110 Australians Are Taking Their Bins Out In Their Fanciest Attire

If you’re following the rules of the quarantine responsibly, you probably only leave your house when you have to. With pretty much all entertainment venues being closed and events canceled, there are not that many places left to visit anyway. However, one thing that is still working as smoothly as it used to is garbage day. Quickly, people began to realize that the only time they can enjoy a little bit of fresh air guilt-free is when they are taking out their trash. To honor this precious moment, a handful of people in Australia decided to properly dress up when they are handling their bins.

The whole thing was started as a dare when Danielle Askew from Queensland challenged her friend to dress up in her fanciest clothes while taking out the bins. Amused by the result, Danielle started a Facebook group and thousands of people followed suit. The group now has over 220,000 fans who are posting the fancy attire they put on to celebrate this special bin-handling occasion. Scroll down below to see some of the best ones!


Mum (aka Carl) taking out the bins in Gympie

Image credits: ‎Samantha Hansen‎


Bin talking politics

Image credits: Elisa Mulvihill‎


Cruella de Bin , who let the bins out !!!

Image credits: Siobhan Murphy‎


Spotted our Maude Boate putting out her bin. Someone didn’t recycle properly

Image credits: ‎Denise Alison‎


So i took the bin out..didnt go so well. Told me I’m not not what he’s bin looking for. So I told him he was full of rubbish!

Image credits: Gayle Franklin‎


I have waited all week for this!!

Image credits: Brodie Andrew Scantlebury‎


This was not my greatest life choice

Image credits: ‎Imogen Jaylin‎


So it’s bin a while since I’ve bin on an outting. Thought I would get glammed up for the Sunday sesh. Since my extremely homophobic neighbor was outside BBQing, I thought this would be wheely appropriate attire.

Image credits: Jack Robert‎


You float too…….from Kilkivan, Qld

Image credits: Hayley Long‎


Even us superheroes have to take the bins out

Image credits: Copelin Gehlsen‎


Taking Trump out with the rubbish on a rainy day in Kellyville NSW

Image credits: ‎Katrina Millar‎


Putting the bin out before having an old friend for dinner

Image credits: Roslyn Castellano‎


Not putting her bin out but drove past the Grand Lady Nola yesterday, waving at people who travelith pastith her kingdom in chilcotts grass NSW

Image credits: ‎Angie Jayne‎


My parents have bin married for 50 years and celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversay today. Due to number restrictions, their renewal of vows was only witnessed by the Best Bin and Bin of Honour

Image credits: Cathy Dunbar‎


Image credits: ‎Julia Bills‎


Image credits: Caz Porter


Seen…… Joe Exotic just taking the bin out. And watching out for Carole Baskin.

Image credits: ‎Bianca Beaton‎


Maleficent taking out the bins

Image credits: Rachel Fisher‎


Osama Wheelie-bin Laden

Image credits: Makenna Gordon‎


It’s bin a busy week. Many people wheelie not following the new COVID-19 rules.
Guess it’s time to take out the trash!

Image credits: Kristy Sleep‎


Oh gosh this was so much fun. Haven’t laughed so hard in ages!

Image credits: Natalie Petty‎


Image credits: Scott Newman


Can’t go riding…improvise

Image credits: Rohan Scuzzy Smith‎


So it turns out my disguise is ruined cause I forgot to remove my glasses ?

Image credits: Emma Agius‎


Hello from Canada! I enlisted the help of my local plague doctor to assist with bin night.

Image credits: Vanessa de Koninck‎


My daughter sweet 16 she can’t have friends over but she can hang out with the bin

Image credits: Maxine Williams‎


bin-ger licking good

Image credits: Martin Davies‎


Sorry group, I’ll try harder next week, I know the tiara is just not big enough

Image credits: Sharron Turgeon‎


“ Bring out the Gimp….oh I mean the bin “

Image credits: ‎Shannon Jones‎


Even superheroes have chores

Image credits: ‎Lisa McAtamney‎


Our little Lego taking the bin out!

Image credits: Shay Linton‎


Image credits: Caleb Coulter‎


Day 21 Regina Saskatchewan Canada

Image credits: Dee Grumbo‎


Binasaraus Logan City, QLD

Image credits: Marshall Foster


Best date I’ve bin on in weeks
Bass Coast, Victoria

Image credits: ‎Mara Jelisavac‎


My 8yo son. First time taking the bin down our 250m driveway.

Image credits: Sharon Newth‎


So I tricked my partner into believing that all our neighbours were dressing up in silly clothes to take the bins out at 6:30.
He was not impressed to find it was only him!!!!!
He has wheely bin cranky at me for a few days now

Image credits: ‎Kylie Hall‎


Image credits: Matt Lucas‎


It’s bin awhile since I put my rubbish out

Image credits: Casey Dobson‎


Taking the trash out!

Image credits: ‎Liz Kryloff‎


Bin day in the burbs!!

Image credits: Rosie Burai‎


Day 3278 of isolation.
Took the bin out this morning.
We had coffee at a (very) local cafe.
It was going well until he started opening up.
The worst part is, a few minutes after I left, he got picked up by someone else!

Image credits: ‎Renée Robertson‎


Carole Baskin taking out her husband’s remains

Image credits: Bianca Williams‎


Roy is all dressed up to take the bin out

Image credits: ‎Jess Neville


Oh dear … a maggot problem!

Image credits: Nicky Sturgess‎


Do severed heads go in the normal bin or recycling bin? Asking for a friend.
Edit – this was not suppose to be political. Just the first head I grabbed out of my Halloween stash. Negative comments are not appreciated.

Image credits: Nicky Craig‎


Drop that vacuum Freddie, you’re going out. It’s bin night!

Image credits: Denise Wasson‎


Best I could do alone

Image credits: Stacey Salathiel‎


In all of her 27yrs of life my daughter has NEVER EVER shown any interest in taking the bin out

Image credits: Elaine Elson‎


Cheers, loving the new pool

Image credits: ‎Ann Dry‎


To inBINity and beyond!

Image credits: Vicky Rose‎


Image credits: Simon Stark‎


I’ve bin missin my belly dance class and performances so I dressed up in one of my costumes to bring the bin in today.

Image credits: Mel McNeill‎


Taking the bin ‘out’

Image credits: ‎Brooke Theobald‎


Must be bin knight

Image credits: Dave Covell‎


Image credits: ‎Danielle Askew‎


I told my parents about this page, they are both over 70 & don’t have facebook, then I received these pics

Image credits: Leanne Margaret‎


Couple of Bin Chickens or Scab Chooks

Image credits: ‎Carmen Mitchell‎


To make this situation even funnier, while my husband was all dressed up to take the bins out and I was outside taking photos of him, our 2 year old locked the door so we couldn’t get back inside until our 10 year old got out of the shower!

Image credits: Natasha Mace‎


Image credits: Janet Drury


Steppin out in Hervey Bay

Image credits: ‎Daniel Hilton‎


Image credits: Peter Cook‎


Just taking out the garbage

Image credits: ‎Erica Keam‎


Dating prospects are looking a bit slim so I asked my bin could I take him out. Wondered where he had bin all my life. I asked him about himself, he kept bringing up the past, recycling old shit, said I only spoke to him when I came home trashed at 2 in the morning. I said I wanted to know what he wanted to be not what he had bin but he kept talking rubbish. I had thought he was wheelie nice but no he is a would have bin if he could have bin. Definitely not hus-bin material. Bloody has bin.

I’ve bin cheated, bin mistreated, when will I be loved….

Image credits: Sonja McKey‎


Image credits: ‎Belle Kent‎


When your school formal is cancelled why not take the bin out in the dress you can’t wear !

Image credits: Anna Ross‎


Image credits: ‎Di Williams‎


Hello from Kent, England xx

Image credits: Claire Norman‎


Popped on some lippy

Image credits: ‎Sharon Konisberry‎


It was our neighbours’ wedding anniversary so we had a wedding theme. Bins out at 6pm. The whole street got involved. Appropriately distanced of course. The three kids are all mine so distancing ain’t a thing – they may as well lick each other’s eyeballs with the level of hygiene they have.

Image credits: Helen Redmond‎


Not being able to go out to Poker night, so I have bin playing cards with my Bin mates.

Image credits: ‎Gordon Wass‎


My son has a syndrome and autism. He wanted to join in on the fun! Dressed and ready to take the bin out. The invisable man!!

Image credits: Christine Evans‎


What my partner is willing to do to entertain me so I dnt lose my ? while home schooling

Image credits: ‎Tammy Patrick‎


Taking the Jag out for a spin.

Image credits: Andrew Kowalski‎


Image credits: Emma Mcintyre


I’ve been waiting 5 months to wear this outfit!

Image credits: Rosey Conway‎


Don’t get to wear my Armani suit on my over seas trip so a bin trip will have to do

Image credits: Johnny-ray Henry‎


Has anybody got room in their bin preferably Monday.
P.S asking for a friend

Image credits: ‎Sue Berry‎


Image credits: Steve Head‎


I’m excited for Monday!!!!

Image credits: Claudia Moodoonuthi Jones‎


One of Australia’s National Icons made it to Sydney.

Our very own Livvy Newton John made a guest appearance.

Image credits: Sarah Kruger‎


Snow White needs her beauty sleep after this

Image credits: Mazza Packer‎


20 year anniversary
He takes me to all the special places
20 year present is apparently something made of CHINA

Image credits: Tanya Pownall‎


BIN-di Irwin, Waste warrior-saving crocs from extinction CRIKEY!!!!! All in a days work

Image credits: ‎Lee Kelly‎


“Dragging Out The Bin” in Wallsend, NSW

Now what to wear when I bring them back in tomorrow…hmmm

Thanks to Wayne Rogers for the costumes

Hope you are all having a wonderful day, stay safe & stay at home!

Image credits: ‎James Hingston‎


The fun police spoiled this bin isolation outing!

Image credits: Lizzie Watkin‎


When your social calendar is light on.

Image credits: ‎Thierry Roxanne Le Blanc‎


Hulk is in the house!!

Image credits: Emma Gordon‎


Hello from Boronia Heights QLD

My formal dress from 2007

Image credits: ‎Lianna Macdonald‎


Go back to the twenties, they said. It’ll be fun, they said!

Image credits: Liana Joy Christensen‎


When your hoping to catch the bin man casually to collect the bins of course

Image credits: ‎Londa Finlayson‎


Rubbish night n Highton.
Off to a Stoning after this…

Image credits: Nick Seymour‎


Just dumping the bin out for collection

Image credits: ‎Gin Monckton‎


Bucked off Bin!

Image credits: ‎Linda Udell‎


It’s all fun and games untill ya scare your elderly neighbours ?
Come on catch up NZ…I can’t be the only one

Image credits: Dell Isdale‎


Got them darn space slugs in my yard again. Least he brought in the bins.

Image credits: ‎Bill Chapman‎


Nothing to see here ….nun ya binness, bin socializing…bin nun of that in Kallangur!

Image credits: ‎Gabe Bullis‎


And in Kensington Whangarei!!! A DINOSAUR

Image credits: Val Hegh‎


Baby’s day out

Image credits: ‎Janis Furzeman‎


We SIA it’s bin night

Image credits: Stephanie Correia‎


Bloody Tom cats in the bins in Young

Image credits: Gin Monckton‎


Here in Hervey Bay Queensland we are Just hoping we are out of isolation for Christmas so as we can go caroling

Image credits: Jill Toast Tindal‎


“that is not all, oh no not at all”

Image credits: ‎Suzie Middleton‎


I’ve bin holding onto this for too long but now it’s time to “let it go!, let it go”!

Image credits: ‎Jackie Keirnan‎


I’m From Hervey Bay …. My Wedding Dress…. I got this from The Salvation Army Op Shop … $80.00…XXOO

Image credits: TerrieAndrew McLean‎


Image credits: Danielle Askew‎


In the country we do things a little differently! This is just the usual ‘git up’ when putting the bin out. Isolation sure has made me realise that dress ups are a everyday thing! Take care, be safe, stay home!

Image credits: Ebony Hebbard‎


Bin Day… caused a stir.. lol.. I think it was the sunlight through the sheer caftan.

Image credits: Gina Davey‎


Taking the bin out

Image credits: ‎Narelle Schofield Hackney‎


Hi everyone, first week of the challenge, our hand has been dealt to us so now we all have to play our cards the best way we can,keep the fantastic idea of “Bining” coming. Keep safe

Image credits: Chris Stubbs‎

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