bites In

Image credits: bringbackflipphones

#16 Context Matters

Image credits: bethmayashley

#17 Apparently The Kids Were Too Distracted To Shut The Door

Image credits: sn00perz

#18 I Received This Gift From My Crush

Image credits: sunny_boey

#19 Still Better Than A Dui!

Image credits: crab_rangoonsquad

#20 Two Brothers Won The Lottery On The Same Day

Image credits: AndWeKilledHim

#21 Oh Well

Image credits: om_is_love

#22 “I Dunno Mum. It Came With The Frame”

Image credits: ella_vdm

#23 Rude Awakening

Image credits: SoIScrewedUpSoWhat

#24 Keys Inside Armored Truck

Image credits: Noxja

#25 Oops

Image credits: imperialpillow

#26 When You Forget Your Friends

Image credits: _oliviadonovan

#27 Jonah Hill Dropping His Coffee

Image credits: TorahTalmud

#28 Home Alone Cleaning The Roof And Gutters When I Heard A Loud Bang

Image credits: orangeworker

#29 I Went Outside With Inside Out Shorts

A package I had been waiting for was delivered to the post office, I jumped out of bed, put some shoes on and I went to the post office, there were some folks in there and I talked to a few. I got home and I started to cook myself food, and I noticed my shorts had been inside out the entire time.

Image credits: lavloves

#30 This Is What Happened When Your Wife Wraps The Meat The Same Way Your Sandwiches Are Wrapped For Work

Image credits: londoncockney1

#31 My Mom Accidentally Left Her Mirror In Front Of The Window Over The Day. After Coming Back She Found This

Image credits: Saftgeaicht

#32 Imagine Getting Your Name Excluded Like This In A Movie Credit Scene

Image credits: krypto_knight_1109

#33 Looks Like I’m Not Getting My Bluetooth Earbuds Back For A While

Image credits: friedflip

#34 So I Started Work As A Beekeeper Last Week

Image credits: Fuckler_boi

#35 That Ain’t Chocolate

Image credits: LiveFastDieSlow

#36 300 Eggs Down Ten Minutes Before The End Of My Shift. Eggscelent

Image credits: RafikiDubs

#37 Picked My Car Up From The Mechanic Yesterday After Having A Bunch Of Things Replaced Totalling $2100 Just To Have Burst Into Flames On Me This Morning. I’m Too Poor For This Shit

Image credits: dogknot43

#38 Throwback To The Time I Signed A “Funny” Signature, And Then The Computer Froze And I Had To Explain To The Three Employees That Came To Help That No, My Name Isn’t Poop Mouth And No, I Don’t Know Why I Wrote That, And Please Just Take My Money So I Can Go Home And Die

Image credits: citadelinn

#39 Someone Cut Me Up While Transporting Chilli For My Sister-In-Law’s Birthday Dinner

Image credits: g-hannah85

#40 Damn You, Autocorrect

Image credits: adirtyguntz

#41 Not Dead

Image credits: SidwWolfe

#42 Scene Outside My Apartment Today

Image credits: skhadem

#43 Paris CDG Airport. The luggage is in the middle of the road. Someone Will Have A Bad Day

Image credits: 4lphaZed

#44 I Made A Lasagna For Lunch. Here’s The Result

Image credits: sloubi_

#45 My Pen Exploded In My Mouth. I Have A Senior Speech For Marching Band Today

Image credits: Nightmareshella

#46 Someone At Porsche Is Getting Fired Today

Image credits: chaometric

#47 Funny

Image credits: Brady-Forrest

#48 I’m Leaving My Job After 5 Years Today, Over 500 People I Work With, This Is My Leaving Card

Image credits: NubShakeZ

#49 Got Home From Work Today. Realized I’ve Been Walking Around Meeting Clients With A Giant 6-7 In Rip In My Pants That No One Said Anything About. So I Figured The Internet Should Also Know

Image credits: Krumpus8

#50 Got A New Printer. The Old One Didn’t Go Out Without A Fight

Image credits: jamesfn7

#51 The Moment You Realize You Used The Wrong Spray

Image credits: noiwontpickaname

#52 Came Home For A Week To Help My Parents Out With Some Yard Work. Turns Out, I Don’t Know What Poison Ivy Looks Like

Image credits: BEARDBAR

#53 My Morning Coffee Had Extra Aroma Today

Image credits: sercankd

#54 Taxes

Image credits: TheMexicanJuan

#55 Irony, Meet Bad Luck; I Think You Two Will Get Along Just Great!

Image credits: I_Am_Err00r

#56 So, My Bottle Hair Dye Just Exploded

Image credits: sashagreylovesme

#57 My Blind Friend Got Engaged Yesterday. He’s Pretty Sure

Image credits: DownwindDonkey

#58 Played At Topgolf For The First Time Yesterday. This Is What I Found When I Got To My Car

Image credits: Jb9723

#59 My Wife Reminded Me Several Times To Put The Dog In His Kennel And I Did Not. He Promised He Would Be A Good Boy And He Was Not

Image credits: PJwonder

#60 WCGW If I Forget Sunscreen

Image credits: GENERALfreckles

#61 Well Sh*t

Image credits: theangrybritishgamer

#62 Our Company Now Has 900 Of These Pens

Image credits: mtkeepsrolling

#63 It’s Not What It Looks Like. It’s A Smoothie

Image credits: LetMeTouchBeak

#64 While Drunk 13 Years Ago I Let Someone Take A Leather Punch To My Ear. Turns Out It’s Impossible To Close Up Cartilage

Image credits: almansandro

#65 I’m Literally In A Bathroom Stall At Work Right Now Covered In Clown Paint And I Just Tried Wiping It Off And It’s Not Coming Off

Image credits: bradlyadamz009

#66 Found Out On The Way Home From Getting Our New Puppy That She Gets Car Sick. We Had An Hour Left To Drive

Image credits: B0xiest

#67 It’s A Me A-Marioooo …oh

Image credits: elementaldwarf

#68 Dropped A Glass In The Sink And Thought I Lucked Out When It Didn’t Shatter

Image credits: worldvsvenkman

#69 Just… How?

Image credits: tranquil-potato

#70 Oh No

Image credits: k-lara159

#71 I Thought I Was Going To Die In A Playground

Image credits: devonodev

#72 Broken Eyelash Curler Leads To A Very Sucky Morning

Image credits: Rjharps

#73 My Friend Found A Dead Bird In Her Shoes This Morning

Image credits: dangerousdinodong

#74 So The Jehovahs Witness’ At My Gfs Mom’s Friend’s Forgot To Put The Parking Brake On

Image credits: ApolloKid

#75 Well, There Goes Our Rice Stock For Several Weeks

Image credits: abidoang

#76 The Dutch Police Isn’t Immune To Stupid Mistakes Either

Image credits: Johan de Krom

#77 Time To Move, I Guess

Image credits: Missburr

#78 A Truck Carrying A Tank Of White Paint Dropped It On The Road

Image credits: grandyy

#79 Poor Guy

Image credits: Unknown

#80 My Smoothie

Image credits: melonenkoenig

#81 When Your One Piece Sink/Counter Randomly Explodes At 3am

Image credits: thetattoodguy

#82 Got Trapped In A Toilet In China With This Note On The Mirror. Found It Translates To “Please Do Not Lock The Door”

Image credits: denob

#83 Oh No

Image credits: bimboIover

#84 My Steam Iron Wasnt Working Properly So I Decided To Run It With Vinegar, Thinking It Might Be Related To Calcium Deposits. Guess I Was Right

Image credits: theduplofighter

#85 Oh No

Image credits: BritFire

#86 I’m Having A My-Kid-Puked-In-My-Prosthetic-Foot Day. You?

Image credits: Fishwhispersandgiggles

#87 My Poor Girlfriend Wakes Up To Her Laptop With A Hot Iron On Top Of It Courtesy Of Her Brother

Image credits: CommercialCost

#88 I Dunno Why My Friend Did This, I Just Thought It Would Fit Here

Image credits: Tekst_n_Username

#89 Cement Truck

Image credits: KevlarYarmulke

#90 FFS

Image credits: Scrubification

#91 Nice

Image credits: BringThemAllEZ

#92 Dropped The Oil Filter In The Oil Pan While Changing It

Image credits: Photo2Painting

#93 I Dislocated My Jaw. While Eating Cereal

Image credits: itsskylaraiden

#94 Former One Direction Member Niall Horan Votes ‘No’ On A Fan’s Poll Whether She Should Date Him

Image credits: tobrap

#95 Had To Check If There Was Pressure In The Pipe. Well Yes There Was. P.s It’s Black Carpaint

Image credits: CptObvious94

#96 A Friend On Ig Posted This To Their Story Yesterday

Image credits: Ciggytardust1

#97 Woman Wins $42,949,672.76 On A Slot Machine, But Casino Doesn’t Pay Out Claiming It’s A Glitch (It’s An Integer Overflow) (Credit To U/Lost448 On R/Softwaregore)

Image credits: HonTastic

#98 Happy I Booked The Window Seat

Image credits: dr–moreau

#99 We Didn’t Have The Heart To Tell Him

Image credits: Luecleste

#100 Excited To Start My New Job, Wanted To Make A Good Impression, Got There Early And Promptly Spilled Coffee All Over My Crotch

Image credits: whyisguessinghard

#101 When You Quickly Open Your Envelope Out Of Excitement

Image credits: star_o_mega

#102 Work Day Gone Wrong

Image credits: Rachel_Bonacci

#103 Wcgw If I Drain A Deep Fryer Into A Plastic Bucket?

Image credits: bootsmegamix

#104 Rain Update : I Woke Up To The Sight Of My Clothes, Shoes, Refrigerator And Washing Machine Floating

Image credits: milant_

#105 Looks Like I Won’t Be Listening To My New Vinyl Record. Thanks, USPS

Image credits: 404forlife

#106 I Didn’t Notice That My Glove Broke While Dying My Friend’s Hair And Now My Hands Are Stained

Image credits: CriticalReality

#107 Before And After I ****** Up At Work

Image credits: DomThePieSmuggler

#108 Had Some Trouble With The Ketchup Dispenser At Work

Image credits: TandoriChicken

#109 Noooo

Image credits: BeardedWolvrine

#110 Dropped My Credit Card In A Public Toilet. While It Had A Stranger’s Pee In It

Image credits: kavyaxxvii

#111 I Just Broke The Door Handle Of My Appartement And Cut Myself. I’m Also Locked In

Image credits: Kyscool

#112 Forgetting About Your Pizza For 8 Hours. Burnt So Bad It Looks Like A Double-Chocolate Brownie

Image credits: daddysnakeboi

#113 Finally Made A Good Lattice Crust Then I Went And Knocked My Cactus Onto It

Image credits: fabuji

#114 To Enjoy That Sunny Mid-January Weather

Image credits: I_am_Rude

#115 That Feeling When You Have A Good Clear Out And All You’ve Got To Do Is Put The Rubbish In The Bin… Well I Had That Feeling Until I Got To The Stairs And The Handle Snapped

Image credits: beeappy

#116 Wcgw If My Neighbour Uses The Longest Possible Drill Out There?

Image credits: p4r4v4n

#117 Tried Cooking A Sweet Potato In My New Air Fryer Today

Image credits: vo_xv

#118 Stray Bullet Landed On A Solar Panel I Just Installed

Image credits: zopilord

#119 When I Came To See The Largest Tower In The World

Image credits: Wasabii12315

#120 100 Yard Golf Shot Straight To The Face While Watching Sunset In Backyard Of Home On Golf Course

Image credits: meatloaf18

#121 Remember To Close Your Door Before Using An Automated Parking System

Image credits: TightSomewhere

#122 The Handle Of My Serving Spoon Snapped, Turns Out The Handle Was Full Of Sand And It Ruined My Delicious Turkey Stuffing Leftovers

Image credits: Silveeto

#123 Dammit!

Image credits: LonelyLightningRod

#124 I Went To Give An Important Presentation And This Happened

Image credits: mmasmaza

#125 Came Back From Holidays To Find My Second Phone Like This

Image credits: ComeOutNanachi

#126 Sat Down To Enjoy A Nice Saturday Morning Cup Of Coffee

Image credits: isotala

#127 I Tried To Add Some Chicken Salt To My Chips

Image credits: sahie

#128 Friggin Rock

Image credits: redfoxdance

#129 It Finally Happened To Me

Image credits: chickenalfredy

#130 It Was A Bit Windy In Downtown Yesterday

Image credits: Strattex

#131 I’ll Just Ride Across This Little Patch Of Wet Cement, What Could Go Wrong?

Image credits: neutronbob

#132 My Friend Asked Me To Take A Picture Of Him Standing On This Platform

Image credits: flashsirius

#133 Just Had My Car Detailed And My Kid Was Sick

Image credits: Princess_Reason

#134 I Totally Forgot That Having ‘Now Playing’ As A Face On Your Apple Watch Isn’t Just For Music, But Just The Last ‘Media’ You Might Have Watched That Day. It’s The New Watch, Too, The One That Doesn’t Turn Off The Screen. Cringe For Me And The Amount Of Customers Who Likely Saw This Today

Image credits: BalboBigggins

#135 Bringing A Ball That Big To A Beach Is Asking For A Disaster

Image credits: NikitasD123

#136 Who Dis

Image credits: tanaminks

#137 Smelled Gas, Very Strong. Couldn’t Locate. Called Emergency Number. Showed Up. Turned Out To Be A Safety Flyer In My Recyling That Had A Gas Smell “Sample” On It

Image credits: jtpinnyc

#138 Tried Recreating The Spider-Man Meme With A Panorama And Tripped On My Way To The Other Side

Image credits: jsm02

#139 Took My Truck In For An Alignment. I Think They Are Doing It Wrong

Image credits: jwood555

#140 Tried To Capture The Moment I Proposed To My Girlfriend This Weekend

Image credits: hawtdawtz

#141 This Was My Dad’s Boat On Our 2nd Time Out After Buying It. It Was Also On My Birthday

Image credits: Lpeck1

#142 The Best Spot In The Parking Lot Is Empty For A Reason

Image credits: Dpet89

#143 Going To Be A Long Flight

Image credits: WoodySoprano

#144 The Way She Turns Around In Horror

Image credits: Tuctje

#145 First Night In The New House And My Wife Cooks A Plastic Bag On The Brand New Stove

Image credits: Dadality0628

#146 Parking A Car For Days Illegally Under A Tree Full Of Egrets And Herons

Image credits: criethic

#147 Stitch UPS

Image credits: markymavis

#148 The Call Before You Dig Guy Said It Was Safe To Dig

Image credits: Mr_Supersonic52

#149 Awkward

Image credits: MegabitMegs

#150 Received This Text Yesterday While Eating Our Last Nectarine. My Husband Also Hates Tomatoes

Image credits: Snbridenbaugh

#151 I Met Adam Savage And Had Someone Take Our Picture

Image credits: sburgel

#152 With A Highway Closed In Both Directions Due To A Bush Fire, Here Was The Next Quickest Way To Get Between Wa And Sa

Image credits: JustAFoolsHope

#153 Only My Boyfriends Certification He Worked Months On. Thats All. Damn You USPS

Image credits: TheOnesWithin

#154 The Oculus Quest Apparently Doubles As A $400 Dog Treat

Image credits: ValveIndexFan

#155 When Class Is Canceled And I’m The Only One To Not Read The Email And Show Up

Image credits: STR8LOAKIN

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