130 Designs That Are So Bad That It’s Hard To Believe Someone Came Up With Them (New Pics)

Human beings don’t always build things to last. Sometimes, they make such obvious mistakes that casual observers can’t believe they didn’t notice their design flaws from the get-go. Alas, we’re all flawed (much like some designs!) and most of us have a blind spot when it comes to the things we’re involved in.

Nonetheless, bad designs are a lot of fun to look at and laugh at. And there’s no place who does it better than the ‘Crappy Design’ subreddit! We collected some of the best, newest, crappy designs from the Reddit community, so scroll down and enjoy. Remember to upvote your fave bad designs, and drop us a comment telling us why you loved hating them.

We at Bored Panda love great designs, but we also adore really bad ones, too. When you’re done looking through our awesome list, check out our posts about epic design fails, the very worst kitchen designs, epically bad bar and restaurant designs, and structural nightmares. We’re sure you’ll love ‘em.

#1 My Sister’s School Health Clinic May Need Some Emoji-Education

Image credits: reddit.com

#2 Ladies And Gentlemen, The Pinnacle Of Human Stupidity

Image credits: KoldunMaster

#3 Sounds Like An Invite To Your Own Murder

Image credits: sh*telyf

There are plenty of examples of bad design out there, but we can find some excellent designs here and there. And good design involves uniting the concept you have with the physical end-result of the product.

For instance, Ikea talks about how its design is “democratic” in that the company believes “good home furnishing is for everyone.”

#4 The Single Worst Clock I Have Ever Seen. I Actually Said Aloud “Whyyyy”

Image credits: patchestheshark

#5 The Implication That This Tooth Has Something Down There

Image credits: Dylflon

#6 Anti-Plastic Book Wrapped In Said Plastic

Image credits: Qudufy_Duck

Meanwhile, Apple values quality craftsmanship through and through. Company founder Steve Jobs said that “for you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through.”

#7 This Graph Comparing Average Women’s Height Around The World Is…well…

Image credits: reddit.com

#8 It’s Supposed To Say Shoemaker

Image credits: Cataclysmxdd

#9 My School

Image credits: JIIPEEG

You’ve heard that “function over form” is an important aspect of design, but have you ever considered that they can be (and should) united into one seamless whole?

Postmodernist Frank Lloyd Wright, who dedicated his life to crafting organic designs, coined the phrase “form and function are one.” According to him, form and function ought to be in “a spiritual union” instead of vying for dominance over one another.  

#10 He’s Calling Her To Ask Her For Her Number?

Image credits: PomPlosion

#11 Trying To Figure Out What This Sign Means For The Past 5 Years

Image credits: notgayyyyy

#12 I Hope The Electrician Knows The Sprinklers Schedule

Image credits: sause246

In a previous interview with Bored Panda, the moderators of the ‘Crappy Design’ subreddit said that the community changed over the years.

“The original motivation for the subreddit was to point out crappy designs. Nowadays, most subscribers probably come here for entertainment. However, it is common to have meaningful discussion here on why or why not something is crappy design,” they said.

#13 Washing Machine

Image credits: hacktvist

#14 This New Wall Art In My Office

Image credits: Bitemarkz

#15 That’s How I Broke My Leg

Image credits: Dis-Man-8

#16 Found This Beauty At My Local College

Image credits: GelatinSkeleton3

#17 I Have Always Wanted To Be A Horse Back

Image credits: clodet_s

#18 Ladies And Gentlemen Take A Look At This Gem

Image credits: ReiReiKi

#19 Our Company Now Has 900 Of These Pens

Image credits: mtkeepsrolling

#20 There’s A Bomb On September 11 On This Super Mario Calendar

Image credits: Chubby_Bub

#21 This Tablecloth That Looks Like A Hair Carpet

Image credits: 7HZE6

#22 Finally A Realistic Mannequin In Women’s Lingerie Store

Image credits: Bukkake_Monster

#23 Waiting To Engage In A Dining Experience At My Favorite Taco Establishment

Image credits: twitchPr0saic

#24 Straight Pride Flag Looks Totally Gay

Image credits: neoprenewedgie

#25 My Friend’s Apartment Has A 1/2 Bathroom On The Ground Floor. This Is The View From The Street.

Image credits: donnydealZ

#26 My Keyboard Lights Up, But You Can’t See Any Letters At Night

Image credits: Zvnkz

#27 Had This Suitcase For 2 Years And I Only Just Noticed It Says Sample Texts

Image credits: Spaz-Squad-Lads

#28 These Stairs In My In-Laws Summerhouse. We Have Parties Here So Going Down These Stairs Drunk Is A Challange

Image credits: holyhelp

#29 Washed My Measuring Cup And All The Lines And Numbers Come Off

Image credits: TranslucentTaco

#30 Those Are Some Interesting Arms You Got There…

Image credits: Thefeuerone

#31 If Only They Realized

Image credits: BrightSpright

#32 This Backroad Near My House

Image credits: esteban_agpa

#33 Fine Fart

Image credits: memester3000_

#34 This Unnecessarily Zig-Zag’d Sidewalk

Image credits: drnick1988

#35 Imagine Being Drunk

Image credits: M3strefi

#36 My Favorite Flavor…

Image credits: Clapz_06

#37 This Baby Jesus Looks Like It Came From Attack On Titan

Image credits: Jomaced

#38 My Pan’s Handle Is Too Heavy For It To Stay Flush With The Stove Top

Image credits: Luwaz

#39 If Only Louisiana Were Shaped Like A Letter In The Word Love, This Would Have Worked Much Better

Image credits: BeerandGuns

#40 The Lighting At This Bar

Image credits: pantsinsummer

#41 Someone Was Wearing These At The Mall And I Had To Double Take

Image credits: kan-neigh

#42 [oc] This Won The Design Competition

Image credits: chica420

#43 At The Local Gym

Image credits: herashoka

#44 I Cant Really Decide If Im Dumb For Walking On Pebbles Or If This Is Just Bad Design

Image credits: Submarine335

#45 These Cinema Cup Holders With No Bottoms So They Only Fit Their Super Large Drink Cups

Image credits: Shakes-Fear

#46 This Ad For Teeth Whitening

Image credits: punchy989

#47 So Xxxl Is Just A Stretched Xxl?

Image credits: BIGSlil

#48 1) That’s Not A Marimba 2) That’s Not How You Hold Mallets

Image credits: /booroms

#49 This Bath Bomb’s Final Color

Image credits: GlassBank

#50 There’s No Option For Never/None In The Alcohol Use Category In This Doctor Form

Image credits: Kewlhunter

#51 My Wife Can’t Take Pills If They’re Too Big

Image credits: BlastBack1994

#52 Write & Elpoop

Image credits: LittleBigTube10

#53 These Two Pens At My Office… Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong

Image credits: 1 year ago

#54 Ah, Can’t Wait To Scan This

Image credits: animalcrossing101

#55 This High-End Rug That Appears To Have Been Pooped On

Image credits: 0xford_llama

#56 Let’s Use Red To Indicate The Coldest Temperatures And Blue To Indicate The Warmest

Image credits: sensory_overlord

#57 This Elevator

Image credits: password1capitalp

#58 My School That Started An Eco-Friendly Project By Giving Out Apples To Stdents

Image credits: BunKuro

#59 This Plaque Near My House

Image credits: Jamez7484

#60 This Will Probably Work Out Just Fine For Bicycles

Image credits: TactfulRanger

#61 This Glow In The Dark Clock

Image credits: emmawiiwiiwii

#62 This Pennywise Halloween Costume

Image credits: Scoutingtn

#63 I Feel Like This Is Meant To Be Inclusive But

Image credits: Alendite

#64 To Stir Or Not To Stir. That Is The Question

Image credits: _everything_is_fine

#65 First One Of These I’ve Come Across Where The Soap Didn’t Come From The Bottom. (Yes, I’m Taking One For The Team Here)

Image credits: PicoDeBayou

#66 This Doormat Belonging To A Couple Living In My Building

Image credits: maxington26

#67 These 2020 Glasses

Image credits: Nunex97

#68 Christmas Gift From Sister In Law: Handmade Soap With Real Legos Embedded In It. They Slowly Start To Emerge The More You Use It. Can Wait ‘Till The First One Falls Out Mid-Shower

Image credits: tomaszmajewski

#69 Guys, It’s Still 2019!!

Image credits: ittiwi4ever

#70 They Built This School Like One Month Ago

Image credits: WifideRouter

#71 Cousins…

Image credits: thecreoleking

#72 This Jumpsuit I Bought From And Promptly Returned To Walmart.

Image credits: nastynagito

#73 Almost Did It, Too

Image credits: Adecker100

#74 Why Don’t You Just Use All The Stairs?

Image credits: marytheuseless

#75 This Irritates Me More Than It Should

Image credits: Ev3-G

#76 This Nemo Plate

Image credits: ZexyDexter

#77 These Bathroom Stalls

Image credits: TheRealBearSloth

#78 Honestly, If I Am Booking For Boston, That’s Kind Of Where I Would Like To End Up.

Image credits: jlr9

#79 Should I Do It?

Image credits: lukeandsilver

#80 The Us Space Force Has Olive-Green Camouflage Uniforms … For Outer Space.

Image credits: BartKing

#81 It’s Not A Mirror, It’s A Doorway

Image credits: daekaz

#82 Michael Jackson Wax Sculpture In Georgia

Image credits: Jolootje

#83 The New Apple Card Needs To Avoid Contact With Leather And Denim

Image credits: emmawiiwiiwii

#84 Wow!! The Crack Was So Big That It Went Off The Phone

Image credits: JayR07

#85 Great Idea: Let’s Put A Gold Stripe On Our Uniforms…

Image credits: WiseOwl33

#86 Not At All Misleading

Image credits: LordLittlePants

#87 All Three Butterflies Are Exactly Alike

Image credits: GeneBeean

#88 Love A Good Poster

Image credits: V3nomous

#89 This Laptop Stand That Is Very Poorly Photoshopped In And Not Even Being Used

Image credits: Doeljan11

#90 Yes This Will Help My Child Learn About Proper Dental Care. Not Terrify Them

Image credits: mldutch

#91 You Know You Have A Problem When You Need To Explain

Image credits: rawhide17

#92 Oh Wow What A Great Table

Image credits: dankun-donuts

#93 My 7yo Son Was Excited To Show Off His Clay Pirate Boat

Image credits: TheDiscordium

#94 This New Hotel Carpet That Looks Like It’s Worn Out Beyond Threadbare

Image credits: PretzelsThirst

#95 Alphabet Ice Cube Tray That Shatters When You Try To Get The Ice Cubes Out

Image credits: johnfogogin

#96 This Alarm Which Looks And Feels Just Like The Light Switch Directly Next To It

Image credits: realChester

#97 That Gate Sure Is Necessary

Image credits: CptTrimBeard

#98 If This Is The Unknown, Then I Don’t Want To Go In It

#99 I’d Like To Eat Here. Unsure When Is Ok

Image credits: HEROnymous_Rex

#100 Glass On A Remote… Why??

Image credits: chiletrain

#101 So The Hospital Is Called Willis-Knighton. They Really Couldn’t Come Up With A Better Name For This Water?

Image credits: Lewer001

#102 Look What I Found In A Bathroom

Image credits: fluffytoast12

#103 This Dog Harness Doesn’t Look Very Comfy For Your Pet

#104 Seems Like You Could Have Chosen A Different Color

Image credits: damrider

#105 Behold The Largest Refrigerator Light In The Universe. All Bottles Move To The Left And The Right. This Space Is Reserved For -L A M P-

Image credits: unknown

#106 I Mean In Europe It’s Not A Bad Design…

Image credits: lazyjew555

#107 This Horrible, Deformed Hobby Lobby Christmas Ornament.

Image credits: ForlornBread

#108 Graphic Design Is My Passion

Image credits: Squirrel_Scratch

#109 This Actually Isn’t A Terrible Product… But The Image Isn’t Inticing At All

Image credits: WandaPandaIsMyName

#110 Hmmmmmmmmmm…. Ah, Sorry, Forget It…

Image credits: luisgdh

#111 Someone Chose The Wrong Colors On My Boardroom Doors At Work

Image credits: patchy_22

#112 These Deadly Looking Stone Decorations

Image credits: Pomoc48

#113 I Was In Warsaw This Week And Saw That,,,

Image credits: kom4toznik

#114 Thanks For Sharing My IP With The World While Streaming

Image credits: gunzguy

#115 This Work Survey Will Go Well

Image credits: jkus

#116 This Skulpture Near My School Looks Like That Dude Is Boutta Yeet That Child Into Another Continent

Image credits: senqaiuwu

#117 Saw This. Thought It Belonged Here

Image credits: theodorhel

#118 The Door Stop At My Hotel. I Present The “Toe Buster 5000”

Image credits: CleetisMcgee

#119 I Booked The Train Two Hours Later, Because I Thought There Was No Way I Was Gonna Get From Platform 1 To Platform 12 In 3 Minutes With My Giant Suitcase… This Bloody Train Station Only Has Those Two Platforms!

Image credits: Baguettgott

#120 “Basketball” Court In Brno

Image credits: thenitramo99

#121 Its Thiccachu!

Image credits: maxsjakie

#122 Was Locked Out Of The Job Site Till I Figured Out The Combination Lines Up At The Top Instead Of The Middle Like Every Other Lock On The Planet.

Image credits: thetinyTMster

#123 Disability Is Seen As An Extreme Sport At This School

Image credits: Frezzi54

#124 The Girl In This Ad Looks Like A Stroke Victim

Image credits: fakeg1rl

#125 Now I’m No Expert But I Don’t Think Penguins Have Teeth

Image credits: anthony_ugh

#126 The Design For My School’s New Uniform

Image credits: pulpfriction58

#127 So, Which States Are Affected?

Image credits: angela4design

#128 Brother And His Boyfriend, Maybe?

Image credits: memequeenbitch

#129 Is This Arctic Fox?

Image credits: anbeck06

#130 Pretty Sure Graphs Work A Bit Different

Image credits: owen_the_boi

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